May 24, 2022

Federal Judge sides with Biden administration, blocks oil drilling leases amid rising energy prices

President Joe Biden has made a point to block efforts to foster America’s energy independence. Unfortunately for Americans, a federal judge sided with President Biden and has blocked more leases for off-shore drilling.

Federal judge Rudolph Contreras rejected leases for off-shore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in a decision Thursday, the Daily Caller reported. The matter will be sent back to the Interior Department for further consideration.

The sale was set up during former President Donald Trump’s term and closed in November 2021 during the Biden administration. This was happening in the background as the president was making a push for more environmental measures that blame for the increase in the price of oil, according to Fox News.

Contreras, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama, blocked the leases on the premise that the former administration didn’t perform its due diligence on assessing environmental impact. The judge further said the Interior Department “arbitrarily” left out key factors when reviewing potential influence on emissions.

The Interior Department will now have to reexamine the matter though it is unclear whether there will be a new environmental impact study commissioned. “We have documented serious deficiencies in the federal oil and gas program,” the agency’s spokesperson Melissa Schwartz said. “Especially in the face of the climate crisis, we need to take the time to make significant and long overdue programmatic reforms.”

Environmentalist groups like the Center for Biological Diversity celebrated the ruling. “This is a huge victory for our climate, Rice’s whales and Gulf communities,” its legal direct Kristen Monsell said. “I’m thrilled the court saw through the Biden administration’s horribly reckless decision to hold the largest oil lease sale in U.S. history without carefully studying the risks.”

“New oil leases are fundamentally incompatible with addressing the climate emergency, and they’ll cause more oil spills and harm to wildlife and people in the Gulf,” she claimed. This tunnel-blind focus on environmental issues will create energy shortages and price increases, however.

Biden has vowed to give in to the radical environmentalist agenda, and that will only add to the current problems of inflation and high energy costs. Still, the radical left demands it and Biden has no choice but to give in.

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