May 17, 2021

First GOP Rep. issues public call for Matt Gaetz’s resignation

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) became the first Republican to publicly demand Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) resign from office following allegations of a sex trafficking scandal.

Kinzinger’s tweeted the demand Thursday alongside a link to an article from The Daily Beast documenting the allegations.

The Daily Beast account describes $900 in cash transfers made between Gaetz and Joel Greenberg. Greenberg, the former Seminole County tax collector, currently faces his own scandal, including one case involving a 17-year-old girl.

Greenberg’s lawyer announced on the same day that Greenberg intends to take a plea in the case.

The federal investigation into Greenberg’s allegations led to concerns regarding connections with Gaetz. The congressman has refused to admit any wrongdoing, and no charges have yet been filed.

Kinzinger’s action is not his first criticism of leaders in his own party. He also voted to impeach former President Donald Trump following the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol building riot.

He stated following the events, “There is no doubt in my mind that the president of the United States broke his oath of office and incited this insurrection.”

Gaetz will likely continue to face calls for his resignation, though Kinzinger may be one of few Republicans. The ongoing investigation will certainly be important as the GOP seeks to win back the House in the 2022 midterm elections.


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68 Responses

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      You should be required to pay advertising fees for your post.

    2. Kizenger is the worse type of politician. Grabbing headlines because he personally has no talent . Look at his family life it says it all. I college he was suspected of having an affair with a monkey. Leave it to you or decide

      1. Agree with you 100% Have you listened to Kizensinger? He is a Dem wolf disguising himself as a Conservative! He is about as conservative as AOC! He should change parties!

        1. Yep he is… what about Cuomo brothers… Cuomo has how many women have come forward about his inappropriate behavior n his FU with the virus… I don’t see anyone going after him… double standard???

        2. Yes but since he works as a Rino for the Demorats, they won’t let him in their party,,, he serves them better with an R in front of his name.

    1. Yes, he is an example of a RINO, Republican In Name Only. Stupid Republicans turn on their own. The Democrats reward bad behavior when their is proof. Look at Cuomo, Clintons, Biden and their ilk.

        1. Lynn,
          Don’t mean to be picky, but the phrase is “I couldn’t care less”
          “I could care less” means you do care about the person/thing/issue etc.

    2. Kinzinger spends so much time castrating his own party, he should just resign and become a worthless Democrat instead of a worthless Rino.

  2. They can’t rush to a conclusion. There has to be an investigation which may prove that Gaetz is not guilty of anything. They are always ready to throw out a Republican but when it is a democrat that is being investigated (like Cuomo), they give them lost of time and rope before they make any move against them.

  3. Is it possible that Kinzinger is nothing more than a RINO? Gaetz is a ‘wait and see’ ‘innocent until proven guilty’ but, when he attacks his own party’s President for something we have all seen with our eyes, and know not to be true, it supports the RINO label.

  4. Kinzinger is a disgrace to the Republican Party. He’s needs to go, not Matt Gaetz. He’s a RHINO just like several others that can be counted on to work alongside the Democrat Party. Get rid of Kinzinger now.

  5. I see how this works if. Republicans are acused they are gulity but if the Democrats are acused it ok . Como and bidens nataler schiff then these POS need to resign or a better investigation done along with potato head son

  6. When Adam can not be trusted by his own family ,how in the world could anyone else trust this idiot. His own family says he can not be trusted. If anyone needs to go it is Kinzinger. NOW.

    1. Friggin. RINO s
      Guilty until proven innocent ?
      WHERES all the dirt. On. Hunter
      Joe. B….Clinton’s….Clapper
      Brennan. DOJ. CIA. FBI Obama
      It’s covered up
      Gates is the latest goat now
      Makes me sick
      Make. America. Last. Again

  7. It sure is funny that the DEMON(CRATS) THREW TARA READE under the bus and never even looked back!!! Now they are trying to throw Matt Gaetz under the bus, because they want the people to forget about their “WONDER BOY CUOMO”!!! THIS HAPPENS ALOT. DISTRACTION!!! JUST SAYING!!!

    1. You are 100% CORRECT!!! Distract from what the DEMS ARE DOING ALL the time…. Immigrantion, Gun grabbing, hiking taxes!! All a cover up for their insane policies!!!!

    2. Also, they are hoping that if they were to get Matt Gaetz to resign, a Democrat would be appointed to complete Gaetz’s term. That could help throw the balance in the House in their direction.

