July 1, 2022

Fauci: Nation won’t be back to normal by March 2022

White House infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci is desperately attempting to end any Hope’s that the pandemic will be over shortly, declaring his skepticism regarding America’s return to normal life by claiming we won’t be “completely normal” a year from now.

“I don’t think we’re going to be completely normal a year from now,” Fauci reported at a University of Edinburgh organized event this week. “But I hope we’re well on the way to normality so that we can ultimately get the world protected at the same time as we get economic recovery so that all the unintended consequences of shutting down begin to normalize, including other health issues that have arisen because of the shutdown.”

The report contradicts President Joe Biden’s statement this week that America would mostly be back to normal by next March. Biden noted Tuesday, “But my hope is by this time next year, we’re going to be back to normal and before that. I hope.”

Fauci’s concern relates to the spread of new variants. He noted, “Sooner or later, the variants, the new lineages the mutants will come back and rekindle the outbreak, even in countries that seem to have it under control.”

However, Fauci also recognized the problem of reopening too slowly. Both mental health issues and economic declines have increased as lockdowns have extended for more than a year.

Not everyone agrees with the doctor’s advice. This week, both Texas and Mississippi rolled back restrictions, ending mask mandates. All businesses have been allowed to reopen.

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem has also received attention for last week’s CPAC statement, “Dr. Fauci is wrong a lot.” She referenced his often-changing information regarding COVID-19.

With increased administration of vaccines and declining COVID-19 hospitalizations, Americans expect to return to normal life sooner rather than later. As spring break arrives, many are also making travel plans to open states like sunny Florida.

Fauci may continue to claim America won’t be completely normal a year from now, but people are moving on despite his advice. For many, they are returning to normal life now, regardless of what the doctor orders.

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RT (@guest_1163185)
1 year ago

Fauci, your are a big POS and sure wish you would shut up. No one believes you anymore. Your lies have gone on long enough and we are going to become free people again. So, go see your buddy biden, collect your outrageous paycheck and go home. Hopefully you are fired soon.

ds (@guest_1163195)
Reply to  RT
1 year ago

hahahahahahahahahahaha,,, that Bloviated ego of a runt needs to GO HOME.

N A (@guest_1163201)
Reply to  ds
1 year ago


Randall Razz Taylor (@guest_1163274)
Reply to  ds
1 year ago

Ha! I agree, he’s an idiot!!

THOMAS (@guest_1171535)
Reply to  ds
1 year ago


Edith Faylor (@guest_1163246)
Reply to  RT
1 year ago

Totally agree with you. He is absolutely useless, nothing but a bag of hot air and a huge ego. Time for him to go away and never return!

Joyce Beasley (@guest_1163321)
Reply to  RT
1 year ago


Travis Crooks (@guest_1163395)
Reply to  RT
1 year ago

Fauci was studying the Corona Virus with Birds when Obama and Biden hired him. Later they brought the Lady from China who was studying the Virus with Bats. When it became too dangerous they sent Bat Lady back to China,
that was in 2014. Obama, Biden and Fauci continued to contribute Millions to the Research there. They all own part of it but used it to undermined the Election. Fauci knows a lot more than he lets on!

jack (@guest_1163721)
Reply to  Travis Crooks
1 year ago

say democrat,say criminal. ALL one and the same.President Trump’s biggest error was not totally cleaning out ALL “people” left over from obammy’s administration.

Valdez (@guest_1163919)
Reply to  jack
1 year ago

Agree 100%

Don (@guest_1163186)
1 year ago

When is Fauci going to come clean with what he released on this World. He knows more than he’s telling.

Barb (@guest_1163215)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

You know he does since he predicted it in 2015. Funneled funds to China to continue research that was canceled by Obama.

Randall Razz Taylor (@guest_1163275)
Reply to  Barb
1 year ago

Yep, he should be in jail, but you know the DEMONrats cover for each other’s crimes!

Zeev (@guest_1163320)
Reply to  Randall Razz Taylor
1 year ago

That’s what fascism is..

MARA LYNN (@guest_1163455)
Reply to  Barb
1 year ago


Stevo (@guest_1163222)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

That’s for sure ! He was obama’s pandemic virus expert when obama & biden , in 2015 , FUNDED their communist wuhan lab , that CREATED the genocide virus , per the NWO agenda goals .
Rep. Gaetz reported that funding last mid-April , & it got swept under the rug by the dems.

dotsie totsie (@guest_1163254)
Reply to  Stevo
1 year ago

Fauci is a publicity seeker. He now has some power thanks to the democrats. I wouldn’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He should be thrown out.

