July 31, 2021

Fauci says he never considered resigning during Trump administration despite pressure

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has experienced a significant amount of criticism for his handling of the pandemic, especially in the later months of Donald Trump’s administration, but he just revealed that it never got bad enough for him to consider resigning.

Though he initially enjoyed the respect and even reverence of most of the American public at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the months wore on, he came under heavy fire from many on the right for his policy recommendations and lack of consistency.

Though Trump never publicly came out against him, the former president did take some very pointed swipes at the renowned physician toward the end of 2020 — and even alluded to potentially firing him at one point, though the veiled threat never came to fruition.

Fauci told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Friday that he never felt compelled to resign from his position, fearing that his departure could leave a “vacuum” that could be filled by someone less qualified.

“You know, Joy, I never really considered resigning because I felt, if I did, I would really leave a vacuum of somebody who — as you know, I would always tell the truth,” he said.

“I would always be talking about what is based on data,” he explained, “And I was afraid that, if I just did this symbolic walking out, it would be gratifying for a moment, but then I would not be able to have the perch that I would have on the task force to make sure that we talk about truth and about science and about evidence, and not about anecdote.”

“So, the answer to your question is, I never seriously considered working out of that at all,” he added.

Fauci has evoked the ire of a significant sector of Americans due to his open flip-flopping on how to approach the pandemic, even admitting in December that he misrepresented data in order to manipulate the American public into complying with COVID-19 precautions.

Fauci has also displayed inconsistency and even blatant partisanship on the issue of wearing masks at the beginning of the pandemic, double-masking, herd immunity, and most recently, the growing nursing home scandal that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing.

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108 Responses

  1. O the depth of depravity and ignorance of the liberal mind, openly displayed by Vern, Doug, RB, Mr Derlin, in their reply’s. All they know is name calling, finger pointing, judging and slandering. How disgraceful and ignorant.

    1. Fauci called this pandemic ahead of time because he’s the financier of it. Global genocide. As I see it.china built it Fauci got the funding from obviously Biden and pelosi. Our tax payer money . find it and prove it. Firing squads for these people !!!

      1. Absolutely!!! I agree with you, either the firing squad for him and Gates (also to all the Indian children he mamed – don’t even know how he can sleep at night – or put them in prison where they belong!

      2. From what I’ve gathered, Gates funded most of this. He owns the patent on the virus. He has contract for the inoculation that I believe pays him $200 Million. “Bill Gates has openly admitted that vaccinations are designed so that governments can depopulate the world.” He has also stated: Gates: “First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent …” The WHO, CDC, media & big tech, along with a number of other prominent organizations, have been implementing depopulation plans and feel luring folks into deadly inoculations which actually alter a person’s DNA, will aid that agenda. This is a global syndicate that has been working behind the scenes ushering in the Orwellian new world order & a totalitarian government run by the elite. I find it interesting that 5G radiation is absorbed through the skin and forces your DNA to produce corona symptoms. Research “Effects of 5G radiation poisoning” and you will see a list of symptoms that mirror those of covid-19. DON’T TAKE THE INOCULATION. ~S

    1. Fauci never constantly followed the science particularly when it comes to clith and N95 style face masks. Both have been scientifically proven to be useless in controlling the spread of Covid and any other virus. Virus droplets are 4 times smaller than the smallest gaps in these masks.

    2. Most people would agree with you. Fauci should resign. He makes more money than the US President for looking at data. Really??????????????

  2. Now he will have ample time to do what he does best. Too bad Ringling Bros. Circus has closed down since now they would have a wonderful flip flopping act for the big top.

  3. Fauci..is a stick your finger in the wind and see which way its blowing….
    And behind everyone’s back has continued to develop these lethal viruses… so on its face is .. he’s not trust worthy…
    He’s got to go

  4. Good riddance to the flip-flop and liar. I don’t believe a word he says. He is in the pocket of Big Pham and his own wallet.

  5. They should call you flip flop . You change your mind to often. Your paid to much to change your mind every two or three weeks. So just resign and quit being a idiot.

  6. Fauchi’s research gain-of-function (GOF) research led to the Covid 19 virus at the Wuhan lab in China. No we are expected to praise the man who led to the pandemic. How sick is this ?

  7. Why would he resign? He would have to give up the $417,608 salary he is being paid to FLIP FLOP AND CHANGE HIS RECOMMENDATIONS . Should have been removed from his position long ago! He has a huge EGO TO THINK HE IS THE ONLY PERSON QUALIFIED TO HANDLE THIS VIRUS!

  8. I believe he is a typical scientist that most of the time he is somewhat correct never enough for me to put my life on his bull crap
    While he was talking every day he could have been working way too much bull crap
    Being on tv with the deplorable racist communist stupid black lying m Joy is a bad joke

  9. Fauci is a joke his money is in China he loves WHO he lost all credit he is a doctor who couldn’t check your blood pressure he believes in science so he doesn’t have to be correct on anything because science is not absolute he’s a quack without the duck send him back to China

  10. Simple citizens, based on their good sense of honesty, were aware that Dr Faucci did not tell the truth. I do not know what data he used, but he was not honest with us. America has been great because promoted the great values.

  11. Fauci is not going to leave. Where else could he find a job paying over $400,000 a year, even more than the President. If he had to work for what he knows, he’d be better off on welfare
    As far as him telling the truth, I guess he believes that if what he tells us one day turns out to be a lie, if he changes it, that makes it alright.
    You know, “You don’t need to wear masks, you need to wear mask, one mask is good, 2 is better, you need to wear two masks, no two masks don’t work, only wear one. Masks will stop the spread of the virus, after doing so for months, it’s still spreading, I never tell a lie, he lies, I’m an expert, he doesn’t know what he is doing”. Him and Biden are good matches, Biden should have picked him for vice-president. Then they could have had a “who is the dumbest” contest. Both of them would have won, because nobody could figure out who the winner was.

  12. When President Trump was elected flip flipper said there was a chance there would be a pandemic when they couldn’t impeach the President look what happened pandemic hit and I would bet he and the democraps were in on it.

  13. I get a real kick out of his comment that he was worried someone would take over that was less qualified! What an narcissistic, egotistical remark. WTF…
    A howler monkey could have made the same decisions he made by throwing darts at a chart. All this guy wanted was his face on TV. I think they call it short man syndrome.

  14. Of course he would never resign. He’s getting paid big bucks to lie to us. Another demented fool who lives in his own little world. We can only hope that he suffocates himself with an abundance of masks.

  15. I’m still asking WHY did Fauci, obama and Gates go to wahun , China a few years ago. Did they plan this.??? WHY are we giving them money, WHY,???

  16. FAUCI is a political fraud. Now he will do Quid pro quo Joe’s bidding. Are you willing to be locked up for ever? We better start paying attention to real experts who know what they are talking about. We are being governed by real dumb Politicians. As a nation we will be hurting so long as they are able tell us what to do.

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