August 18, 2022

FBI requests election fraud data from election integrity researcher

Almost a month late, the FBI is finally beginning to investigate the allegations of massive election fraud surrounding the 2020 presidential election.

The disgraced agency reached out to Matt Braynard of the Voter Integrity Project for data indicating illegal voting. Braynard worked on President Trump’s 2016 campaign as a strategy and data director and is now involved with lawsuits in swing states alleging election fraud. Braynard tweeted the news:

The Amistad Project of The Thomas More Society retained Braynard to collect data on the 2020 election. The director of the project, General Phillip Kline, confirmed that FBI Special Agent Young Oh requested the data from Braynard. Kline also affirmed support for Braynard’s research.

We’ve learned that Mr. Braynard was contacted by FBI Special Agent Young Oh of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office seeking our data. Mr. Braynard is fully cooperating with this request and we fully support him.

In normal times, Americans would be relieved that the FBI, America’s premier law enforcement agency, would be looking into possible election fraud, but these aren’t normal times. After the leadership of former President Obama’s FBI tried to overthrow the results of the 2016 election with the Russia Collusion hoax, Americans have reason to doubt that the FBI is trustworthy to get to the bottom of the 2020 election debacle.

Braynard addressed these doubts in a tweet, stating that there are many patriotic FBI agents within the agency:

The FBI requested all of Braynard’s data to be transferred to them. The data identifies hundreds of thousands of potentially fraudulent ballots. According to the Amistad Project:

This data has been used to identify hundreds of thousands of potentially fraudulent ballots in the states where we filed litigation.

Braynard also addressed legitimate concerns that the FBI might “memory-hole” or disappear the data, saying that all the data sent to the FBI is “always a copy.”

In a recent interview, Braynard said that there is enough evidence of fraud to invalidate at least three states’ elections. According to the Epoch times, Braynard said:

I have no confidence that Joe Biden is the deserved winner of this election, based on our findings,” Matt Braynard said in a Nov. 25 video. “He may have won, he may not have won. Trump may have lost, Trump may have been reelected.

“We just can’t know because of how bad this election system has operated.”

Click here to read the full story.

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Bonnie (@guest_1081782)
1 year ago

Please, please send copies not originals, originals seem to disappear

Darla Lennox (@guest_1081850)
Reply to  Bonnie
1 year ago

I think we all know Trump won. There are too many factors that prove that Biden did not win this election. This election was stolen by cheating Democrats who got caught. When the Dominion system could not change the votes fast enough, the Dems had to stop counting votes, (which is something unheard of in US history}, so they could start getting the fake mail in ballots completed for Biden, but they did not know how many ballots was needed, so they had more votes than voters. In some areas there was 120% of the votes? Really the Democrats think the American People are stupid and doing everything they can to prevent President Trump from keeping America a Free Country. President Trump won the election & he should be President of the US.

Michael Eugen Mccoy (@guest_1081889)
Reply to  Darla Lennox
1 year ago

I agree trump won the election biden and the democrats stole the election and the fbi should start a resting those in volud and declare a new election with no mail in ballots vote in person only with government picture id

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1082347)
Reply to  Michael Eugen Mccoy
1 year ago

Totally agree, but it wont happen sadly, Too many compromised swampers in our government, America has been taken over by the left and unless Pres. Trump can get it to SCOTUS he will not be our PRES. This is another Coup we are witnessing, from insiders and outsiders.! I pray im wrong, POTUS worked his butt off for his DESERVED AMERICA FIRST VICTORY, but, even Republican gov., like the Pa cretin Kemp is against him and certifying election before all votes are counted.! PA has been inundated with Soros $ for years, nowlong before election of Trump, its time for his payback, thats what donkeys have been doing all along, through the USA!

Peter Brock (@guest_1082027)
Reply to  Darla Lennox
1 year ago

Well said Darla….thankyou.

