August 7, 2022

Federal court rules on Benghazi case that left four Americans dead

The attack at Benghazi is making news a decade later as a federal appeals court said the sentence against the terrorist involved is too low.

The ruling came this week for the 22-year-old Libyan involved in the events.

“Ahmed Abu Khatallah, 51, was convicted of four counts in 2017, including providing material support to terrorists and destroying US property, but was acquitted on the most serious charges,” Fox News reported.

“Sentencing guidelines said that Khatallah should have been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison, according to prosecutors,” it added.

The ruling came as the House also passed a bill this week to award Congressional Gold Medals to those who died at Benghazi.

The shift in perspective on the Benghazi issue is far too long and too little regarding a terrible attack on Americans. The topic has now become another political plot in the larger narrative in the battle for victory during the midterm elections.

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AndreaGraham (@guest_1291155)
7 days ago

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Antogeny (@guest_1291162)
6 days ago

I firmly believe that Obama and HItlery let Americans die in Benghazi for 2 reason: (1) They didn’t care; (2) They were hoping that the fact they wer shipping arms to Syria wouldn’t become public. Nothing to see there – just DumBOcrooks doing what they always do – taking care of themselves!

Mimi (@guest_1291183)
Reply to  Antogeny
6 days ago

Well, that sounds logical when you consider both of these cold hearted people couldn’t care less about American lives. I hadn’t quite got it, but your explanation makes sense. I know they didn’t care, but I’d forgotten about the arms being sent to Syria.They were always hiding their criminal activities, like Fast & Furious and the Russian Hoax. Thankfully, many of us who don’t listen to the lying mainstream media, knew about these. But it didn’t help, because the chips are stacked against the conservative population, by big tech, Soros, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, and more and the rotten media including the New York Times who are in the Democrat’s pockets.

Jodi K. Davis (@guest_1291172)
6 days ago

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Wanda (@guest_1291178)
6 days ago

We the People knew from the start that these Americans were blood on Hillary and Obamas hands! They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

Mimi (@guest_1291184)
Reply to  Wanda
6 days ago


Dee (@guest_1291187)
6 days ago

As for this decision i agree but there are still people that are responsible for this that have not been convicted of the crime . Clinton and Obama both need to be held accountable as well as anyone that tried to hide the facts on this issue

Brighteyes (@guest_1291323)
Reply to  Dee
4 days ago

my sentiments exactly! Clinton’s and the Obama’s have gotten away with far to much corruption for far to long benefiting themselves at the expense of we the people! If any one else did what Hillary did with gov’t property they’d be in jail where she belongs!



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