January 26, 2021

FEC chairman confirms Trump campaign has brought credible voter fraud allegations to the courts

President Trump’s legal team has filed lawsuits in a number of critical battleground states alleging widespread voter fraud and irregularities contributing to a declaration of victory for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Though the mainstream media and Democrats have summarily dismissed these allegations, Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor announced this week that Trump’s lawyers are bringing “legitimate accusations” backed by credible evidence to court and that the claims cannot be dismissed. 

Trainor revealed that his review of the evidence brought by the Trump legal team challenging the results of numerous states’ electoral outcomes exceeds the legal threshold to avoid a motion to dismiss.

Just The News reported:

Trainor said his review of evidence, including numerous affidavits claiming voter fraud and a sworn statement by a prominent mathematician flagging up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots, met the first level of legal scrutiny under what’s known as motion to dismiss or “Rule 12(b)(6)” of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which would dismiss less credible claims.

Noting the subsequent legal threshold beyond a “motion to dismiss” is the “summary judgment phase,” Trainor said that under this phase, the credibility of witnesses is presumed to be accurate, especially given the caliber of the testimonies Trainor has observed to date.

Williams College Professor Steven Miller, a math expert, analyzed voter and ballot data collected by the Trump campaign and concluded in a sworn statement that “the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted range from 89,397 to 98,801.”

Trainor said of Miller’s findings that “This data, which is provided by an expert witness, who would be qualified in almost any court in the country, adds to the conclusions that some level of voter fraud took place in this year’s election.”

“Therefore, the rush to certify results that are this suspicious from places with known election violations would nullify millions of votes that were legally cast by individual voters,” Trainor continued.

Miller is not the only individual providing a sworn statement indicating the potential for or evidence of voter fraud. Trainor said that “the massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place. And the other side really needs to answer these questions.”

The media has ignored and suppressed evidence of voter fraud and irregularities influencing the outcome of the 2020 election for weeks, denying that there is even potential for bad actors to game the system.

However, Trainor said that the evidence is strong enough that “at the end of the day, what I would say is that these are legitimate accusations that are going to be tried in court … We need to let this legal process play out,” Trainor added, “so that we come to a valid conclusion to this election that everybody believes to be legitimate.”

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109 Responses

      1. yep dems been shouting people down for years so you cannot get a word in edge wise look at there days on end filabusters to run time out on new bills

  1. Everybody knows the Democrats used the virus to cheat in mail voting.#chinajoe couldn’t even draw a crowd to his so called ralleys as trump had hundreds of thousands. The media and the communist left and their BLM did everything from chinas communist book to steal the election. .

    1. Yep, EVERY AMERICAN WHO CAN READ KNOWS TRUMP WON THE ELECTION. The dems are the equivalent of thieves determined to keep what they are stealing no matter what. Those who cannot read will apparently expect honesty coming from mouths that know no dignity, no honesty, no decency…..democrats who can read.

      1. You do realize you are calling some of the Richest people in the world corrupt?
        Not that I disagree with you, far from it. Just saying.

      2. I always wonder how these lying thieves go home every night and face their children!!! How can a person lie so much and expect their kids to grow up HONEST! Do they see they are also endangering these poor kids’ lives by keeping them locked down!! I really wonder HOW they sleep at night!

        1. For a conscience to bother a person, the first requirement would be to have one. The elite leftists do not have one.

        2. People who have no conscience about committing first-degree murder of the most helpless, have no conscience about stealing an election.

      3. I call the Dems, the Juvenile Delinquents of our government…they are not honorable, trustworthy and like to scheme! That pretty much sums it up……..they have no values and disrespect their forefathers Constitution.

      4. I lost trust in the Democrats many years ago. They are corrupt to the core and are ruthless in the ways they operate to get what they want. Biden and Harris are proof of that fact along with Hillary and Pelosi. They have been so committed to destroy TRUMP that nothing else is important to them preventing government from working together for the good of our country. SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING.

    2. You are absolutely right!!!! Dems don’t know the truth anymore, since lies upon lies have been told over and over and they have believed their lies as the gospel. Trump WILL HAVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS!!!

      1. I believe that the Dems are mentally ill through subliminal messages sent to their weak minds. It was studied by the alphabet gov agencies for decades and I think they have put it in action this year.
        Rebel now!

