November 27, 2021

Federal judge rules PA Secretary of state acted inappropriately by extending identification deadline

Democrats are losing their collective minds about President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede to President-elect Joe Biden. Meanwhile, Trump’s legal team is racked up a small win that could flip an important state.

The battleground state of Pennsylvania is closer to becoming a fair fight after a state appellate judge sided with the Trump campaign to stop certain ballots from being counted past lawful deadlines. This could have a huge impact on the outcome if Trump can win the state.

The problem stemmed from a Nov. 1 decision by Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar to give voters an additional three days to provide proof of identification, meaning ballots would still be counted up to nine days after the election. Currently, state law allows up to six days following Election Day to provide the necessary proof.

Boockvar had argued that because the state had extended its deadline to receive mail-in ballots to Nov. 6, three days after Election Day, the provision for providing identification should be extended as well. The Trump campaign countered, stating that election law only applied to the number of days after the election and not the extension.

Commonwealth Court President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt agreed with the Trump campaign. In her Thursday decision, she concluded “Boockvar, in her official capacity as Secretary of the Commonwealth, lacked statutory authority to issue the November 1, 2020, guidance to Respondents County Boards of Elections insofar as that guidance purported to change the deadline … for certain electors to verify proof of identification.”

The ballots dated between Nov.10 and 12 had already been set aside awaiting the decision. This ruling negates any ballots where proof of identification was received after Nov. 9.

It is unclear how many votes will be affected because the identification requirement only applied to first-time voters. However, it is another victory in a contentious legal battle to eliminate ineligible voting. So far, Trump has filed at least 17 lawsuits over ballot inconsistencies, some of them charging outright fraud.

The Trump campaign still has ground to make up and may not prove victorious. However, the fight against stealing votes and finagling ballots is an important step to rooting out dishonesty in the American election system. If Democrats really were concerned with fair and free elections as they claim to be, they would be supporting Trump rather than still insisting Biden was the runaway winner.

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LEN DOBRZYN (@guest_1074250)
1 year ago

I cannot believe ANYONE — dem/rep/indep. would allow stealing of votes, tabulating dead people as voters etc!!! EVERYONE MUST LOOK INTO THIS AS “AMERICANS”…. No one should be allowed to hi-jack our RIGHT TO VOTE. Anyone involved in this scam, who are caught red handed MUST BE PROSECUTED BY THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW… If you don’t believe this — move to Argentina!!!

Dolores (@guest_1074280)
1 year ago

I sure believe the democrats have committed fraud. They wanted to take the presidency so that they could undo all the good that President Trump did for our country. I’m so sick of the democrats letting the riots take place in the states that are governed by democrats. They should be prosecuted for to doing their job to stop this.
It has cost many businesses to lose their place of business. God help us if this doesn’t get straightened out and let President Trump WIN!!!!

Ted Wissler (@guest_1074282)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago

I agree …. also …. just think Joe Plugs Biden was caught red handed not only on video tape but also e-mails which in my mind what happened between him, his son & China wud be treason …. how in God’s name can someone like this even think of being Prez …. did we all lose our minds. I cannot even think of supporting a Prez who has a track record of breaking the law like this guy and now you mean to tell me he is a heartbeat away from running our coutnry….. give me a BIG freaking break…. NO WAY

Robert W (@guest_1074387)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago


Chris (@guest_1074301)
1 year ago


Ray (@guest_1074312)
1 year ago

Agreed, the problem is the ones who are suppose to be doing the investigations and prosecutions are as much a part of this whole scam as anyone else! DOJoke = Corrupt ….. FBLie = Corrupt…. So who investigates and prosecutes?

Joseph (@guest_1074504)
1 year ago

I agree

germmy007 (@guest_1074578)
1 year ago

i agree that something needs to b done but ARGENTINA! Move there since u like it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Cantrell (@guest_1074605)
1 year ago

y don’t they just look into who owns the compainy that made the voting software to start with … i think they will find that they are owned by dems so its no wonder that all the gliches help the dems out ..

David R Elphinstone (@guest_1074251)
1 year ago

The demonrats should not be allowed to get away with the cheating and lying. I for one will never believe that Biden got that many votes more than President Trump and I think a lot of the American people would not believe it either.

Stacy Pike (@guest_1074268)
Reply to  David R Elphinstone
1 year ago

I totally agree and know that hard to believe that anyone would be comfortable with cheating going on with the election!! Our country was founded on it and to think it would cheat our rights are going with it!!! Fight for no cheating!!!

Bella (@guest_1074253)
1 year ago

The Democrat Party in Congress And Senate are nothing but the walking dead they have no brains but eat the living.

John Decker (@guest_1074507)
Reply to  Bella
1 year ago

Don’t forget the sixty million babies they ate for an appetizer.

Richard (@guest_1074254)
1 year ago

They cheat to win so they will cheat the American people out of their vote.

Roy Cochran (@guest_1074256)
1 year ago

Please take me off of your mailing list.

John Steven Adams (@guest_1074257)
1 year ago

The Democrats have been lying to us all for 4 years how can anyone believe that they are finally telling the truth. They dont recognize it when they see it. Liars Crooks and Cheats Never To Be Trusted.

