September 30, 2022

Federal Judge issues stay on vaccine mandate for federal employees and contractors

President Joe Biden is attempting to institute a COVID-19 vaccine mandate by any means possible. Luckily, he’s been thwarted every way he’s tried.

A federal judge in Georgia issued a stay on the vaccine mandate for federal employees and contractors, the Daily Caller reported. This decision Tuesday is the latest in a string of victories against the mandates.

Challenges to the Biden mandates have not gone well for the administration thus far. U.S. District Judge Stan Baker became the third judge to strike down some iteration of a challenge to the rule that would force a medical procedure on Americans.

This particular subset of mandates ruled on in the Georgia court would apply to government workers and contractors who would be forced to take the jab or undergo regular testing. Part of the order had stated any employees or contractors who lied about their vaccine status would be subject to “fine or imprisonment or both,” The Hill reported.

Several states including West Virginia, Utah, Georgia, Indiana, Alabama, and South Carolina were part of this legal challenge. “Abuse of power by the Biden administration has been stopped cold again,” South Carolina’s GOP Attorney General Alan Wilson told reporters after the decision Tuesday, according to Reuters.

This is the latest in a string of setbacks that cut the vaccine mandates off at the knees. Just last week, a federal judge blocked a vaccine mandate that would have applied to many government-employed healthcare workers.

Prior to that, the requirement for employers with over 100 workers was also struck down in court. Another ten states had won a Nov. 29 injunction against the requirement on the basis of legality alone.

There are no more irons in the fire for these sweeping mandates at this point. However, these decisions are considered temporary remedies and the courts will have to rule legality of each in due course.




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