September 26, 2022

Florida Dem says to stop campaigning in areas where they ‘keep losing’

Florida Democrat Rep. and Senate candidate Val Demings said her party should stop investing in areas where they continue to lose.

“The problem that the Democratic Party has had is, look, we know there are always limited resources,” Demings said during a recent video.

“And sometimes when you’re trying to decide, ‘Where do I go?’โ€ฆ ‘Who am I going to invest in?’ And we talk about this in Congress, about certain rural areas across the country that we have been losing since the mid ’70s. Why do we keep going there?”

She added, “I’m not sayingโ€” you don’t give up on anybody, but go stick with the one that brought you to the dance, and African Americans, black people, have been the strength of the Democratic Party since the beginning.”


Rubio has called Demings a “Pelosi puppet,” who has voted with her 100% of the time.

Demings is running against current Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. The two opponents will face off in the midterms if Demings wins the party’s nomination during the Democrat primary race.




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