September 26, 2022

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis offers update on wife’s cancer battle

Floridians were shocked earlier this year at the news that the state’s first lady, Casey DeSantis, 41, had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but as the Miami Herald reports, her husband, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, just revealed his optimism that 2022 will be the year she is declared cancer-free.

During a news conference held Friday in Lake Butler, DeSantis offered something of an update on his spouse’s ongoing health battle, details of which the couple has kept relatively close to the vest since her diagnosis was announced back in October.

DeSantis explained that his family is “not out of the woods” in terms of the first lady’s struggle, and he also acknowledged the fact that “she’s a public figure, a lot of people care about her and a lot of people have been praying” for her recovery.

Noting how much the thoughts and well-wishes of supporters have meant as he and his wife navigate her course of treatment, DeSantis added, “at the same time, it’s a medical issue for the family, which it’s generally a private thing.”

Giving a small hint as to where things stand in terms of his wife’s condition, the governor stated, “We’re not through with it. We’re getting closer to the end. Our view is that 2022 will be the year where we can say that she is cancer-free, and that will be something that will be really important.”

The rising GOP star added that, as is the case with most patients undergoing intensive treatment for an illness such as cancer, there are highs and lows as the process continues, noting, “She has times where she is really good, and then sometimes it really takes a toll. It’s not like it’s just the same every day.”

DeSantis also took a moment to touch upon the baseless allegations lobbed at him by several high-profile Democrats, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and MSNBC host Joy Reid –among others – who claimed he was away vacationing during the latest COVID-19 surge, when it fact, he was accompanying Casey to chemotherapy treatment, as Jacksonville news outlet WJXT noted.

“We were down in Tampa doing this treatment. It’s not easy to go through for her, and it’s certainly not fun to watch somebody have to go through that, to watch your spouse go through that, and so it’s a tough thing,” the governor explained, emphasizing that the experience was far from leisurely.

Hopefully, Gov. DeSantis’ predictions about the good things the new year has in store for his wife are accurate, and she is indeed poised to receive the treatment outcome for which the couple’s admirers nationwide continue to pray.




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