Valdez (@guest_1163925)
Reply to  dotsie totsie
1 year ago

Fauci is a left wing tool in bed with WHO and communist China.
He has an agenda to keep us in fear and prevent us from recovering physically and economically.

AP (@guest_1163608)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

Of course he knows more then he’s saying. I didn’t trust him from the beginning could tell he was a phony. That sob has more flip flops then Walmart.

Joe Mastroianni (@guest_1163187)
1 year ago

The Country will not open up and return to normal until AFTER the 2022 Elections! Phony Fauci wants the elections to be vote by mail again as that is the only way the Democrats can win! Pretty obvious what this man is up to nowadays. Still thinks he is a rockstar except he gets everything wrong and should quit predicting what we all need to get back to normal.

ds (@guest_1163199)
Reply to  Joe Mastroianni
1 year ago

YES ! CORRECT ! the MORONS and the IDIOTS are destorying our country…

Kevin Bolin (@guest_1163188)
1 year ago

This guy is an imbecilic moron! Who would believe anything this idiot says? While he is saying stupid things like this common sense [people are opening the states and finding no reasons to be worried about covid. He needs to be fired and sent to the nut farm.

Sharon (@guest_1163189)
1 year ago

That’s it Fauci keep preaching gloom & doom like Adolf Biden & the gang a cold dark winter. Not a one of you have a clue about covid but it sure came in handy to keep us all locked up for a year!!!

N A (@guest_1163211)
Reply to  Sharon
1 year ago

YEP ! They don’t have a CLUE or the Science to know anything about this CHINA or Bajing Virus. And FAUCI is just a Puppet like O’ Biden.

Jim (@guest_1163190)
1 year ago

Fauci is nothing more than a pathetic attention seeker who can’t be believed!

N A (@guest_1163216)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

I say HEAR HEAR to Jim.

Come on man! (@guest_1163193)
1 year ago

We need to get back to normal now! 16 states have dropped the mask mandate, time for others like mine, to do the same.

dhowells44 (@guest_1163194)
1 year ago

Come on Ohio!! Let’s throw these darn stupid mask away!! All the mask does is make it hard for me to breath!

Mike (@guest_1163197)
1 year ago

I see another “Fraud Election” being forced on “We the People”, these Democrats want too have these “Mail-in Ballots” and no proof of who Votes or where they Live , and if they have the “Right to Vote” ! It is a “Disgrace that these Politicians” have rigged our Elections and then our “Supreme Court”, has become “Political” instead of seeking “JUSTICE” and making sure that our “Elections” are “Legal and Fair” !!!


Magda (@guest_1163248)
Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

You are so right, Mike !!!!

This POS butt kisser is part of the flip flapp marxist party so they must start already working on the 2022 election to make sure people will be still kept frightened by the virus and this way all the organized f r a u d will stay in place ready .
Of course he is a very important WH “employee “ … deserves to get paid 1/2 million for lying to us like a POS !!!!

Monte Stamper (@guest_1163203)
1 year ago

Fausci changes his mind like A mother has to change her babies diapers.

Don (@guest_1163206)
1 year ago

Fauci is just back to playing with his buddies in the commiecrats. He, like Birx, needs to sit down and shut up.

Monte Stamper (@guest_1163208)
1 year ago

Fausci changes his mind like a mother changes her babies diapers, several times a day.

Brad (@guest_1163212)
1 year ago

My vote goes to HERD IMMUNITY, either by vaccination or by natural means. I know the latter would be painful to many, but we gotta bite the bullet and go for it. Get politics out of the situation, too.

Monica (@guest_1163217)
1 year ago

I just read that Biden doesn’t want us to travel to Florida. I’m sure that’s on either Fauci advice or because he lost there. Either way I will travel by car there. I’m not a prisoner. The wonderful Governor of Florida has not shut down his state so I will go and see my family. I didn’t see them Thanksgiving or Christmas but I will Easter.

N A (@guest_1163218)
1 year ago

I say HEAR HEAR to Jim.