    3. yes they did & Nancy Pelosi is constantly blocking corona Virus relief to the American people & the USA , on spite, she has hurt the USA & the American people on purpose for decades Americans better start writing to every representative they have as soon as possible . too many people are in distress that need cleaning supplies , food etc, companies need sanitation stuff, financial aid & she has blocked it non-stop. something is severely wrong with her. I heard the dominion Voting system used was developed in Venezuela but owned by her husband ? one thing I do know for sure is the voting system is a big hoax it has the ability to fix/ rig an election like it just did our 2020 Presidential election.

  2. Will these FACTS of fraud and the voting machine fraud go to the supreme court for review and final voice of the winner of this election?????

    1. Write to the Supteme Court and ask they review for an honest election! Let you’re voice be heard, it’s your Constitutional right!

    2. All excessive fraudulent claims must be heard in the Supreme Court, then a re-vote if necessary in certain high
      fraud precincts. How else will we have confidence in our voting methods.

      1. Get WORKING honest machines that work CORRECTLY! Not like the ones they used that are known for their fraud,and have connections to Venezulia and Soros! It’s funny, we can send a man to the MOON but cannot get WORKING machines made right here in the US!!!!Now that;s amazing!

  3. My two cents is that there’s sufficient evidence of enough irregularities to invalidate the Presidental Election. When more than half the country believes this, how can we have any faith in this and all future elections? If we’re going to allow these irregularities, then there’s no point in voting.

    1. They (libs) would much prefer it to be self appointed with just an appearance of an election, just as they have been doing in the democrat controlled cities like Chicago for the past 90 years. It’s a lot less messy that way.

      1. The MEDIA admitts to some FRAUD but not ENOUGH! How much is not ENOUGH, one FRAUD is to MUCH! How dare The MEDIA and Social Media, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR’S ALL say ” SO what it’s ONLY a little bit of VOTER FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY!”

  4. Of course the press said nothing in support of the evidence Trump’s lawyers laid out. The “State Press” is an extension of the DNC & they are there to do liberal work. The “press” on ALL networks has always been owned & operated by liberal speaking behemoths with a penchant for destroying anything that might have the faintest tinge of conservatism.

    1. Amen!

      These are not the democrats of yester years! They are evil ! and will continue to be until their states become more

      level headed and use common sense.

      1. There is no time to wait for that to happen! There will be no country left.How can we reach the rest of the country? We are muzzled by CNN, and their ilk. Do not patronize them…..Neewsmaxx,OAN, Parler. End the monopoly!!!!!!

  5. Hold another election with stipulations that all votes must be done at the polls and no mail-in ballots will be allowed or counted. Make sure that all votes are counted by machine and then double-checked by people and watched by observers close enough to see every ballot is correctly audited. This should eliminate any problem.

  6. We know Voter fraud involved , started by nancy pelosi , she tried for 4 years to get our true President Trump out but couldnt. She pushed hard for voter mail ins to cheat n illegal n dead voters.

  7. The truth shall prevail. Even the corrupt democrats can’t beat God. Trump is put into office by God and shall prevail.

  8. I need to see Criminals going to prison with lengthy sentences, not just “criminal smith” off the streets, but HIGH RANKING FRONT PAGE NEWS NAMES like Cuomo, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Shumer, Schittf, Nadler, warren, Biden, AOC, et al and Soros.

  9. If this election fraud doesn’t get straightened out and prove Trump won then why should we ever vote again? Democrats steal the election by Mail in ballot fraud yet I have never seen even 1 Democrat go to jail for what they have done against our President and American citizens.Why should we ever listen to anything they say as they allow Antifa and BLM burn loot and murder.

  10. President Trump is the winner and that creepy, BIden knows he is kidding himself. He didn’t crawl out of his hole so who the heck would vote for a coward or should I say a crook who took from poor countries so he could live like a king? The Democrats won’t believe the truth if it hit you in face! We the people don’t want cheats crooks in the White House! Biden better head for the hole in his house that the American people paid for! 47 years the people in his state are stupid to believe him!

      1. Maybe he would give us 8 more years, to make up for what the Democrats did of his first term, in which they tried to stop EVERYTHING! I would like to see that, but he might not want the stress, even if treated well — he has done better than most, but I cannot believe that the stress doesn’t cause at least SOME damage. He has done better than ANY President in history, but we ALL have limits.

