October 5, 2022

Final Newsom Recall Results Reveal Newsom’s Totals Unchanged from Previous Election

California’s election officials have revealed the final results of the state’s recall battle for governor, revealing Newsom as the winner with the same percentage of votes as in his previous election.

A total of 61.9 percent of voters supported Newsom in the recall election. Those who opposed keeping him in office included 38.1 percent of state voters.

The percentage remains unchanged from the previous election. Some Democrats see the percentage as good news, revealing Newsom remains a strong candidate for reelection and a second term in leading California.

Others see an opportunity. While Republicans lost the hard-fought recall battle, the fact that Newsom could not make any additional progress comes as a welcome sign.

Republican challenger Larry Elder led among conservatives in the recall vote by a large margin. He received more than 48 percent of the votes among those other than Newsom on the recall ballot.

Elder’s total votes were more than the other recall candidates combined. Though no news has been made regarding future elections, Elder may have set himself up as Newsom’s foil for the next election.

Statewide, Newsom won by a large margin, but some parts of the state are trending more conservative. In the 2020 election, multiple congressional districts flipped from Democrat to Republican, a trend conservatives hope to expand in the 2022 midterm elections.




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