July 4, 2022

FBI agent fired for failure to investigate Larry Nassar

The Federal Bureau of Investigation fired an agent accused of not properly investigating former USA Gymnastics coach doctor Larry Nassar and later lying about the matter.

“Michael Langeman, a supervisory special agent in the FBI’s Indianapolis office who interviewed Olympic medalist McKayla Maroney in 2015, was let go two weeks ago ahead of Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where more of the country’s top female gymnasts accused the bureau of failing them,” the New York Post reported on Wednesday.

“FBI Director Christopher Wray testified during the hearing that Langeman had been fired in the wake of an internal probe by the Justice Department that found the FBI made fundamental errors in the Nassar investigation,” the report added.

The news was first released by The Washington Post.

The firing follows a long-term investigation into Nassar’s sexual abuse claims involving multiple members of the USA women’s gymnastics team. Nassar is currently serving a 60-year prison sentence for child pornography charges.

The announcement may help provide some closure and accountability for the FBI regarding the matter. The issue has also brought public attention to the issue, perhaps leading to tougher enforcement and investigations in the future.

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