  11. Pelosi stated: “we have many arrows in our quiver!” And Kamala’s husband Emhoff ran around telling anyone who would listen: “I ‘know’ my wife will be the next president!” This was months prior to election 2020! What was Pelosi alluding to; and how did Emhoff know matter of factly his wife was going to be the next president?! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD‼️

    1. Pelosi is a big player in the swamp, she is in George Soros’ pockets, just like Obama, Biden, Harris and the Clinton Crime Family! Many of us out here believe that Biden is just being used as a figurehead, Soros wants Harris in as president. If Biden lasts six months as president he’ll be very lucky!

      1. Also she is heavily into CCP pockets, they have been VERY “generous”, in their attempt to take us over and proceed in their declared “unlimited warfare” upon us. Of course, they ALSO have the “goods” to blackmail all of the recipients of their largess!

    1. Actually, I think the devil will get his reckoning, this time. Time to give the devil his due. I do NOT capitalize him, he is NOTHING against God, and is failing as predicted.

  12. I hope you are all right! It just has not made any sense how Biden could have won without voter fraud. People that did vote for him weren’t really following honest news coverage (if it could be found) or they wouldn’t have voted democrat. That would be a vote for Harris who couldn’t even win the California primary! Do people really think she’s qualified to be president “NOT “!


  14. Absolutely, but using machines is the wrong way to do it! Thats where the military i believe should be the ones to count, not machines with both parties present for the entire time of the vote, and the count. Stop using lousy machines that can and have been programmed to screw, and cheat. Then by doing that we will see just which side wins, like we seen before.

  15. And now the company that owns and distributes those questionable voting machines has their CEO on Biden’s transition team, tell me how that’s not being talked about?! That answers a lot of questions doesn’t it ?!

  16. Marcia Fridland: Surely you had to know it would come to this eventually. Did you think for one minute, with the leadership of Trump, that we would all lie down and let Democrats run over us again? It’s gone on for far too long. TIME FOR THE SWAMP TO FINALLY BE DRAINED. AND IT IS DEEPER THAN WE THOUGHT!

  17. Penny . . . You are soooooo right ! ! ! ! Everyone I speak to feels the same way ! ! You can’t have a country that can be acceptable for everyone if this fraudulent behavior is allowed ! I say level a huge penalty for anyone partaking in these criminal behaviors ! ! ! ! ! ! Such action would put an end to any future similar situations ! ! ! Was there really complete ignorance of the status of these voting machines ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Of COURSE not… several Democrats made statements for several years, that these machines were a problem and introduced fraud into elections, that is what they are ADVERTISED to be for!!!

  18. All demonrat politicians must be charged and prosecuted at a minimum for high treason and if there is something worst than treason they must be charged accordingly! It is time for President Trump to invoke the insurrection act and have the US Military come in and take over the illegally ran deep state FBI, CIA and a few others and send the pond scum packing!

    1. Too late. Trump activated the Marine Reserves and declared a State of Emergency on 3NOV19, it is still active. Treump has been kinda quiet lately, I will NOT be surprised when they start to terminate some problems that are showing their heads — and BRAGGING about their crimes, no less!

    1. It’s not going any where just look at every thing the Democrats have done they get buy with it and that’s exactly why they do it they are nothing but a bunch of liars and good for nothing crooks we are going to wake up and clean house before it’s to late.

      1. Already in progress, just see what Sidney is bringing out, it is in the Courts, and Press releases are NOT what she is doing, so she is not trotting out all she has before it goes to court. But notice that the FEC chair is already saying it is PAST the ignore stage, this is going to hit HARD, and it will do a LOT to bring us the JUSTICE we deserve….

  19. This has brought to light many things that have to be addressed. I do not believe for one minute Joe Biden won the election and there is ample evidence of fraud. This must be thoroughly investigated before anyone can be deemed president-elect regardless of how long it takes! Clearly there are politicians nationwide who have been enablers of this attempted coup…as well as non-politicians! This cannot be condoned……this cannot be accepted!

    1. It ISN’T and won’t be. It will take a little time, but it WILL change things and put many of these criminals where they belong, and for what they are doing I expect more will be six feet underground than will go to jail. The Marine Reserves are active and working, when FDR activated them in 1939, I understand something over 1,000 problems were terminated — and FDR made the serious error of NOT terminating Prescott Bush, who was going to transfer money fro our banks to Nazi banks, and relented at the last moment. It HE had been terminated there would not have been a 9/11 to upset and change our society and set in the patriot act and surveillance — the Bush dynasty would not have been. I just hope that Trump will be more thorough, and I am reasonably sure that he WILL. Trump WILL clean up as much of this mess as can be done, short of tearing apart our government — he does NOT want to go quite THAT FAR, but will do what is necessary.