  8. Today’s “guilty until proven innocent” concept provides convenience to the Dems, especially when purported by a GOP(?) member. It fits right in with the B/H administrations desire to have ultimate, unquestioned power over the United States populace. We have certainly received our deserved outcome for allowing the election of such a left-leaning, Constitutional rejecting pair. I only hope that there is sufficient time remaining until the next election to see enough lazy Republicans get over their dislike of the Trump personality and vote for a desirable and competent candidate that has to be out there somewhere. Finding said candidate is of much more than the utmost importance. If Trump is the best we can do, so be it. He’s a damn sight better than what we’ve got now.

  9. Adam is another Rino that accidentally recieved money from our checkbook!!! To my horror!! This group of people are guilty of accusing victims of their own sin!!!! They jnow how to do it! It won’t be quiet much longer! His will win! This is good against pure EVIL!! Get rid of this man!! Go home Adam!! You are worthless as any kind of leader!!

  10. When are conservatives going to fight against
    FAKE accusations? We’ve had five years of fake news. ENOUGH!!! I hope Matt Gaetz doesn’t weaken against this latest insurrection against conservatives

  11. Butte plug using , back door accepting RINO Kinzinger is the inbred idiot that should resign !!! He’s been censured from the GOP for kneeling in front of the LIBERALS and accepting facials . In 2022 , he has 3 people to primary him ,,,,,,, Kinzinger is history !!

  12. Kinzinger……heed some good advice. “take a long walk off a short pier.” You’d be doing all people on the right a big favor….and save yourself some heartache later on. Cause after some time…..WE…will force you out of office anyway.

  13. Innocent until proven guilty! I’d like to know why an investigation hasn’t been done for ERIC SWALWELL who had an affair with a Chinese spy and sits on the Intel Committee ❗️ Fair play. SWALWELL is guilty and should be removed.
    I still say this is a witch hunt after Matt.

  14. Adam Kinzinger is another political hypocrite. He needs to mind his own business. I don’t see him pressuring Andrew Cuomo to resign. What a phony!

  15. Like Rush once said; “the longer a politician stays in office the more likely it is that they will become liberal.” Adam Kinzinger is a brain dead liberal, it’s easier, liberals never get criticized or accused of any wrong doing. Kinzinger is a liberal coward, they are perfect don’t you know?? And more than willing to point their finger at the other guy and betray their own! Ever heard of Judas?

  16. This whole issue is a bucket of Democratic BS. Get hasn’t done anything! It is the Biden, Obama, Clinton families and all their buds and minions that should be out of office, out of mind, and all in jail!

  17. When I say the GOP needs to remove 80% of their members before they can truly support the Constitution and overcome the enemies of this Nation but I’m forced to amend that amount. It needs to br about 85% + .>>

    1. You must then mean that 100% of the Democrats must be removed as well. The biggest threat to the US Constitution is the Democrats in office now.

  18. Once again the left is out to destroy another republican. Charges without proof or an actual person coming out to admit to these charges. Yet that slug on the Intelligence Committee…..(what’s his name that slept & had the affair with the Chinese spy Fang Fang)…..they do nothing about and keep him on this committee!! Such hypocrits!! SHAME on the spineless Republicans that aren’t standing up to protest against these baseless charges!!!

  19. What about investigating Hunter who is all over the tv bragging about what a dope addict and pig he is and no one is charging him with anything!😡. There are pictures of him! Everyone ignores him! It’s disgusting!

  20. So your headline is flat out wrong? Goetz has not resigned or anything of the sort. How about just reporting news, not making it up?

    1. This isn’t the first misleading headline from this site this week. This is how they distort the facts to draw you to read the article.

  21. All the poor ADL they don’t like what people are saying they don’t believe in free speech they want to shut everybody up well just tough tough tough because that’s not what God told us to do he said to love thy neighbor as thyself don’t hate your neighbor or your enemies but to love your neighbor and your enemies so ADL that’s just tough I’ll say and do as I please and you are not going to stop me or any one else on less I’m dead.

  22. Matt Gaetz is innocent! It is the demonrats who are going after him with these lies because he is a supporter of the best president this country has ever had… President Donald Trump! The demonrats are the ones that need to be removed and placed in prison for cheating, lying and destroying America!

  23. Accusations have been an important agenda of the Democrats for years. They use these tactics against their Republican opponents. Maybe Gaetz’s Democrat opponent should be investigated. Also, Kinszinger is not a true Conservative or he would not demand Gaetz’s resignation without any proof of guilt. Rhinos, like Kinszinger, are traitors to our Country.

  24. Amen, Kinzinger is a traitor to the conservative cause and hopefully he will be unseated in the election and replace by someone loyal to Trump and his policies!!

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