Paul Dancer (@guest_1081788)
1 year ago

We should start 2020 voting over with in-person voting only, requiring US Government Issued Photo ID, with current address printed thereon and accompanied by a current utility invoice for that person and address, presented to a Republican and then a Democrat Voting Official for verification.

William Wood (@guest_1081843)
Reply to  Paul Dancer
1 year ago

PAUL, You are SPOT ON ! VOTER ID SHOULD BE MANDITORY, You need it to cash a check, is that more important than VOTING for the PRESIDENT OF THE United States !

Albert Bryson (@guest_1081880)
Reply to  Paul Dancer
1 year ago

I agree. We need to void the 2020 November election and have a redo.

NANCY JO EVILSIZOR (@guest_1081793)
1 year ago


David Paquette (@guest_1081837)
1 year ago

We demand a new vote, it would be much easier and cheaper to just pick a day in the 1st week of December and we have a do over with no mail in ballots or dominian machines. Maybe that would be to honest for the corrupt media and the deep state dems. President Trump would win in a landslide and anyone who can’t see what happened in this election doesn’t deserve to be American.

Jan Clark (@guest_1082086)
Reply to  David Paquette
1 year ago

Mr. Paquette I am 85 yrs old, in a wheelchair with oxgen 24 hours per day. I vote by absentee ballot in Missouri because I cannot go to the polling place. I am a registered Democrat living in a Republican County. Please explain to me why you should be allowed to vote, but I should be denied that right because my ballot is mailed. I believe your idea of being an American is a little off kilter if you think for some reason you have more “rights” than I do. I hate to tell you this sir, but there are many folks, both Democrats and Republicans, who were ready for Trump to leave the White House no matter who the other candidate was. I have voted Republican during my lifetime when I thought the candidate was the better choice, but all he wanted to do for Seniors was cut Social Security and play golf.

Deanna Benton (@guest_1081935)
1 year ago

Come on people tie the dots together! All of the shenanigans are tied together in a neat little package called PROTECTING POWER (and money). [Research the [email protected] Re$et]. You don’t think these life-longers are altruists do you? They go to the capital to get and hoard their piece of the pie, then can’t help themselves to more and more pieces. [email protected] doesn’t matter as they’ve become embolden over the years. This is why the [email protected] struggled so hard over the past 4 years, using every trick in the book, in attempts to disgrace and dislodge the current true altruist that was voted in (to dry up the [email protected]). Of course the ‘incoming’ head swamper is going to bring the leaches along. The swamp MUST remain the swamp even under the transmogrified excuse of “getting back to normal”, which the [email protected] are now calling TRUST. Forward is backward and backward is forward – welcome to [email protected] @lice!!! Want to get this issue set straight again? The citizens of these at-risk areas need to [email protected] their [email protected] who are causing the problems. Read “Animal Farm” and “1984” by George Orwell.

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1082355)
Reply to  Deanna Benton
1 year ago

HAVE Read it and we’re living exactly that.

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1082352)
1 year ago

Lets now save Georgia’s 2 senate seats. SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!! OH LORD may your mantle of DIVINE JUSTICE cover President Trump and our NATION! In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

George Reynolds (@guest_1081842)
1 year ago

The Demorats and media have hoodwinked the American public into thinking that Biden won when in reality he didn’t. The only fair way to solve this is with a new election voting only in person with valid ID with no mail in ballots. Otherwise this election will be known as the “fraud election”.

Joe from Georgia (@guest_1081864)
1 year ago

I agree. Need to start over in all swing states. have in person voting. Identify the person with a government issued ID. If an absentee ballot is requested verify the eligibility of the requestor in person using the government issued ID. When mailed in have a copy of the persons ID and compare signature. Start early voting on January fifth. Complete all voting on the 15th. the absentee ballots will be counted first and entered. The signatures will be verified by a representative from both parties. All counting will be completed by one AM on the 16 th. Inauguration will be on the 20 th

Judith L. Cypert (@guest_1081872)
Reply to  Joe from Georgia
1 year ago

I’m all for starting over with in person, valid I.d. only. What a fraud election!