McRant (@guest_1163219)
1 year ago

Knew this wouldn’t get posted by this liberal site.
Briefly, 99.85% of the US population did NOT DIE from COVID or were never infected with the virus. Gov Abbot is a hero.

N A (@guest_1163227)
1 year ago

The Only reason That FAUCI says it not gonna be until 2020 before We The People
see Normal again is because WE will ALL be dead by then .

Marcia (@guest_1163230)
1 year ago

That moron needs to go back to China where he came from–no one wants him nor does anyone believe anything he says–I for one will never get that vaccine–

Zeev (@guest_1163302)
Reply to  Marcia
1 year ago

Why not published?? Because my comments are true??
Check when did any viruses infected people since humanity? Never!!!!! B Gates and Faucci and others soon gonna be as worst criminals of humanity at Nuremberg or Den Hague trial !!!

Cheryl (@guest_1163234)
1 year ago

If co vid is real let’s hope fauci gets it and spreads it to all the democrats. I saw a video of him walking around congress shaking hands, pats on shoulders AND NO Mask. Huh that was when the pandemic was at its worse WTF Fauci

N A (@guest_1163235)
1 year ago

The Only reason FAUCI says it not gonna be until March of 2022 before WE see Normal again because WE will be Dead by then.

Deedra Ice (@guest_1163241)
1 year ago

i vote for herd immunity-dont let doubting be your downfall-if it wasnt real we wouldnt be in this predicament-its not just your life but others also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T.Banacek (@guest_1163259)
1 year ago

Whoever is Fauci’s boss needs to put a muzzle on this guy ASAP.

Scott Romain (@guest_1163286)
1 year ago

Wish someone would slap him in the face,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with a hatchet

Me (@guest_1163293)
1 year ago

Faucet is another Joseph Mengele . He had his hand in the virus in China. The lil pipsqueak needs to shut up. Who voted for his useless opinion.

Michael Saunders (@guest_1163299)
1 year ago

Fauci should be fired from our government. All he dose is keep lying about everything to do with the Covid-19 virus. Fauci is not worth a damn. I wouldn’t believe him on a stack of bibles.

Michael Gilliam (@guest_1163323)
1 year ago

Tell me that guy wouldn’t look completely natural wearing a long white lab coat with Swastika arm bands.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1163324)
1 year ago

Farci must have plucked his PhD. Off the local two holer wall. This tard must have China Joe disease that relegates one’s musings to the local treatment plant. Some things just never sink.

Lee Harant (@guest_1163331)
1 year ago

I cant even see the goal posts now and thats the whole purpose

mbr722 (@guest_1163432)
1 year ago

More fear mongering. You don’t scare me you silly old man! Give it up already. Retire for goodness sake!

Cjf (@guest_1163433)
1 year ago

This guy is a scumbag ~ really should kill himself ! But the DNC is still paying him way to much, to pretend the virus they bought in 2016 is a threat to anyone. He is pathetic! Get this off the “Notifiable Diseases” list and see that covid accounts for 7% of actual deaths! Keep lying scumbag!

Lyudmila Loseva (@guest_1163499)
1 year ago

The “pandemic” will end not when con artist Fauci says, but when people look around and see state after state opening up their economies, working, flourishing and building their happy lives. Then, people will rip off these disgusting masks and go to work. This will be the end of the “pandemic”.

Patty (@guest_1163519)
1 year ago

Fauci and Gates has this “ plandemic” set up a long time ago! They used the sham impeachment to distract everyone while they seeded the virus all over! They should be in jail!

JDW (@guest_1163528)
1 year ago

Fauci is a very devious POS! This pile of crap is evil and cares less about people. His problem is he cannot tell the same lie twice. Power and money is his sense of being.

I USER (@guest_1163833)
1 year ago

what’s so shocking !!!

Grumpy Veteran (@guest_1163888)
1 year ago

Fauci is a fraud, and we all know it! Fire him and send him to prison for perpetrating this fraud on this country!

Robert L. Kahlcke (@guest_1163924)
1 year ago

Fauci, reports as the DEMOCRAT COMMUNIST PARTY instructs. If he chooses to ignore their instructions he will be ARKANSIDED.

Santospal (@guest_1189776)
1 year ago

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Alease Ullmann (@guest_1195292)
1 year ago

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Josette Birchall (@guest_1196505)
1 year ago

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