August 9, 2022

Flashback: Mayor Pete ally’s vicious attack on ordinary Americans

Rising Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has made much of his roots in Middle America. However, one of his major donors had some hurtful words for the people who live there.  

As the Washington Examiner reported, Wendy Wanderman is among those listed on Buttigieg’s website as having raised at least $25 thousand dollars in campaign contributions. 

Wanderman was previously a member of President Obama’s National Finance Committee. She’s also a writer, and in 2011, she penned a piece for the left-wing Huffington Post. It’s title? 

“Cash for Fatties.”

Wanderman’s thesis is that overweight red state residents are a drain on the resources of fitter blue state denizens.

Basically, people in the thinner and mostly bluer states are paying for the healthcare costs of all of the uninsured and Medicare covered individuals in these red states,” she writes.

It’s no secret,” Wanderman continues, “that the more overweight a person is, the greater likelihood that his/her medical costs increase. Thus, the blue states in which we want a public option, are paying the costs of the red states where they oppose it.” 

Her solution is to implement a weight-loss initiative modeled after the Obama Administration’s “Cash for Clunkers” plan. 

The government should institute a program in which people are paid to lose weight. You can only register for this program if it is determined that you are heavily overweight.”

A history of derisive language

The revelation that a Democratic fundraiser dubbed red state inhabitants “fatties” comes on the heels of recent comments from Joe Biden in which said unemployed coal miners should “learn to program.” 

In a way, the comments aren’t unusual: during her failed 2016 campaign, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned half of Trump supporters for being a racist “basket of deplorables.”

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