August 16, 2022

First Dem Representative declares intent to vote against Pelosi in race for House Speaker

In the wake of the 2020 election, Democrats quickly realized that the blue wave they were all told to expect quickly devolved into a blue puddle of utter failure. Party infighting has already begun and some moderate Democrats have their sights trained on the big boss, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) could soon become household name in politics after she became the first House Democrat, post-election, to voice her concerns over Pelosi’s leadership — going so far as to reveal that she will not be supporting Pelosi for another term as Speaker. 

“I will not be voting for Nancy Pelosi” Slotkin bluntly stated during an interview with Politico. “I have no idea if people are gonna run against her, or who might run against her. And I will of course have this conversation directly with her. But I believe we need new leadership.”

Slotkin echoed previous concerns from other moderate colleagues in the lower chamber in which they claimed that the progressive wing of the House moved too far to the left, especially with concern to topics like “defunding the police” and socialized medicine.

The Michigan congresswoman argued that House Democrats seem to have lost sight of the middle part of the country, leaving non-coastal Democrat voters with no true sense about where the party is headed, especially under a Joe Biden presidency.

“The brand of the national Democratic Party is mushy,” Slotkin said. “People don’t know what we stand for, what we’re about.”

As ABC News reported last week, Pelosi was quick to announce her intentions to run for Speaker of the House for the upcoming new session of Congress. There have been more than a few rumblings within the House suggesting that for the first time, Pelosi might not be supported as fully as she once was, especially given her seeming embrace of the ultra-radical left.

With any luck, other lawmakers will follow Slotkin’s lead and show the fortitude that it will undoubtedly take in order to dethrone Pelosi and keep her from steering the party — and possibly America — closer to full-blown socialism.

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James (@guest_1074891)
1 year ago

She is not right in her head she is way to old to for politics and cant resin properly, other words just to dam stupid

Wanda Frost (@guest_1075273)
Reply to  James
1 year ago


Nicky Patton (@guest_1074892)
1 year ago

Karma she well desires it an thank how much more is coming her way

Ganavar (@guest_1074893)
1 year ago

Any political group stupid enough to make Nutty Nancy their primary spokesperson, deserves what they get. Let the DemonRat party be consumed in a ball of flame of their own making.

Dale Livingston (@guest_1074923)
Reply to  Ganavar
1 year ago


Dolores (@guest_1075117)
Reply to  Ganavar
1 year ago

The democrats have gone nutty altogether. They are bound and determined to win this elections by any means possible and this means fraud. And there has been plenty of it and proven. Just have to get the judges to see it also. Can’t depend on Justice John Roberts. He’s gone rogue too.

Wanda Frost (@guest_1075274)
Reply to  Ganavar
1 year ago


Philomena TRAPANI (@guest_1075383)
Reply to  Ganavar
1 year ago

Trump2020 final answer clean out the scum swamp. We the people want Trump2020

James (@guest_1074894)
1 year ago

If Cameltoe is to take from hard working Americans and give it to lazy no work people lets start with Nancy 150million dollars and give it to the homeless

Wanda Frost (@guest_1075275)
Reply to  James
1 year ago


Patricia Couey (@guest_1074898)
1 year ago

If the slow witted,ultra corrupt,Democrats want to be wiped out in 2022 they’ll rid themselves of the harridan Pelosi. She is the most hated Democrat of all time. The open hatred and bottelnecking of the President of the United States from pure vindictive reasons, has done more harm to the Democrat brand than any other person but Hillary.
The way she RULED the subservant Shiff and Schumer is an atrocity. Her name will forever be linked to the way she held off the relief package for the out ofwork population.
Her time as the ruling Democrat is over and if her minions don’t get rid of her the next election will surely be devistating for the Democrats.

Helen Burger (@guest_1074899)
1 year ago

Thank the good LORD that someone in the Democratic party has some common sense and says so. I am an Independent voter but everything Ms.Slotkin says is true. Pelosi has shown no real interest whatsoever for We the People. Her aim for over 3 yrs. has been nothing but hate for President Trump to excess. She has never tried to even give our President a chance. She has shown a hateful, angry face and attitude toward any good that our president has wanted or has done for our country and people. Ask for a vote by the people and see what WE THE PEOPLE think of Ms. Pelosi. THANK YOU Ms. Slotkin!!!!!!

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1074900)
1 year ago

Damn, I wish yo guys would stop with the inflammatory headlines like “Nancy Pelosi Stabbed In The Back.” You get my Hope’s up that it was literally a stabbing and the Auld Biyatch is dead.

Frank gatto (@guest_1074904)
1 year ago

Get rid of piglosi once and for all shes an evil p.o.s

JANETTE TODD (@guest_1075137)
Reply to  Frank gatto
1 year ago

Frank & others I AGREE TOTALLY.

