May 17, 2022

Graham: The FBI was a ‘political operation’ in 2016

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) just declassified some game-changing documents on Sunday that expose the grossly partisan behavior of the FBI during the 2016 presidential campaign. 

Graham described to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” the favor that “the seventh floor” of the FBI — the FBI leadership — showed Clinton back in 2015.

The FBI discovered that a foreign government was trying to influence then-Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign with lobbying and millions of dollars, so they warned the Clinton campaign of the foreign interference in a “defensive” briefing. They did not apply for a FISA warrant to investigate foreign interference.

Graham explained:

The FBI finds out about a plot by a foreign government to lobby her campaign and funnel millions of dollars into the Clinton campaign illegally. They want a FISA warrant against a Clinton operative who is connected to the foreign government. What happens? The FBI seventh floor says we’re not going to let you get a warrant. And to you defensively, brief the Clinton campaign.”

The treatment of Candidate Trump, as is well-known now, was very different — less friendly, and much more adversarial.

The FBI did not provide the Trump campaign with any “defensive” briefing when they suspected foreign interference. Instead, they used it as an excuse to begin a counter-intelligence investigation called Crossfire Hurricane to investigate the Trump campaign. They targeted former Trump aide Carter Page and applied for FISA warrants so that they could “legally spy” on the Trump campaign. After Trump took office, FBI leadership sent FBI agents to the White House to mislead General Michael Flynn and entrap him.

Commenting on the FBI’s tactics, Graham said:

The FBI did the right thing by briefing Clinton and failed to do the right thing by never specifically briefing President Trump about their concerns.

In the interview, Graham stressed that “the seventh floor,” e.g. James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, was acting in a partisan or even a criminal manner:

 The seventh floor at the FBI was a political operation in the 2016 campaign and people in that seventh floor need to be fired and/or go to jail.

The Obama administration, the FBI, Congress, and the mainstream media worked together to attack a candidate they didn’t like and then a duly-elected president. They destabilized our country, and they compromised what should be the premier intelligence community in the world. They show no remorse, and they continue to maintain their narrative that President Trump is the criminal, but document after document reveals them as the real criminals.

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Meekster (@guest_1039784)
1 year ago

Traitors one and all. Civil War is nextn

Michael O'Connor (@guest_1039874)
Reply to  Meekster
1 year ago

Quit talking about it Lindsay, indict them.

gr (@guest_1039917)
Reply to  Michael O'Connor
1 year ago

Your right on Michael, That’s all Lindsay does is talk, with NO ACTION, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

P Lightfoot (@guest_1040026)
Reply to  Meekster
1 year ago

Meekster Graham can’t indict anyone it’s up to the I G to indict

Theresa Ellison (@guest_1039798)
1 year ago


Marqueta Johnson Bentley (@guest_1039833)
Reply to  Theresa Ellison
1 year ago

Totally agree with you.

Alan Gooch (@guest_1039844)
Reply to  Theresa Ellison
1 year ago

You damn right every one of the treasonous bastards should be hanged or shot by firing squad!! Soon!!!

gr (@guest_1039915)
Reply to  Alan Gooch
1 year ago

Yes, Alan They all should be SHJOT BY FIRING SQUAD one at a time in the PUBLIC SQUARE.

paw paw (@guest_1039877)
Reply to  Theresa Ellison
1 year ago

Hate to say it but I agree!

Russ Remmert (@guest_1040263)
Reply to  Theresa Ellison
1 year ago

i agree

alicia Cervera (@guest_1039801)
1 year ago

be fired? hell no.
go to jail? hell no!
TREASON? hell yes, punishable by…… we all know.!

Alan (@guest_1039812)
1 year ago

Barr needs to have his DOJ do their job.the doj lawyers got hillary off from going under oath..

Linda (@guest_1039815)
1 year ago

This should be all over the news and it won’t because of the corrupt media. Who would have ever thought that so many corrupt criminals would infiltrate our government. To think this has been going on for years, none of them should be given any thing but all that they deserve. No breaks, no lessor sentences nothing. Treason stinks, play the game pay the price. !

jack hall (@guest_1039836)
Reply to  Linda
1 year ago

The News Media has been corrupt and morally bankrupt for more than a CENTURY! Around 1930 the Hearst Family who owned a major news outlet was asked about how they feel about the honesty of the New Media. They responded that if the real truth was ever reported, THERE WOULD BE RIOTS IN EVERY MAJOR U.S, City the very next day to include Washington DC.

LS (@guest_1039827)
1 year ago

Blindfolds and last cigarettes for all.

Alan Gooch (@guest_1039847)
Reply to  LS
1 year ago

Screw them they do not deserve a last smoke,unless it is at the end of the firing squad!!

Francine Goldman (@guest_1039889)
Reply to  Alan Gooch
1 year ago

OBAMAnation has done more treasonous acts than anyone. Shadowing President Trump and I believe the 30 plus groups he has across the country to help him take down Trump are no more than BLM and Antifa. He said he would call them forth when he was ready to do it. He always wanted to use Marshall Law. Even more he wants Sharia Law in America. He wants a Caliphate system in the US like Iran and Turkey has. He needs to be brought up on charges of openly threatening the President. HIGH TREASON DESERVING TO DANCE ON THE END OF A ROPE OR STANDING IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD.

Tina H. (@guest_1039951)
Reply to  Francine Goldman
1 year ago

However let’s not forget George Sorros. Enemy #1 in Hungary. Antifa et all are funded and directed by him. His goal is to bring us down.
Obama has always been his puppet.

Melody (@guest_1039837)
1 year ago

If what you say they did then why are they not being brought up on charges? Four years of this crap and they are blaming our President Trump still today. Time for accountability!! And not just the underlings!!!

nancy schwarzmueller (@guest_1039907)
1 year ago

Everyone involved should be hung which is still leagel in Washington DC.I bet they would squeel like PIGS when they put the blind folds on them when it happens I would like a ticket

vantine jr (@guest_1039954)
1 year ago

It seems, once again, all we are seeing/heating is rhetoric and no criminal action.. Conditions normal….

Brenda Oppermam (@guest_1040044)
1 year ago

Obama was the first wave Sorros spent money on to get in office there were more , Obama was trained to take the poor out then the middle class then America would start to fall and he did it. My Granddaughter was in fourth grade when he ran the first time and we had books that Hitler wrote and Obama was saying so many of the same things then his wife got on stage and said she never liked America , my Granddaughter looked at me and said who can she be the First Lady if she hates America. Were was all the people that voted for him? They missed so much of what he said he was going to do, the government has got to stop all the people that backed this takeover just pray they do it before we go to the polls

Glenda (@guest_1040073)
1 year ago

What ever happens, make sure Biden, Hillary, Pig-losi and Comey are included!

Chuck Colligan (@guest_1040098)
1 year ago

I believe Sorros and the Deep State are too vast and the Government is too infiltrated to bring real justice. The double standard will prevail

larry ossler (@guest_1040150)
1 year ago

Meanwhile the SWAMP goes on…Indictments must happen!



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