Cindy (@guest_1081915)
1 year ago

I absolutely support President Trump for his efforts in proving the Democrats commited voter fraud and they should all do prison time for treason if not face the firing squad maybe then will they think twice about commiting another crime as big as this election !!! Trump 2020

George (@guest_1081921)
1 year ago

The American People deserve to be given the truth of the matter… The TRUTH is that this election was MANIPULATED by the Democrats!! If people can’t see the plain writing and live film provided in the corruption displayed the evening of Nov 3rd and the following day… then people are just as corrupt as the Democrats who are spinning the FRAUDULENT System and trying to say that this election is over.. Folks it is FAR FROM OVER!!! Candice called correctly!!! Biden is not the Pres-elect !! Quit spinning the news of that idea!! IT IS FALSE and surely feeding the left’s ego… Have you noticed ALL THE RIOTS and Burnings of OTHER’s Properties has stopped?? It is all because the left’s “campaign money has been stopped to feed the rioters!! Shouldn’t the Trump supporters be burning and looting the streets and shops?? Many would say they should, BUT IN ACTUALITY THEY ARE PATRIOTS and won’t burn another man’s property in ignorance and or TAKE MONEY to do such a revolting act on their fellow man.

john fudacz (@guest_1081987)
1 year ago

what the hell you have the crooked fbi looking into election fraud? thats a waist of time and taxpayer money! i have lost faith in the doj ,fbi and cia,get rid of them , have the people who get screwed by these crooks, check this mess out ,we will do better

Mikah (@guest_1082190)
1 year ago

Is Young Oh a Chinese informer???

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1082432)
Reply to  Mikah
1 year ago

The fact is we cannot trust the FBI as even though they claim to have an investigation of BIDEN launched in 2019, THAT information was not revealed until AFTER THE ELECTION! Hunter Biden’s laptop was seized by the FBI and everything THEN WENT SILENT, just prior to the election! WRAY says he has “seen no evidence of voting fraud”, but I think he was saying “AT THAT TIME” as evidence would only arrise once voting started! YES, THE DEMS ARE THAT STUPID TO THINK WE WOULD BUY HIS CLAIM! When hundreds of thousands of high quality “fake” Michigan IDs were intercepted being smuggled in through Chicago’s O”Hare airport, from China, weeks before the election doesn’t count as “EVIDENCE OF FRAUD”? HOW ABOUT EVIDENCE OF PREPARATION FOR FRAUD, YOU MORON! These were very high quality FAKES, and ACTUALLY WORKED in the Michigan system! OBVIOUSLY these were NOT made by some pranksters, but rather by some highly sophisticated, and well funded people, in China! SORRY, THAT MEANS THEIR GOVERNMENT IS INVOLVED! Nothing like that could happen in China without the government knowing about it! WRITE YOUR CONGRESS! YOU WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT, BIDEN! YOU ARE A CRIMINAL, YOUR PARTY IS FULL OF CRIMINALS AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! Prior to this I was an “Independent” voting for the “person” I thought was best. After the raw hatred and deceit of the DEMs over the last 4 years, while seeing TRUMP bring jobs back to my home state of Michigan, I AM NOW A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN! DO YOU THINK THE DEMS WILL “OUT ME” IN PUBLIC SO I CAN BE TRACKED DOWN AND DESTROYED?

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1082434)
Reply to  Mikah
1 year ago

I think that is a Korean name! BUT, everyone seems to forget that the most brutal guards on the BHUTAN DEATH MARCH were Korean mercenaries working for the Japanese. Korean Mercenaries also fought for Imperial China in wars against Russia! I used to go to S. Korea often for business. Most Americans have NO IDEA how many S. Koreans HATE AMERICANS! We need to just pull our people, money and support out of there as they don’t want to help pay for their own defense anyway!

SUNFLOWER (@guest_1082392)
1 year ago

I for one, will NEVER trust the election results in the future ! Democrats will ALWAYS be known as the party that CHEATS !!

Shawn (@guest_1082671)
1 year ago


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