October 4, 2022

Sen. Dianne Feinstein caught maskless in airport after demanding airports issue mask requirement

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) appears to have learned nothing from fellow San Franciscan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) hair salon fiasco, and made a shockingly similar mistake on Monday evening.

Feinstein has been exposed by Fox Host Tucker Carlson, who aired footage of Feinstein not wearing a mask at the airport last week, despite demanding in June that the Federal Aviation Administration requires all airline employees and passengers to mask up.

Like Pelosi, Feinstein has been a major pro-mask advocate since the Center for Disease Control issued guidance recommending the wearing of face coverings when social distancing is impossible.

Feinstein even wrote a strongly-worded letter to the FAA in June demanding under no uncertain terms for a mask policy to be implemented. Feinstein’s letter read in part:

I write to urge you to implement a mandatory mask policy for all airport and airline employees and passengers as cases of coronavirus continue to surge. I ask that you issue guidance as soon as possible so passengers can have a clear understanding of the requirements and so that we may reduce exposure for workers and travelers alike.

While some transit agencies and airlines have implemented mandatory mask guidance for the public, reports indicate that the patchwork of rules have only sowed confusion among passengers. Therefore, I ask that you issue clear, nationwide, mandatory mask requirements for all aviation employees and travelers.

Feinstein appears to have forgotten her urgent petition of the FAA, however, because she was photographed at a private terminal at Dulles airport last week without a mask.

Feinstein’s Democrat colleague, Nancy Pelosi, found herself facing similar backlash after flouting San Francisco’s rules in order to get her hair privately done at a salon closed due to COVID-19 precautions — precautions championed by Pelosi herself.

Feinstein and Pelosi want the peasants to follow the overly restrictive rules because they’re too poor and insignificant to find — or deserve — a workaround. However, as members of the elite class of Democrat legislators, Feinstein and Pelosi simply do not believe those same rules apply to them.


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