  20. Please at the very least. Make them verify signatures on mail in . Why is that such a proplem and verify they are alive and live in that area. They should have to. Vote with the same required proof as in person voting.

  21. With all the evidence, sworn affidavits, videos, irregularities and Biden’s own admission to voter fraud, how can anyone not dispute the outcome of this election? George Soros and his bought and paid for Democrats really goofed up this time!

    1. Yes they did — as did the Chinese government (CCP) and the Globalists that kept publishing their plans for this fake pandemic since even before David Rockefeller. These Globalists are known and will have some heads rolling, I DO believe. JUSTICE IS NEEDED.

  22. Please let us get a petition going & call the vote on Nov 3, 2020 a fraud that it is, & DEMAND a new vote with no mail in ballots except by military over seas which will be hand carried by military to a voting place that is trust worthy, no crooked voting machines, no dead votes or questionable votes & lets do this old school, I’ll even volunteer my time to help out.

    1. That WOULD be a good thing for the Marine Reserves to do, after they terminate the leaders and the problems thatr have stuch their heads up, bragging of their crimes as they have.

    1. He also gave the demonrats billions of dollars for their campaigns, pays Antifa big bucks to destroy America and he needs to be sent back to Hungary to be ended.

  23. Totally agree with loonie bamis….BO was the worst president ever and his shadow will sully the Federal Gov’t for some time to come. He didn’t do much for the American Black either, other than further their economic imprisonment. Another Trump holds out to the American People 4 more years of prosperity, protection for the unborn and reduction or elimination of BOs filthy dirty Deep State. Go Get Em Donald!

  24. Please accept this post as a request by a citizen to request that the Supreme Court review President Trump’s case for their review.

  25. If your an American voter, any evidence of fraud should infuriate you. It means that the elected representatives are seizing power by unscrupulous means. If you look at just the facts alone, it makes a person wonder why cities are trying so hard to certify votes when there are legal challenges out there. Just the fact that democrat governors are threatening people with legal actions for speaking their minds and opinions should make a person stand up and take notice. There is something seriously wrong here and we the American voters need to send a stern reminder to those elected officials, that they are servants of the people and nothing more. If we suspect even an inkling of fraud, be by illegitimate ballets or machines, or signatures that don’t match those must be investigated 100% and those that stand in the way of those investigation should be held accountable.

  26. The voter fraud was so obvious it simply proved that the demoscum no longer cared who knew they were cheating. Threatening and doxing officials who spoke up until they gave up out of fear for their family’s lives. This is only the beginning of the communist agenda of the left. Even liberals are buying guns, and complaining it takes 10 day to get one. Well the libs voted for those laws now the reap what they sowed.

    1. They have the illusion that they are above being punished. It is time now to show them how WRONG THEY WERE! The situation is set, the Marine Reserves are activated and set loose, they have just been watching and collecting data since 3NOV19 when Trump activated them — when they move, it will be over quickly.

  27. I pray they round up every single wrong doer and throw them in prison for life. Maybe our country can then be civil.

  28. If you are serious about wanting to see “evidence” rather than just blowing off the allegations, access the web site “HereIsTheEvidence.com”, or watch the You Tube video “press conference 11/19/20”. If you don’t want to do that, then SHUT UP!

  29. Everybody in the United States know that this election is RIGGED, even the liberals, but they will NEVER admit it because they are the ones that are rigging it !! That doesn’t change the FACT that this election IS rigged and they know it !!! LIBERALS ARE DISGUSTING DEGENERATE COWARDS and every one should be KILLED !!!! If Joe and his HO are allowed to steal this election, WE MUST AND WILL TAKE VIOLENT ACTION AGAINST THE LIBERALS RESPONSIBLE !!!

  30. IMHO, Trump isn’t going anywhere. There is too much evidence, and it is all strong evidence, pointing to a case that the election was fraudulent.

  31. I hate to change the subject but I think I need to.
    Every day I read all the news I can get to hopefully let me know where we stand on this election. For some reason today it dawned on me that the Trump team should put all those voting machines, memory cards, and related software in a safe place and put a guard there before they just disappear or grow legs and walk off. This has happened a lot after Hillary Clinton got away with it.

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