August 18, 2022

Federal Court rules in favor of Trump administration rule limiting legal immigration

Though President Trump has experienced significant setbacks in his legal challenges of the election, he’s garnered some major legal wins in other areas as of late.

On Thursday, a federal court ruled in favor of a Trump administration rule seeking to bar legal immigrants that cannot afford their own health insurance — or prove they will be able to — from entering the United States.

This ruling is separate from the Trump administration’s controversial “public charge rule,” which seeks to reject immigrants that could become a burden on American taxpayers, but is based upon a similar principle.

The favorable ruling comes from a surprising source — The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco — a notoriously liberal court. The San Francisco Chronicle lamented the decision, writing that the public charge rule could block up to 375,000 immigrants from entering the US each year.

The Chronicle, of course, charged the Trump administration xenophobia over the rule, suggesting that migrants that cannot prove that they can support themselves once entering American still have a right to enter the US.

The ruling “makes clear that the Biden administration must move swiftly to rescind all of President Trump’s xenophobic presidential proclamations, including this health care ban,” wrote the Chronicle. “Countless people have been hurt by this ban, and each passing day keeps families needlessly separated.”

The Circut court appears to disagree with the heavily liberal Chronicle, with Judge Daniel Collins writing in the majority opinion that the law “grants the president sweeping authority to decide whether to suspend entry, whose entry to suspend and for how long.”

Collins added that the Trump administration rule shall be allowed to proceed as long as it doesn’t conflict with any federal laws.

Despite roundly condemning the ruling, the Chronicle did admit that “The appeals court said the Trump administration had presented evidence that legal immigrants are only one-third as likely as U.S. citizens to have health insurance, and that uninsured residents cost taxpayers and health care providers more than $35 billion a year.”

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Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1096459)
1 year ago

DemonRATS want the ones that will be a burden on the American public.

Robert W (@guest_1096462)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
1 year ago


a fool (@guest_1096484)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
1 year ago

YES! To emable them to vote for them………. Buying Votes with the TAX Payers’ HARD EAERNED CASH!

Sharon Bolling (@guest_1096465)
1 year ago

It’s about darn time the 9th Circuit rules in favor of something that benefits American citizens.

SemperFi (@guest_1096491)
Reply to  Sharon Bolling
1 year ago

Many do not realize, because the Media will not report, President Trump did the miraculous by literally turning the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals into a Conservative-leaning (meaning Constitutional leaning) court by appointing new judges in the last four years. No one ever thought it possible as I live in Kalifornia. So another Trump win for We The People. Though all will be lost unless we fight back hard as they stole clearly the election. This is no joke. NOT business as usual. Either we fight back (in the streets if needed) or we lose our country permanently. It is that serious.

L (@guest_1096506)
Reply to  SemperFi
1 year ago

I have not seen any positive decision from them and I live in CA too……..the fight will have to be on the streets…..

Luisa (@guest_1096504)
Reply to  Sharon Bolling
1 year ago

Do not hold your breath!!!!!The ninth court is irredemable Good old west coast liberals….I can not understand why Americans keep voting for them May be they are not Americans………

Daniel from TN (@guest_1096561)
Reply to  Luisa
1 year ago

The people do not vote for members of the 9th Court (or any other court). Members of the court are nominated by the president, then either confirmed or rejected by the Senate. Only Congress can remove a federal judge (at ant level) using the impeachment process
However, do not hold your breath for that to happen. In the history of the nation only one federal judge has been removed from the bench, and that was back in the late-1800s.

Carol (@guest_1096469)
1 year ago

I think the court was bought or threatened by the Demorats that is why the ruled against Trump. They are as crocked as the Demorates! Something is wrong with some people in this country to put outsiders in our DC. Why do you people want to change the nation to a 3rd world country?
Forgeiners do not belong in our policies, they come here and want to change things to the way the had it back home, why did you come anyways, go back to your own country and change things. Now if we did what Omar did we would be in jail, but she gets away with it!

Monica Phillippi (@guest_1096493)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

Well… Whatever reason… This whole mess needs to be stopped!!! They are out of control! Making up laws as the go along and deliberately breaking other ones in our faces with out any consequences! I’m tired of it! If a regular citizen pulled this crap we would be arrested tried and convicted in a heart beat! They are not above the law!!! Someone needs to put an end to this!!!!!!

