June 15, 2021

Federal Judge strikes down CDC’s eviction moratorium

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) overstepped its authority by enacting the policy of eviction moratorium.

The Department of Justice argued later the same day that the moratorium should not be ended, helping Americans dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The CDC’s eviction moratorium — which Congress extended last December and the CDC later extended through June 30, 2021 — protects many renters who cannot make their monthly payments due to job loss or health care expenses,” Brian Boynton, acting attorney general for the civil division, said in a statement.

“Scientific evidence shows that evictions exacerbate the spread of COVID-19, which has already killed more than half a million Americans, and the harm to the public that would result from unchecked evictions cannot be undone,” he added.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Beccera also publicly challenged the court ruling.

“I believe the president will want to try to correct this, or certainly continue to fight to make sure we don’t see Americans dispossessed and out on the street, not at this time,” said Beccera, according to POLITICO.

“We’re making too much success on COVID to go backwards, so I know this administration will be looking for ways to try to make sure we keep people in their homes,” he added.

The legal battle may not be finished. The policy has been extended twice already, with an appeal process expected.

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23 Responses

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  3. The Administration has caused most of the problems over this. They don’t care about the landlords not receiving any funds, especially those who owe one or two houses whose living depends on the rent. Will all of the give aways by President Biden, a lot of the unemployed refuses to go to work, or even look for work. It’s an ever ending circle of laying around and do nothing, but paid by the government to do that. They don’t pay taxes, rent, electric, water, and heating. But they expect the tax payors to carry them along.

    1. Yes on that. What will they do when the landloard’s have to file bankruptcy or their properties are for closed on, is biden going to protect these people.

  4. No more freebies
    If the Xiden/ Kamaltoe adm wants people like that then they should be the ones paying for it
    Not the taxpayers nor those who worked VERY, VERY hard should be footing the bills
    They EARNED their livehood honestly—not by selling their souls like the Xiden Adm is doing through and through
    No work, no food, no shelter
    No handouts
    One has to earn their way in life in every level of the pecking order—- never got handouts like food stamps, welfare, etc….because……we did not fit the criteria of the system even as disabled
    Go figure….
    No hand outs either

  5. Earned income credit, should be considered. Earn what you can up to a point
    And then the governmen can supplement the income. Up to a agreed on amount.

    1. Sug, you have any idea where the government gets it’s
      money to give away?
      It’s money comes from hard working taxpayers, you fool!

  6. Has this site become “The Want Ads”??? There you go people…..you can ma $1,000 a day!!! What are you waiting for? Advertisements above but remember if it sounds to good to be true it’s, it’s…..BECAUSE IT IS!!!!

    1. I completely agree! Where are the admins of this site? Does it even have admins? From the looks of it I would say it does not!

  7. The nanny state can’t over everybody. It has to end somewhere. Unfortunately or not, it should never have gotten started. We had all better get a grip on what Biden’s spending spree is going to do – a birth to grave dependence on the government – until the money runs out. This is total Marxism to the max.

  8. What about the property owners who still have to pay their bills and can’t because they can’t get what is legally owed to them. Are they suppose to lose everything that is theirs, that they have worked for, because people would rather stay at home collecting what the government will give them free, then go out and get a job, or go back to work and try to meet the responsibilities they chose to create in their lives.

  9. If govt. Steps in your life you can bet it will not end well.. the democraps want to help try opening up your state so people can work and pay bills.. we the people do not need the govt babysitting and directing our lives. They cant even run the country now

  10. Democrats throw out numbers with no proof. Prove that there are 1/2 million dead due to Covid19. There is proof that the shots have killed people too. Is that included as part of your hit list? Last count I saw was 220,000 dead from Covid19. How many of those where not due directly to Covid like some reports have shown? Oh, I forgot, democrats don’t worry about proof but just blather numbers out of thin air and expect you to believe it without proof. TYPICAL!

  11. AND I totally agree with the judge. It’s a legal issue that has nothing to do with disease control. The clowns like Fauci has made the CDC a disease.

  12. So my tenants will understand,, they they cant pay their rent anymore, then you will understand why you have no heat, water or power since i need your rent to pay for these necessities,,, if this is not satisfactory feel free to look or another residence

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