April 18, 2021

Top Federal Reserve Official: The ‘only way’ to recover from coronavirus is to renew lockdowns

President Trump has made it very clear that returning to a state of strict lockdowns is not an option for the US going forward.

President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank Neel Kashkari stunned Trump by announcing on Sunday that the “only way” for the US economy to recover from COVID-19 is to renew strict lockdowns for several more months.

Kashkari told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that “if we were to lock down hard for a month or six weeks, we could get the case count down so that our testing and our contact tracing was actually enough to control it the way that it’s happening in the Northeast right now.”

He explained that returning to lockdowns for several weeks is “the only way we’re really going to have a real robust economic recovery. Otherwise, we’re going to have flare-ups, lockdowns and a very halting recovery with many more job losses and many more bankruptcies for an extended period of time unfortunately.”

The US economy took a catastrophic hit with the first round of lockdowns, and the full extent of the economic damage has yet to fully materialize.

Kashkari’s solution to the immediate economic hit of shutting back down is to continue extending federal coronavirus relief payments, adding trillions to the already shockingly high deficit.

He explained that with rolling flare-ups of the disease over the next several years, “We’re going to see many, many more business bankruptcies, small businesses, big businesses” without intervention.

Though health experts initially agreed in March that widespread stay-at-home orders were the key to slowing or stopping the spread of the virus, after two months of strict lockdowns, new cases began rising in several states in the month of July, calling the efficacy of the initial lockdowns into question.

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80 Responses

  1. Supposedly we have a super vaccine out now est. cost $35.00 per shot will be between 45 days or before elections ! Operation Warp speed until than mask when you need to ware them out , 6 feet apart, wash your hands , disinfectant ! There is daylight at the end of the tunnel !


        1. Agree, it is a choice to be healthy and careful. With strict lockdowns and those rioters and protesters will be allowed to invade the U.S. Cities, then more spread of the virus. It is very biased to let those rioters and protesters out and keep the abiding citizen from work and get out.

          1. Agree Pilar. We’re locked up while they are out rioting, looting, burning businesses, cars, flags, Bibles, etc. A few of them wore masks, most did not. They were too intent on doing their evil destruction. Were they reprimanded? Nope. I’m fed up with Abtifa, BLM and any others exhibiting this obnoxious behavior. If there are no consequences they will continue their evilness. And to top it off the few that tried to keep their businesses open were arrested. I hope the American people take heed to what is actually happening here.

        2. Agree 100% they want us all dead. Stand your ground and tell them to pound sand. No shots for my family ever. This is the most corrupt government and they have been doing us wrong for far too long time for them all to be tried and hanged for their crimes against humanity!!!!

        3. Yes’ Do not take ! New DNA/RNA formula 3 separate shots as it will track you forever via chemical that will attach to your DNA! Hello One World Order and control! These are from Gates and Fauci’s Pharma co’s. Pfizer and Moderna! They will blame rising cases on Covid19 but their vaccines are not meant for that purpose!

        1. Take your head out of the sand Grace! These evil Democrats want to destroy us and change us into a Communist nation! They want to keep us locked up! They do not care if we die! They should all be tried for treason!

      2. To make such a rash statement without verifiable proof is inflammatory and causes fear — or is that the intention.

        1. That’s their intentions with every word that leaves their mouth. This whole mess has been a set up with the American public (who give these people their jobs) being the ones suffering.

      3. I so totally agree! How can anyone be eager to get any vaccine that is developed, at this time???

    1. We MUST re-elect President Donald Trump or America as we know it is totally lost. God bless and keep America strong.

      The last 5 flu virus that china sent to the U.S, THERE WAS NO LOCK DOWN
      AND 60,000 people died >no body said a damn think> Now more have died
      with a lock down > why in hell would you want another lock down >:
      only people that have no brains would want that>>Neel Kashkarl>:

    3. When those who recovered from the virus contain antibodies and they still be re infected, you think a vaccine will stop the virus? Not likely. Lockdown will destroy the American economy permentently. NO lockdown.

  2. What happened to herd immunity??!
    The curve is flattened…we need to open up our economy and start living again!!

    1. You can do almost everything just with social distancing, etc, etc. What is so hard about this, are we so spoiled that we can’t be more conservative in what we do. For the time being, you just can’t congregate in larger numbers, be in close proximity, wash hands, etc.

    2. It is common sense and take precautions is the “herd” way to survive. SO in a way you are right.

  3. He’s Lying or 100% delusional and unhinged. No more lockdowns get the kids back to schoo, l open the country and have people go back to work and screw his plan. He just wants to mess with our economy and ruin it more!