L (@guest_1096507)
Reply to  Monica Phillippi
1 year ago

SOMEONE???????? It has to be the citizens……

Randolph Thompson (@guest_1096575)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

That is fact the only way this is all going to stop is we the people take A stand and fight back. A revolution may be the only way. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am willing to die for our country we go and die in foriegn countries for the government they can’t run America but they can tell other countries how to run their country enough is enough I want my country back

C (@guest_1096470)
1 year ago

Do Dummocrats even know the meaning of “ILLEGAL”? It doesn’t seem so! If they are immigrants they are illegal! Now if they go through the process of becoming a legal citizen, that changes everything! I don’t know how long it takes, but many people have done it!!

J.Schoon (@guest_1096579)
Reply to  C
1 year ago

Takes 5 years from the day the papers are filed, it used to be that during those 5 years you could not be unemployed or become dependent on taxpayers. I did it was no problem ofcourse I took jobs that paid 1.40 an hour but was never unemployed, even served 4 years in the USAF, which later paid for my 4 year of college

Marlene (@guest_1096471)
1 year ago

The democRAT agenda is to flood America with illegals and replace American citizens with illegals who will vote Democrat. Biden stated he would give citizenship and voting rights to over 20 million illegals already here.

Mike Borelli (@guest_1096652)
Reply to  Marlene
1 year ago

without being complicated or trendy, that’s it, and it has been it.

Raymond Lytle (@guest_1096472)
1 year ago

The democratic party is a terrorist organization, and should be disbanded for the safety of America . Stop the illegal take over of government

ben (@guest_1096577)
Reply to  Raymond Lytle
1 year ago

Right on my friend

Francisco Machado (@guest_1096473)
1 year ago

How new is this? My grandfather came to the United States to attend college before WW I. He said you couldn’t get in unless you were in good health, had a job or a sponsor or enough money to support yourself. You couldn’t immigrate if you would be a burden on society. He shared a room – not an apartment, a room in a boarding house – with three other guys. And the government didn’t pay for it. You really were expected to make it on your own then.

g mcewen (@guest_1096524)
Reply to  Francisco Machado
1 year ago

In 1955 that was still the law when my father came here from canada. When did the laws change? You needed a sponsor that would guarantee you would not be a burden on the government and if you could not support yourself and your family your sponsor guaranteed the government they would take care of you. Bet those laws are still on the books so why are they not enforced???

Carol (@guest_1096474)
1 year ago

Lets face it Mitch McConnell is as bad as Peliso giving our money to forgeiners and not us. He could care less about Americans.

Kathy (@guest_1096475)
1 year ago

When our people came to America they had to have a way to make a living and not be a burden on the country,the dems have let them come here to be just that ,so they would have a voting base,the demrats are so corrupt!

JohnR (@guest_1096481)
1 year ago

Remember the phrase “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”? If you want “IN”, please do not try to change AMERICA. We like it just the way it is.

Magda (@guest_1096490)
Reply to  JohnR
1 year ago


Amen !!!!
And if they don’t like our country or our people, just go back where you came from !!!

Tom (@guest_1096486)
1 year ago

If you look at the state of our political system you can’t distinguish between either one. We have a President who has tried to make Americans first and the rest of the world second. But we have 2 political parties that have their hand out waiting for that big score to pad their pockets and a political system built on the philosophy of get as much as you can and ask for more. What is amazing is you run for office and spend close to a million dollars or more doing so, the office pays say $175,000.00 per years and within 2 or 3 years you are a millionaire, how does that happen. All one needs to do is see the movie Dave and Honorable Gentleman, these 2 movies epitomize our political system to the tee. All one has to do is look at the pork in any bill that clears both chambers and see the graph and self-serving items added. The money that goes out of this country to countries that really despise America except the dictator who is being paid to like us or is it just the money. Have you ever thought maybe a large portion comes back as laundered money to those house millionaires? I could go on and on but a true American can see we are on a very slippery slope and I’m not so sure we will recover with what we have today. GOD help us and Bless our President and our Country.

David Cheney (@guest_1096565)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

You left out Mr Smith goes to Washington

Bill (@guest_1096488)
1 year ago

Joe’s bunch will just overturn it in first days along with a lot of other current legalities Trump put into place. Nothing to see here!