Walter Deveau (@guest_1074258)
1 year ago

The democrats don’t care about legal,honesty, or anything else but winning,so they can get their way. If they lose,all they do,is cry,whine,& try to intimidate. This comes from the top down, nothing but overgrown babies!

Bidenstinks (@guest_1074260)
1 year ago

Being Democrats or Republican we should be able to agree voting so messed up we should have a redo and only have request Ballots and have to show ID and cast a Ballot for a vote

Peg (@guest_1074264)
Reply to  Bidenstinks
1 year ago

Agreed!! It’s unfortunate that Judges have refused to put into law that ID is needed in order to vote. I did not request a ballot in the mail but our Governor (Democrat) decided that everyone in the State would receive a mail in ballot. No surprise NJ is a Democratic State.

Peg (@guest_1074263)
1 year ago

If the Democrats are so sure they won this election they should allow recounts in all States that are in question. The counts should be done by an outside authority who will verify the results once the count is done. Our country spends money on everything. Paying a reputable firm to do the recounts is the only way to insure the American people that this election was not rigged. Democrats spent millions and millions of dollars trying to impeach Trump and came up with nothing. They made sure people hated Trump so he wouldn’t get re-elected and they are pissed that so many people voted for him. In the states that used the Dominion Machines all votes should be recounted by hand since there is proof that a computer glitch changed votes. Hopefully Trump will win his lawsuits and get the chance to have the recount done.

Larry Stringfield (@guest_1074602)
Reply to  Peg
1 year ago

No such thing as a computer glitch!!!!!!! A human intentionally flipped a switch. Let MIT have the machine that produced the glitch and I guarantee you the scientist in the lab will produce the evidence of machine tampered.

Emil Geverd (@guest_1074266)
1 year ago

Look at it from the brighter side. A Biden win will stop the flow of foreigners looking for a better life and greater opportunities in the US. Think of the money we will save on border security.

Terrie Stadler (@guest_1074318)
Reply to  Emil Geverd
1 year ago

He would put us under the new world order.

Michelle C (@guest_1075052)
Reply to  Emil Geverd
1 year ago

You call that the bright side? I hope you mean that as a joke? The Democrats plan to take control any way they can. There could be a Civil war if Biden/Harris get the win. Nancy Pelosi was looking into the 25th Amendment because they plan to use it to taken down Biden and Harris will then become president. She is and always has been a control freak.

no body (@guest_1074267)
1 year ago

How can they ( The Democrats ) say the Election was fair and unbiased , when the way they set up allowing mail in Ballots to be accepted after NOV 3RD was a clear path to fraud , People knew what day the election was and has received their Ballots weeks in advance, there is no logical reason for waiting until Nov 3 rd to mail it, unless people waited for the sole purpose of waiting to see who was leading and who the Media was saying was going to win the country, Those people only voted because they wanted to be on a winning side, not because it was best for the country. After verifying that they were post marked before the close of the poll, and allowing only 2 days to get to election officials should be the most that was allowed , any received after the 5th should be disqualified unless the postal service proves there was a reason it was not delivered with in the 2 days ( What could be a reason it could not go across town in 2 days ? )

Bonnie Kats (@guest_1074269)
1 year ago

President Trump won this election hands down. Everyone in the world knows. It’s just that the Dumbocrats won’t admit it. Now we know why Biden was hiding in his basement all these months. He was marking empty ballots with his name. Loser all the way.

Viet Nguyen (@guest_1074270)
1 year ago

Crook Biden could only win this election if and only if GOP allow Dems to cheat; otherwise IMPOSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE and IMPOSSIBLE. How the hell this sleepy, abusive, Corruption, QUID PRO QUO Joe could win??

Patriot (@guest_1074271)
1 year ago

I said this from the very beggining,this election was a planned koo to use covid 19 as an excuse to use mail in ballots to rigg this election in the dems favor.This fiasco is a travesty of justice and even though a judge ordered the votes to be separated that arrived after Nov 3rd ,they are making it impossible to decipher, because they are mixing all the ballots together.The only fair solution is to throw out this WHOLE ELECTION and start over with a new election with in person voting and valid ID ONLY.

Lori Polisena (@guest_1074294)
Reply to  Patriot
1 year ago

Amen!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Liz (@guest_1074273)
1 year ago

Our major problem worldwide is that we have forgotten or resisted God in our personal lives. This is the kind of mess we get into when we don’t apply His Word to ourselves. His plan for us works if we apply it, but He never forces us.

Lori Polisena (@guest_1074296)
Reply to  Liz
1 year ago

Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Chris (@guest_1074305)
Reply to  Liz
1 year ago


Jan Alvord (@guest_1074274)
1 year ago

I agree that the voting system needs to be fixed correctly. I live in Oregon, we have done mail in voting for years now but since its inception we have had democrats always taking the lead roles in our state. It is funny how SO many people I talk to have voted republican. I think our system needs to have some major checks.

