October 5, 2022

FBI search warrant broad enough to give Trump ability for legal challenge

The release of the FBI’s search warrant on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home shows a broad scope that opens the door for a legal challenge.

A former FBI assistant director spoke out this week concerning the legal concerns.

“Trump’s attorneys could have a runway to argue the scope of the search is overly broad,” Kevin Brock, a former FBI assistant director for intelligence, told Just the News.

“Search warrants normally require a level of specificity that seems to be missing in this warrant. Specificity is important in order to protect 4th Amendment rights from exuberant government overreach designed to find whatever they can,” he added.

The use of a broad search warrant in Trump’s situation could also lead to concerns for future former presidents.

If Trump returns as president, a similar legal process could be used to investigate the home of President Joe Biden, something the left would do well to keep in mind.


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