September 29, 2022

Federal Court slams the door on Biden administration’s request to uphold vaccine mandates

President Joe Biden is still pushing for his COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Unfortunately for him, it appears to be dead in the water — at least for now.

An attempt to block a stay on Biden’s vaccine mandate has failed, the Daily Wire reported. On Monday, Missouri’s 8th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Justice Department’s request to overturn a previous injunction stopping its implementation.

“The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Department of Justice’s motion for stay pending appeal in our lawsuit against the vaccine mandate on healthcare workers, meaning our injunction will stay in place,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced in a statement Monday. Two of the three judges on the panel voted to keep the injunction, Forbes reported.

Schmitt was instrumental in obtaining the preliminary injunction against the mandate back in November. He led the charge in a coalition with ten other states, including Missouri.

“Earlier today, the United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri, issued a preliminary injunction halting the Biden Administration from enforcing its vaccine mandate on healthcare workers,” Schmitt had said during the first round of legal proceedings. “This is a huge victory for healthcare workers in Missouri and across the country, including rural hospitals who were facing near-certain collapse due to this mandate,” he said.

“While today’s ruling is a victory, there’s more work to be done, and I will keep fighting to push back on this unprecedented federal overreach,” he promised. Schmitt was rewarded for his tenacity with this week’s ruling.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced it would suspend implementation of the mandate pending further litigation. However, Biden had made his intention for a vaccine mandate known back in September and has tried to get it through different avenues — so it isn’t like he’ll give up.

These mandates are unpopular, but Biden is determined to get the novel gene therapy into the arm of every man, woman, and (soon) child. Monday’s decision was a win for freedom, but it’s doubtful the Democrats will simply stop there.




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