Howard (@guest_1096501)
1 year ago

I can’t believe the people in this country are sitting back, doing nothing, while the country is being destroyed from inside.

Dvon Richards (@guest_1096520)
1 year ago

To ease, nay erase the separation anxiety these immigrants are feeling, I have a simple solution. Why don’t they just go back to where they came from??

judith therrien (@guest_1096521)
1 year ago

The Democrats have been behind this whole mess, Since The Clinton’s, The Bushes, the Obama’s and now the Biden’s. They have let all these Illegal’s in here and gave them a new house to live in and a new car, food stamp and put them on SSI as some as they can. Just for the VOTES. If It was any American that needed help , they wouldn’t give us any thing or the time of day. The Democrats Pelois, Schumer, DOJ, AOC Biden ‘s all show be put in a cell and throw the key away. For trying to America a communists Country and treating President Trump awful. President Trump has done nothing But, Try to Make America Great for the People. We need you back in the White House for 4 More Years. Let’s Hope these people wake up and put him back in. God Bless President Trump.

Believe it!! (@guest_1096528)
1 year ago

Dumpocraps should be deported along with all their ideals to the farthest away 3rd world country from the USA. They seem to want to turn this country into a “hell on wheels” wasteland while they go off and live on a paradise island somewhere, this is what our country will be turning into if we let Joe and the Ho into The White House!!

HowdyDooty (@guest_1096717)
Reply to  Believe it!!
1 year ago

Harris nickname in the Oakland DA’s office, was”Legs Up Harris”. I heard they would even say it to her face.

Kathy (@guest_1096531)
1 year ago

Jo Biden’s whole family have become filthy rich selling off America to all the foreigners especially China.

Burrs (@guest_1096542)
1 year ago

Before the voting started, some paper, I wish I could remember which one, said the old people were afraid of Trump. That one elderly woman said “Trump, as a man, scares me.” Well, let me tell you, the more I hear about things Biden says he is going to do , the more scared I get, and I am 75 turning 76 tomorrow. That is not as a man, it’s because he doesn’t think for himself. He is letting Obama and Harris and others do his thinking and planning for him. He’s not a man and never was. He’s a weak , tell me what to do and I’ll do it, type and is getting worse. He doesn’t know where his left foot is, let alone his thoughts. I am so afraid for my family that I’m leaving behind than I am for me. My two sons. My 4 Grandkids, my 3 Great Grand kids, what is to become of them? And the elderly are afraid of Trump? They better take another look at what is going to happen after they are dead and gone, without Trump. He is the best President we have ever had. He is for the people and makes our country and the world better for us all. Trump is the best and believe me Biden will go down as the worst and Obama right behind him.

Felix (@guest_1096556)
1 year ago

America is doomed! If true American patriots don’t go out on the streets by the millions on January 6th, it is over. The Dems are taking over tomorrow Sunday. Mitch Mcannel is the Republican Pelosi. A cower traitor that switches parties as he sees fit. If Biden/Harris takes the government, there is nothing Americans can do, except civil war to get them out for good. The only problem is that millions of people will die for freedom and the America that we are accustom to have. The sad news is the children will suffer for the rest of their lives. God bless America! God bless president Trump. God bless true American patriots.

David Cheney (@guest_1096567)
1 year ago

You left out Mr Smith goes to Washington

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1096588)
Reply to  David Cheney
1 year ago

Doctor Smith goes to Washington…Lost in Space just like is wife Jill, you know the fake Dr. with the IQ of a Turnip…

Kathy (@guest_1096583)
1 year ago

I live around a bunch of democrats that never look at anything.
They think people are lying about them because of the news media.
They think it is just like it used to be Republican and Democrats fighting.
Won’t even listen to you.
There are to many like this somehow the news media has to be held accountable for what they are doing.

Betty (@guest_1096903)
1 year ago

The news media, whether it be Newspaper, Radio, TV or whatever, should be neutral and report what is “truth” and not made up stuff that just suits one Party.
I’m thinking more & more everyday, that China (not all Russia) is pulling the strings when it comes to what is being reported. If the mainstream News Media (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC & CNN) reported what was really going on with Joe Biden, more democrats would have changed over and voted for Trump.

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