Steve (@guest_1074908)
1 year ago

Slotkin was reelected using lib dem vote fraud in Ingham county michigan. She does not represent this district. Slotkin trying to get some support here. Slotkin will vote as she is told to by lib dems as she always does.

Well all right then (@guest_1074917)
1 year ago

Hail the (in)great Pelosi,
long live her memory,
R.I.P. beauch

Joe (@guest_1074924)
1 year ago

If the moderate Dems were smart, they would join the Republicans and bring back sanity to the house.

ICE (@guest_1074925)
1 year ago

Well PELOSI is just too evil and ate up with hatred and too far in the bottle to be speaker any longer. Who knows maybe with all the new Republican women in the house maybe one of them will become speaker. If so wouldn’t it be great if the new speaker clocked PELOSI on the head with the gavel !

rm (@guest_1074928)
1 year ago

Stupid San Francisco California area voters returned Pelosi to office. Stupid cannot be fixed. Frankly, I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Same for AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Schiff, Feinstein, and a few more in Congress…..

Nancy Foley (@guest_1075057)
Reply to  rm
1 year ago


paw paw (@guest_1074943)
1 year ago

This old witch has been around way TOO LONG! Hope Dems get some smarts!

Bonnie (@guest_1074961)
1 year ago


Bert Dybdahl (@guest_1074963)
1 year ago

When I watch her tear up President Trump’s State of The Union speech for all the world to see I knew then that she was not fit to be Speaker of The House of Representatives, in fact, not even a member of The United States Congress. She must be retired.

Vance Porter (@guest_1074976)
1 year ago

Pelosi stabbed in the back: a pleasant thought.

Philomena TRAPANI (@guest_1075384)
Reply to  Vance Porter
1 year ago

Trump2020 final answer clean out the scum swamp. We the people want Trump2020

Mea (@guest_1074980)
1 year ago

The Speaker did her “dirty job” perhaps was bought by dirty money…now that the country has seen and heard the rumblings of the nasty policies they want to shove down every American’s throat, members of the Dems in congress be smart and vote her out…. but can one make STOOPID become SMART…. or made SMART….. the only way is never let her get the upper hand …. she is the one responsible for this debacle we face today….Republican Members of Congress start a movement to have her from picking up that gavel again….. we have witnessed the Speaker’s venom and hatred for the American people since the State of the Union Speech of POTUS…. she not only hated him she hates us…. the American people ‼️ She is our enemy‼️ Wake up members of Congress…. you work for us…. we pay your fat pay-checks‼️ Get her out‼️

Gary m (@guest_1074983)
1 year ago

The way this was done it will be impossible to determine who won. To many illegal ballots have already been mixed in with legal ones and no way to determine which is which. The only way to do this is with a new election.
Rules for National Elections
Following constraints apply to all states and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.
No mail in voting.
Absentee ballots for military and medical reasons only, medical must be validated by doctor.
Absentee ballots must be requested thirty days prior to election day.
Absentee ballots must be received two full days prior to election day, no excuses.
Election ends 8:00 pm on election day, no ballots arriving after that time will be counted, no excuses.
Full ID and signature verification required.
Any and all non-citizens attempting to vote, will be subject to immediate deportation, no exception.
Poll watchers from all parties must be allowed access to verify all ballots, poll watchers may not be denied access, regardless of party affiliation. if for any reason access is denied all counting is halted immediately until the problem is resolved.
These rules apply to all states, and these rules may not be changed or altered in any way by any state and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.

KISS………..Keep It Simple Stupid

bernard chope (@guest_1075023)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago


Melvin Blanchard (@guest_1075037)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

I totally agree. The election of any candidate for a national position needs to be controlled by a uniform national law. This law should require verification
of eligibility to vote ( national eligibility standards should be established).

Thomas Mayhill (@guest_1075185)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

Yes! Enjoyed reading the clearly workable procedures that should be immediately implemented for a re-balloting for the Presidency and other key state and federal positions. Love the suggestion that all non-citizen attempting to vote would be immediately deported. No voting machines owned by or vote processing outside of America. And, NO voting by deceased persons….in person voting with proof of id by Federal Identification Card.

ajk (@guest_1074984)
1 year ago

Someone “finally” noticed!!! Thank you!! It is time Nancy Pelosi is “taken down!!” She is a cynical, old woman…in fact., “they are all corrupt!! The “establishment” can hardly wait to take over…our nation will be lost!! Our freedoms will be lost!!..Mark my words!!

Rene' H. Donk (@guest_1075116)
1 year ago

Ahh yah…….Pelosi that tore up Trumps speech….not a good sigh for the battle ax. She is losing it big time. If she gets put out to dry, it is her far left agenda that speaks to her loss. She is as bad as Joe Biden. Both are wrapped into corruption that is unthinkable to the mind of regular folks. What bugs me the most is that it gets just overlooked and tossed aside where and as a democrat I could not stand the political one-sidedness. Results bye bye democrat party. Never to return too.



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