August 19, 2022

FEC drops probe of Trump campaign

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) voted Thursday to end its probe of former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, stating it found no evidence of violations.

The investigation was ended after a 4 to 1 vote, according to Axios.

The particular investigation concerned allegations of money paid by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels, alleging the former president violated campaign-finance law.

The $130,000 payment occurred in October 2016, allegedly involving an incident from a decade prior.

According to The Washington Times, “The panel’s two Democratic members disagreed, saying in a separate statement that the probe should have been continued.”

“To conclude that a payment, made 13 days before Election Day to hush up a suddenly newsworthy 10-year-old story, was not campaign-related, without so much as conducting an investigation, defies reality,” wrote Ellen Weintraub and Shana Broussard, according to the Times.

The investigation largely ended due to Trump nor his campaign being involved in the alleged payment. Cohen has served prison time related to other charges.

Democrats may not be happy with the conclusion, but the investigation made its decision based on the available evidence. The charges made for great publicity against Trump in the past, but the facts reveal there was insufficient evidence for the charges.

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KEITH C RICHARDSON (@guest_1243642)
Reply to  D Bent
1 year ago


robert w sanders (@guest_1244727)
Reply to  SydneyRArrington
1 year ago

scam jobs. dont believe none of this crap

Saira Merrie (@guest_1243429)
1 year ago

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Fred (@guest_1243539)
1 year ago

Stop advertising in the comments, you’re an idiot for doing it

McRant (@guest_1243545)
1 year ago

Cue the apologies. Maddow? Lemon? Schiff? Nadless? Lieu? Schumer? Pelosi? Behar? Romney? Cheney?
Not a one of you traitors have the guts or integrity to admit you purposely lied.

Chuck (@guest_1243550)
1 year ago

When are the Democrats going to start investigating their filth? Clinton’s, Hillary and Bill, Obama, the Biden clan, Eric Holder, George Soros, Harry Reid, Rice, Lois Lerner, etc. etc.

Randy Justice (@guest_1243553)
1 year ago

It’s about time !!!! Now when are these idiots going to admit that they cheated in the 2020 election ??? We will probably find out that they actually did cheat in 2525 !!!! Liberals are DISGUSTING DEMENTED LIARS !!!!

Monte Montierth (@guest_1243581)
1 year ago

Our constition has what we need. Just force the Democrats to obey it. Re-writing the constitution could use a little update, but be careful, no partison.

PATRIOT TERMINATOR (@guest_1243716)
1 year ago

HANG every stinking one of America’s enemies and START OVER.Problem SOLVED for the foreseeable future….NOW-was THAT so difficult???

IlliniGuy (@guest_1243718)
1 year ago

The a$$holes will all be dead before they would ever be indicted. What about all the investigations? Republicans talk one thing but never follow up. Pitiful. Weak. Swamp.

Mary Wooldridge (@guest_1243824)
Reply to  IlliniGuy
1 year ago

Some of them are at Gitmo waiting for tribunal trial via military intel or they are dead. Lots of arrests have occurred & lots of sealed indictments are “waiting” on the side line. There has been a lot of corruption, lying, deception, evil, etc… going on longer than we ever knew about. The Great Awakening is happening now & will be exposed to public soon. Wake up people!!!!

kc (@guest_1244477)
Reply to  Mary Wooldridge
1 year ago

Started with Trumps removal

Brigit (@guest_1243744)
1 year ago

Democrats are guilty of most of the things they said Trump did; the entire TDS was invented by them. They couldn’t stand the fact that people did not want hillary to be president…so, they paid for the dirty dossier, and invented a lot of lies.
Think of how much good Trump could have done if they had just left him alone; and he still got amazing things done, even with them fighting every inch of the way. They’ve destroyed most of it now, and made things worse than they ever were.
I totally despise Democrats; they hate America, and American citizens.

Kenneth Charles Reilly (@guest_1243788)
1 year ago

ALL that Pres Trump did RIGHT, ALL the Dumbocrats want to do is take our nation in the WRONG direction,

If we can not be honest and admit that, and thereby vote in people who will NOT change things for the better-
then we are stuck with the wheel to keep on going THEIR way . A no ‘thank you’ for us, and to further belittle

Debra (@guest_1244113)
Reply to  Kenneth Charles Reilly
1 year ago


Lois-Anne Nichols (@guest_1244736)
Reply to  Debra
1 year ago

Trump is the one responsible for the vaccines!! Otherwise, it would have taken years! I don’t appreciate bring called deaf, dumb, and stupid!! You, apparently, have not been paying attention.

Homer Songer (@guest_1243885)
1 year ago

there should be a public firing squad for all these dunbocrats

Karole Conaway (@guest_1244029)
Reply to  Homer Songer
1 year ago

I agree 1q00%!. Put obama(SS, cheating lying biden, his son, Scummer Schi(TT), Pisslossi at the front of the group!

jb (@guest_1244006)
1 year ago

get out and vote, make sure all the democrats and rhinos do NOT get another political seat ever

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1244028)
1 year ago

Why is this stuff coming out now. Trump asked for a thousand different places to be checked for fraud.. nothing to see here is all he got… the media, fake news as found out to be true, i would not be surprised if the democraps didn’t send the 10,000.. with help of the Fbi, doj, piglosi, clinton, and on and on..of course no charges will be put on any democrap inside the swamp areas

Marlene (@guest_1244297)
1 year ago

Watch as Piglosi pushes her federal government control of all elections. Her ” register everyone, citizen or not, no ID required” ploy and no state control allowed is not only unconstitutional it is illegal.

Mad as Hell (@guest_1244804)
1 year ago

Hillary, you & Obama did your damnedest to try & nail trump to the wall & destroy him, but you LOST & as a matter of fact you made America realize what a great President was suppose to be like, TRUMP!!! Again I say YOU LOST so shut up PLEASE!!!!!! That goes for all Democrats who either vote Dem. or are politicians you LOST IN 2016 & 2020 but the fraudulent voter scam with illegal votes, you put in Biden who is destroying our country!!! So maybe you should start paying more attention to who you vote for & not the party!!!

Billy (@guest_1245469)
1 year ago

It was just a ruze of the Democratic left to cover their crimes.



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