    1. He is NOT a doctor, scientist, etc, albeit a super duper one he is a banker — he is thinking only from a banking, economy standpoint.

    2. Agree, There seem to be a lot of traitors. How long do they think people will tolerate this? The longer we’re shut down the worse the economy becomes and peoples individual lives are ruined by having no job, my grandkids want to return to school. South Dakota was the only state that remained open and they have done relatively well. All their kids are returning to school,

    1. And he is a money man, he should have known printing and printing money will put America down the brink. Questionnable suggestion, he is really a rouge one.


  4. The country was doing great . We were opening business. New cases and deaths were down. People were starting to go back to work. Then the protesting started. KIDS ARE BEING BLAMED FOR HAVING GET TOGETHER’S. PEOPLE ARE BEING BLAMED BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING. WHAT ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF PROTESTERS. NOT ONE COMMENT IS EVER MADE ABOUT PROTESTERS SPREADING THE VIRUS. PROTESTERS ARE NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING.. Is everyone too stupid to see this or is it just being ignored??????????????????

    1. I think some of them, like Durkin and Inslee, are choosing to ignore it. Law abiding citizens pay the price and rioters and looters roam free. What’s wrong with this picture? Lightfoot in Minneapolis is another fool. How many people in Chicago have to die? When protesters went to some places in Idaho the locals were on the corners with guns. They didn’t stay long.

  5. What about the malaria drug that the FDA took off the market for a possible cure? I have witnessed many people that were marked covid that it helped recover.This whole business of lockdowns and covid is a evil plan to take down our country. This is all about the election. The Democrates don’t want the world to recover. They want to exhibit failure but be careful what you wish for!

    1. I agree. I’m beginning to wonder if the Demorats are in cahoots with China to take us down. I was born and raised in Seattle. It use to be a nice place to live until it was overtaken. I only go there now if I have to see a doctor. The filth, garbage and destruction is appalling. The city council still wants to defund the police.

      1. They absolutely are, but not necessarily China as the main player as they are just one of the strings on the puppet. George Soros, the Clinton’s, Barack Obama, the Deep State has been operating in the shadows for many years. They have come forth from the shadows and you have to dumb, deaf, and blind not to be able to see what is happening. And there are so many people still brainwashed into believing the government and especially the Democrats are good. Unbelievable the blindness I see everywhere.

        1. I believe this started in China and the rats and their money men had a lot to do with it! Yes I saw the picture of gates, fauci, piggy, and e. john all smiles in CHINA just before we were made AWARE OF IT!. ALL smiley faces. Got out of hand, BUT THEY were still behind it. Can’t stop the Trump Train! The rats and their buddies are the lowest of lows. And the Biden BULL is just another of their BS game. GET RID of OUR President and take control is the name of their game! OH and the rumor about getting rid of the sr population? May all you mayors who pulled your DIRTY stunt rot in H!

  6. No way am I or my kids taking a new vaccine. The first polio vaccine killed hundreds of people … Fact !!!!

    1. Only speaking for myself but I lived in Savannah GA in the 50’s, second grade, and our little school vaccinated all of us for polio with no side affects whatsoever.

      1. A normal, well thought out constructive comment from what sounds like a normal person. Most of the statements written on here have shown just how much Is wrong in our country, I’ve done nothing but read some of this and thought that there’s much more wrong with the people of this country than I thought. Do you all hear yourselves? Seriously, Do You?

  7. Wear your mask, sanitize, and wash your hands with hot soapy water. That even goes for the MACHO MAN!! The last Macho man ( I don’t need a fu**ING mask) his family buried him last week.

  8. Whatever China wants, China is getting…Remember the motto: “Their can be only one Sun” . (read world leader).

  9. Vaccines nowadays contain many undesirable elements even poisons. There has not yet been a vaccine to combat a virus, vaccines work on bacteria, there is a difference. Hydroxychloroquine has an impeccable record , it should be used as a prophylactic or low dose daily in the initial stages ,to prevent full blown covid from taking over. It just needs common sense. Far more people die of flu annually without this kind of fuss, shutting down thr economy, putting the fear of Satan in everyone if they don’t comply . Don’t let your freedoms be thrown away in so cavalier a fashion. Ignore all mainstream media, to them this is all a political game to mess with the upcoming election. Do some reading and research of your own.

    1. Maybe you should take your own advice and do some reading and/or research before you post. It would have been good if you had done so and had facts, correct facts to back up what you posted.

      1. “You” who Lisa? Learn to say who
        you are replying to. The post does
        not always fall directly under who you
        are replying to.

