July 31, 2021

Fauci says he’s ‘not surprised’ Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19

Many in the mainstream media concentrated a bulk of their coverage on President Donald Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis in a negative light, with a heavy emphasis on shaming the president and his inner circle for their failure to wear a mask at a White House Rose Garden event for Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination ceremony.

As The Hill reported, Dr. Anthony Fauci the nation’s top infectious disease expert, recently revealed that he was “absolutely not” surprised that Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, even claiming he knew that the Rose Garden ceremony was likely to result in an outbreak.

During a recent interview with CBS’s John LaPook, Fauci said that he was worried about the president’s health while watching Barrett’s ceremony on television.

“I was worried that he was going to get sick when I saw him in a completely precarious situation of crowded, no separation between people, and almost nobody wearing a mask,” Dr. Fauci said on Sunday.

Dr. Fauci — a disease expert revered by and often referred to by the left — doubled down, claiming he was confident that the Rose Garden ceremony would morph into what the mainstream media loves to call a “superspreader event” long before Trump’s diagnosis and the subsequent media frenzy.

“When I saw that on TV, I said, ‘Oh my goodness. Nothing good can come out of that, that’s got to be a problem.’ And then sure enough, it turned out to be a superspreader event,” Dr. Fauci said.

Of course, even though the president was able to make a full and astonishing recovery from his brief bout with what he calls the “Chinese virus,” the left-leaning mainstream media has continued to capitalize on the situation in what many believe is a narrative to make the president’s response to the pandemic look weak, unprepared and dangerous.

With the president and his associates back to full health, it’s probably time for the media to focus on issues that actually matter — like former Vice President Joe Biden’s viability to be the president, given recent revelations of his son’s alleged influence-peddling in multiple foreign countries.

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43 Responses

  1. How is Fauci explaining that they all have been released and do not have the virus now????
    Sounds like good news, not bad news. Fauci is so far left and is losing money because he cannot get his hands on the vaccine studies, so he can shoot them down too. He is a loser BIG TIME. Shut him down now,.

    1. The bad news is that he never followed his own administration’s guidelines. The good new was he was downright lucky. What about that is so difficult for you to understand?

    2. Yes and sounds just like a set-up from the democrats to spread that virus right then. They’d do it just to say that is why President Trump got infected.

  2. I wish articles like these would stop calling Fauci the top infectious disease expert. He’s only that to the democrats.

  3. Fauchi is a phony. He stole research data from another to get his promotion. Funny how he can predict that there WILL be a virus outbreak and when and this at the Rose Garden. Wonder how the people really get the virus?

    1. Let’s also not forget that “Dr.” Fauci facilitated funding of $400 million of U.S. funds to the Wuhan Lab (home of the Wuhan/Covid virus), under the Obama administration when it was in violation of U.S. policy to do so, because it they were involved in biological warfare. Then the same Communist Chinese Lab unleashed this virus on us and the world, while WHO conspired with them to keep the extreme contagion secret. Does Dr. Fauci (and his buddy, Bill Gates) stand to make millions off the vaccine when it is developed? Fauci changes his mind weekly, so why should people listen to him, and let’s remember too, that he praised Cuomo for their response – about the worst in the U.S.
      And if he is so brilliant, maybe he should listen to reports coming from the UN (not my favorite agency by any means) that said more people are going to die from starvation than from the virus, due to the shutdown of economies.

  4. I’ve been working this whole time as a letter carrier and no mask talking to people pretty much doing everything that they say not to do and nothing so I’m not sure how bad this is unless you are sick before hand maybe? Or old but the president blew that idea up.

    1. Come on, Karl. The President OLD. You have been listening to the “main stream media” too long. I am just kidding. But, he seems to have more energy than two people half his age. Thank you for continuing to work. My letter carrier Oklahoma City is a great guy. Not sure at this time what we would do with you, FedEx and UPS.

      1. Perhaps it is time to stop your negative thinking and look up some real stats concerning the actual deaths that the CDC attributes to Covid 19 I think you will be very surprised that the only say that there about ten thousand that have actually died from the virus or they can attribute to the virus itself. Many of the others were written as virus deaths when there were many other causes of their deaths. When a lie is told others have to be made to cover the first lie. Perhaps you need to put on the helmet of salvation so that Satan can not corrupt your mind.

