September 23, 2020

Dr. Fauci fades into the background as the US charges towards recovery

Despite being the face of the federal government’s coronavirus response for almost two months, Top White House infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has been conspicuously absent from the public eye for weeks now.

In the early and middle stages of the pandemic, Fauci appeared on national television for interviews multiple times a week and was featured prominently on the now-discontinued daily White House coronavirus briefings.

However, Fauci has not made a TV appearance since a May 4th interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, signaling that he may be stepping away from his once-prominent role on the task force.

As the US moves into recovery mode, Fauci’s utility in the nation coronavirus response seems to be fading. Fauci — who was the primary force behind urging Trump to enact extended lockdowns early on in the pandemic — came under fire for his reluctance to endorse re-opening the economy.

Trump himself has made no public statements about Fauci’s diminishing role as the public face of the coronavirus response but has been open about his disapproval of Fauci’s overly-cautious approach to moving on from the crisis.

The growing rift was highlighted last week when Fauci testified before the House that the US should be more cautious, and in regard to reopening schools specifically, we should not be “cavalier in thinking that children are completely immune to the deleterious effects” of the virus.

Trump openly pushed back against Fauci’s comments, saying that “We have to get [the country] open. I totally disagree with him on schools,” later calling Fauci’s remarks “unacceptable.”

Despite Fauci’s protests against rapidly-moving plans to reopen, hundreds of other doctors have come forward to support lifting lockdowns.

Over 600 medical doctors wrote in a letter to Trump this week that the lockdowns are a “mass casualty incident” due to millions of Americans being unable to access healthcare providers, increased drug and alcohol addiction, and the crushing effects of isolation on the human psyche.

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43 Responses

  1. Please let him be gone forever. He is a carry over the obuma trash and never should have been listened to. He has been lying to us from the beginning. If a demonRAT had been in office we would never have heard a word about this so called virus.

    1. Would be glad to see him gone. He has been misleading us from the beginning. He helped grant funding for THE WUHAN labs. He constantly waffles on what he says! His latest scientific report used faulty data to start with. I think he’s still on the Democrats payroll. Goodbye Fauci!
      Hello reopening the nation!
      Thoroughly investigate ALL people BEFORE they start advising our President!
      TRUMP / PENCE 2020 !

      1. And there are letters he has been in love with KIllery. Letters send to her aids. Think he really cares about us! also saw a vid and heard how he pulled the BS from the Flynn fisaco on another DR! Books called PLanned Pandemic.


    2. It has often been said that: if You are not a part of the solution ; then, You might just be the problem—well usually not said just that way===

  2. Dr.Fauci is the problem ,not the solution ..he according to reports helped develop the virus in China with taxpayer money!!

  3. Fauci should never be allowed to
    Take part in an AMERICAN
    Pandemic. He has no common sense and even less reliability.

  4. Fauci should never be allowed to
    Take part in an AMERICAN
    Pandemic. He has no common sense and even less reliability.

  5. I agree. Dr. Fauci should be removed from this position. Looking into his past I’ve discovered some very discerning information about his involvement with this so called virus, even before we had the virus.

    1. Must have seen the pictures of the evil 4 in China before we knew about it, F fauci, E. John, b.Gates and walla the PIG her self! ALL smiles. And we are to think this just happened by chance? And all the lock down and rules and orders? WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID! If you think we are so stupid, wait till NOV! Please Lord let all the rats be voted OUT!

  6. Dr Fauci has been incriminated in helping to spread the covid 19 virus, even the Aides virus. Check it out.

  7. I totally agree with above remarks! I have felt from the beginning his involvement with this “pandemic” has been perpetuated by multiple people including him…he is not part of the solution, only part of increasing the fear and panic, along with the media…this whole episode was orchestrated by the extreme left in order to cause panic and keep the US closed up through election time. If we can stand in Costco, Walmart, Home Depot with social distancing and masks on…we can certainly do the same at the voting polls! Trace this back from Obama and his cronies!

    1. I live, unfortunately, in LA, California, and it’s total madness! What’s so sad 😭 the majority are so blind to this scam.