Donald Anthony Amaro (@guest_1074298)
1 year ago


Mike Taylor (@guest_1074307)
1 year ago

The PA Secretary of State, Completely Violated The Constitution…
Article 1, Sect 4, “Election Clause”, states that the State Legislature in each state determines the Voting Laws Of Their State…
This Sec of State, usurped her state legislature, by added the 3-extra days, along with Violating Fed Election Laws of In Person Monitoring Of Ballots For Verification, Especially Mail-In Ballots, whic The Monitors Are To Verify Post Mark, Date, Signature Verification…

Jenn (@guest_1074310)
1 year ago

I agree with you, David R Elphinstone & LEN DOBRZYN!!
Too much has gone on that reflects very poorly on the Republicans. President Donald J Trump has done his very best for our country. It seems like the Democrats have done all that they could to make people feel that Biden was so much better than Trump. Biden has so little going for him & yet everyone is getting all hyped up over him. While President Donald J Trump, was president, he was working all the time for the people & yet all he got was criticism. If I had been him, I would have walked away from the people & this country long ago. By ‘the people’ I mean the Democrats. They would not give the Donald Trump a chance for the position that he accepted & then ran for., ‘The people’ did all they could to make him look bad. I was appalled when I turned on the news & heard people making nothing but negative comments that were not true about the president. I have backed Donald J Trump since he was nominated for the presidency. Furthermore, I feel that many of the votes that people made were not shown for the person that deserved them..The Democrats have been against Donald J Trump the minute that he made the announcement that he was running for the presidency. These comments were very trivial, people did not like his hair, they called him orange man & he was put down for all that he did. (He fought for the people in this country 8 I guess there were some that didn’t like that.) I only saw him doing what was right for the people of this country. This is so sad, seeing that this man was doing his best for the people of this country. Some others jumped the gun & announced that he was the president & his VP was already the VP. I watched while Joe Biden floundered while trying to even give a speech. He was having a very hard time & therefore, I thought he would have a hard time wining the position that he was running for.When I feel that this man has been backed by the Democrats to the point that he could never do a thing wrong. I watched Fox News put Donald J Trump down &, I was very surprised. All they could say was how great Biden was. What happened between the time that Joe Biden was attempting to run for president & now? Fox News has done nothing but act like other Fake News Stations. Now they are covering all that is going on in Washington, D.C,
They are not the only MSM station that has put Donald J Trump; down. It has never ended. So much that I have heard that people have switched to News Max rather than listen to other stations, like Fox News, that put Donald J Trump down. Today there is a big rally Washington, D.C in support . of Trump These people run in the thousands (1000’s) to tens of thousands (10,000’s) They are peaceful supporters. There have been no angry people & no counter protests. This is what I am getting off of Fox News. IMO, Fox News has gone down the black hole along with the other Fake News channels. I guess they are covering this b/c it’s news. If it were news about Joe Biden, the reporters couldn’t get there fast enough. There are other stations there. It’s just that they are there to make snide comments about Donald J Trump. The commentators are doing nothing but criticizing Donald J Trump. Personally, I am getting rather tired of these people-especially those on Fox News.That does not include the people that are on at night; i.e. Hannity , Carlson, Ingraham,etc .As far as I”m concerned, I will not be watching Fox News & I will be suggesting that others do the same.

Scott Romain (@guest_1074314)
1 year ago

I’m all for a do over. In person with photo I D.

Kara Wright (@guest_1074357)
1 year ago

Biden and his whole family are nothing more than . He is responsible for us taxpayers footing the whole bill for the impeachment and Biden is all to blame along with Kamala the half breed for the impeachment. The whole DEMS are nothing but wasted walking dead.

LONE WOLF (@guest_1074431)
1 year ago

Slowly, but surely, the Democrat frauds and cheating is surfacing. When it’s all over, I hope that all the corrupt Democrats pay a heavy price for their criminal activities! I’m not a violent person but, this attack on our republic has got to be stopped and stopped hard! If that takes another Civil War, then so be it!

Auntcon (@guest_1074444)
1 year ago

There are Democrat voters that truly do not believe their party leaders are that crooked to swamp the election with fraudulent votes…they swallow it hook, line and sinker. Poor fools may some day wake up to what that party has become. I figured it out 12 years ago and will NEVER EVER VOTE DEMOCRAT AGAIN!

Patty (@guest_1074462)
1 year ago

A total election re do with paper only ballots, votes cast in person with a VALID voter I.d. And proof of at least six months of residency in the state you are voting in! No sneaking illegals In to vote with bogus I.d., no sneaking across state lines to vote in more than one state, and only LEGAL u.s. citizens allowed to vote! What is so difficult about that?

Sean Cavalier (@guest_1074613)
1 year ago

You have to look into the comment you made. biden will open the borders and your safety will be compromised! He is not qualified to be Prez. I guess you want to side with all things that are really not beneficial to our country.
It will be 4 years of nothing with Biden / Harris because they will be denied of their ridiculous plans.

Kathy Gross (@guest_1074641)
1 year ago

Nope!!! He wants open borders and they will flood in and take your job if you have one!!

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1 year ago

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