  5. Sounds like Fauci spread the disease somehow. He certainly spread fear, which is something that can make a person more prone to getting a disease. Is Fauci a dripping faucet for covert diseases like Covid? Hmmm..

  6. How many mistakes and flip-flops does an “expert” get in America? Fauci first sided with WHO and China. Oops! Then we get all kinds of misleading reports and Fauci doesn’t shoot down any of them (2M deaths, not airborne, etc.), mask on/mask off? It’s never-ending with Fauci. If he’s an expert, America should have better. Maybe he’s just been in the same job too long? Strange how he was so “in charge” this time and we lost jobs, people, the economy, and trillions of dollars, all under his direction. As you can see, I’m not a Fauci fan.

  7. one can’t blame just one person for the virus. We all have to follow health rules or the virus isn’t going away. there are crowds, protesters, rioters, campus parties and no one is following health rules. Who wins the election isn’t the answer. It’s people doing the right thing and hopefully a vaccine. Who plans on making America Great!!!

  8. I certainly WILL NOT take any vaccine that Fauci has anything to do with. He is only developing one to cash on on millions—he probably was in league with China to unleash it on the USA

    1. That remark about Fauci and China is uncalled for to say the least. I don’t care for Fauci but stick to facts please.

  9. Fauci MUST be fired & fired today…no 2 ways about it. He facilitated this “flu virus” coming to the world!!! How did he know President Trump would have a pandemic to deal with back in 2017 ( wasn’t that when that happened?)??!! He lies constantly, spouts doom & gloom, & continues his lies to this very day! Masks don’t work!! Proof positive is the # of people who have come down with this “flu” saying they wore a mask!!!! Dental issues are rising due to constantly breathing your bad bacteria. People needs to get their heads out of the sand & refuse to wear one! If a store won’t let you in, go somewhere else!! This has been & continues to be pure insanity!!! South Dakota, Sweden, Taiwan & Japan did it the right way!!!

  10. Who sores the virus to the Pres so he could spread it? That’s what the DemoRATS think. Like Trump spread it o. Purpose. They are super idiots

  11. Fauci , being a deep state / obama administration hold-over for some stupid reason , besides his misleading , erratic “expert virus advice”, probably made sure Trump got infected by somebody , NOTHING too low for a democrat , that they prove every day now !

  12. Maybe they will tell us ,how they move small amounts of the virus ?? To where it is needed !! We have been attacked .They are keeping Trump busy,So he won’t be able to do much about it !!

  13. Fauci is pretty much totally responsible for the shutdowns that have almost ruined our country. He needs to go, and that needs to be soon. The lady that always spoke with him seemed to have a brain, so where did she go? Got more popular than the little idiot? He should have been let go a long time ago. He just endorsed Biden, so that should tell you what he’s all about. Not good.

  14. The President has more stamina and energy than anyone half his age; he is amazing!!!The schedule he keeps up is incredibB and he NEVER looks tired or confused. Then there is Joe Biden, Oh by the way where is he?

  15. Fauci has waffles on every thing! First he said this virus is not worse than the flu, not air borne, you don’t need masks, it can’t mutate etc. now he says itis worse, You need masks, it is mutating, etc. he predicts a surge, and there is one, yet demonstrators, rioters are not super spreaders. Come on man, he was in on the big “ pandemic exercise” held in nyc just before the outbreak. How convenient! He and Gates are making big bucks on THEIR vaccine, which no one should take, because the one Gates has developed will change your dna! If it is so great, why doesn’t he have his kids take the vaccine? Why won’t he have his kids take it, he, his wife and kids should be the first ones to take it!

  16. less deaths attributed to covid -19- a recent survey polled- good news- In the U.S. europe not doing as well- france has huge problems- Italy. Ireland doing very well- England pretty good- except for london. Switzerland doing very well. next is Dr. Fauci brilliant- no, is he bright yes. Is he liked? not very much. many doctors do not like him. he uses fear to much. he doesn’t seem positive. And he is pro united nations and W.H.O. WE have seen for decades how corrupt and anti-american the united nations is- he is a globalist and not for the average Joe or jane- enough said.

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