      1. Agree…i live in Ca also. These people have been brainwashed by liberal professors. I think Newscum would lose in a civil rights law suit and there are several pending. We are high risk and I refuse to be locked up. We have never been sick. We all need to move forward. He will raise taxes to bail out his insanity. We saw this coming.

  8. This guy is involved with Gates and China and John Hopkins. And all three of them are dirty. This whole virus was a set up to take America down as We know it and put China first. And one day you will find out how many democrats made a deal with China also. Look how involved Biden’s kid was already and Biden was also. If Hilkary was in office we would all be wearing chips under our skin so the commies could track our every move. People do your research the democrats want to sell us down the river. Right now the only thing saving us is President Trump and a few real hard working Americans. China is coming and a Trump sees it. That’s why are ships are being put in place. We need to fight hard against these democrats to save our country.

    1. I have been saying the same thing for a long time but it wasn’t PC at that time and most of my comments were not allowed to post because I named names. Now it seems since the truth is coming out about everything, especially ‘censorship’ people are starting to see the light. It should be a well known fact that the reason Gates wants us all to wait for his vaccine is because they are trying to perfect the way a micro chip can be included. I am against ‘mandatory’ vaccines and will never be forced to have one, ever.

  9. Fauci should be deported to china
    He isn’t educated enough to under
    stand the consequenses of his
    Recommendations.. he is vert
    Typical of an educated idiot.

  10. I just read where he was on the Clinton Foundation for 20 years. He Loves Hillary. On Bengazi he stated …”She hit the ball out of the park!” Ain’t THAT statement something.

  11. I seen Melinda Gates with a necklace with a up side down cross,,,,I think the globalist are monsters trying to depopulate ,,,we need to make a new task force to bring these monsters to justice,,,,,,I’m ready to serve my country Mr President

  12. I agree with the comments so far!! He lied to get the vaccine for HIV took it from a scientist that developed it and said he had discovered it!!! Got her fired, put in jail and ruined her career! Plus he likes to rub noses with Pelosi and Schumer and the democrats!!! They are the ones trying to keep our country down!! I read that Pelosi wants to give each person, man,woman and child $2,000 a month and all they have to do is come back and refill the card every month!! What a ludicrous Idea!!! We are already 25 trillion in debt! Don’t borrow what you can’t pay back!!!

  13. I continue to pray for President Trump & Vice-President Pence; that the Lord continues to give them wisdom & discernment. God is in control & His Almighty Will will be done. In Jesus’ Name 🙏

  14. Fauci had some mixed messages, I don’t know which side ,he is on. Or was he misquoted?
    I also don’t like the name calling, it is so unprofessional, I am afraid Trump may lose and then we will be in a pickle with dems. Things really do have to change for the better. The swamp still needs a lot of draining. I would like to see people pay for their crimes.
    I need to hear what is ahead not past accomplishments, ratings, who had higher numbers in rallies . We need leadership to get us thru this mess.
    I dislike the idea of illegal immigrants getting stimulus payments as well. Unless they have been working and contributing to the economy.

  15. I didn’t know anything about him,just that there was something I didn’t trust. I could not figure out what it was.,just women’s intuition ,I guess .

  16. Fauci and Gates are on the same page of the depopulation corruption….both need to leave and hide in shame…a jail cell would be fine with me…

  17. This coronavirus has been overplayed by the Democrats with help from Dr. Fauci for political reasons only to hurt President Trump. Doctors were ordered to report every death as caused by the virus with underlying conditions even if the patient died of a heart attack or other conditions. Democrats want the economy to fail hoping Trump will be blamed and will cost him the election in Nov. We survived the Spanish Flu, Swine Flu and other influenza without shutting businesses and schools down. Why make this one different?

  18. Glad Dr fauci is gone, never liked him never trusted him. He is Pals with Bill Gates who crawl out from under a rock to sell his vaccine and tracking chip. I do not want the vaccine nor the tracking chip. Reminds me of the Mark of The Beast. I will trust in God for my protection

  19. fox never had this problem until they hired two faced speaker of the house ryan i did watch fox probably 15 hours a day but it is getting less all the time

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