        1. It IS obvious Lisa that your reply is to
          Madeleine, But giving the name sometimes helps avoid confusion.
          I agree totally with Madeleine.
          Just what “facts’does Madeleine have wrong?

  10. Well I was in the 6th grade when we started taking the polio vaccine i am 77 years old now out of all of us who took the vaccine some have die but it was not vaccine, cancer and accidents or things i guess if the people who say they would not take the vaccine or there kids I believe they would change their minds when it come down savings there lives and there family i bet they would try to be first in line!

    1. Glad you didn’t have any trouble with the vaccine Padre. BUT, thousands DID. The
      Polio vaccine spread, Polio and it killed
      many thousands of people.

  11. Madeleine Baines, I did some research and I agree with you completely. Thank You for your thoughts.

  12. There are no valid reason for another lock down. We didn’t lock down for Aids, measles, the flu, mumps, or any other diseases so why now. It’s all politically oriented.

  13. Did no one see the latest on Fauci! He gave an astronomical amount of our tax dollars to develop the Remesevir,
    and he owns half of the patent! The guy is a moron, he was wrong on every account. He’s a crook, he stole tax dollars to pad his account. And a murder! his lies and refusal to use Hydroxy, a miracle drug that been around since1938!, caused the deaths of countless Americans!

    1. Do you hear yourself?
      Think about what your saying and the harm it could cause. Before you text and push send please stop and think and maybe take a minute and read what you have written in
      the text, post, email, letter, etc.
      Once you have done this, I’m sure you will
      want to delete it.

    2. Fauci, Piglosi, Shumer had pictures taken with Chinese their all working together.
      They got this dam COVID to hit the world and Fauci makes millions on this, he doesn’t want to help cure they all want it to continue and keep it going.

  14. It has always taken years od work to get shots. Ready andthis. Only 4 months. Nope. Not for my body. Ill control. My bodt not a little rug rat communist

  15. Political rubbage. Not medical truth.
    No need for masks, vaccines, deaths!
    Dr. Richard Bartlett has regimen of long used drugs healing all ages/stages.

  16. Neel Kashkari may well be right, BUT, it’s also guaranteed to destroy the economy. There absolutely has to be a balanced approached to COVID-19, at least or until a vaccine is developed. The ONLY way we can finally overcome both, the illness and the economy, and, normality, is through a vaccine. Until that happens nothing like normality will return to our country.

  17. All these experts, like this one, bring their “answers” to the public when actually they have NO IDEA what they are talking about. But they spew this stuff out there to try to sabotage the president. This virus “IS NOT’ going away even if the real experts manage to come up with a vaccine against it. So we must use what real expertise we have to “live” with it. But if we don’t get back to work and start getting regular paychecks we are going into a DEEP Depression and still have this virus riding our backs. Using pure logic the government organizations get their money from the taxpayer and in turn pay out money to needy people. If we remain locked down there will be NO MONEY for the government to pay out. Certainly we must do everything possible to work safely, mask, protective gear, or what ever we need. BUT we absolutely MUST GET BACK TO WORK.

  18. Sorry B. Gates is in on the cure for Corona virus, No thank you.
    Gates killed thousands of Indian citizens with his last vaccine. No, NO, HELL NO.
    I will take my chances with the virus.
    Gates wants to “chip” everyone being inoculated, so they can be tracked and controlled.

  19. Looks to me like you don’t ask a money guy how to handle a medical pandemic. What the hell does he know about a virus? Even the ”experts” don’t agree with each other and we’re supposed to listen to this moron?

    He’s looking for his ”moment”……he’s had it. You’re fired!

  20. Obummer needs to be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the Law, the f***ing
    Traitor druggie, stealer of U.S. Wealth for the Enemy. Cut him off he’s a true Illegal & Swamp Corrupt!

  21. DNC with the help of our Marxist media wants us to go away…stay firm and vote these commies out of office!!

  22. Gates said there will be “ insertions in his vaccine that will change your dna! Is that what you want? He can also insert nano chips that will track you, and he wants HIS vaccine MANDATED! He wants to cull the population, meaning killing off a lot of people! Anyone who would be foolish enough to take his vaccine will be signing their own death warrant! HE won’t vaccinate HIS kids or family members, what does that tell you? He also developed this virus years ago. He said on Colbert’ show that he sees a bio weapon attack in the next two years! Of course he does, he has one waiting in the wings to be released! He needs to be arrested, charged with crimes against humanity and given the death penalty! He is an insane sociopath who needs to be put away, along with all his cohorts!

  23. We should open up everything , send our kids back to school. No shot for me.
    The verous will go away after the election. Amen.

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