October 4, 2022

Fauci says coronavirus crisis isn’t over yet, warns that protests could have devastating consequences

Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci issued a shocking statement warning that the US is far from done with the coronavirus pandemic, citing concerns about widespread protests that have taken over the national conversation. 

Fauci called the crisis his “worst nightmare” and said that the crisis situation “isn’t over yet” during a virtual appearance at a conference held by Biotechnology Innovation Organization.

On Wednesday, he made an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” expressing concerns that the ongoing protests sweeping the nation will spark further outbreaks.

“The issue of physical separation is important. Masks can help, but it’s masks plus physical separation, and when you get congregations like we saw with the demonstrations like we have said — myself and other health officials — that’s taking a risk,” Fauci said. “Unfortunately, what we’re seeing now is just an example of the kinds of things we were concerned about.”

He continued to warn that rumblings of dissent about the safety of the protests are likely true, saying that “it’s the kind of things we were concerned about and unfortunately we’re seeing it come true right now.”

Indeed, as the US begins to reopen and look towards recovery, cases are beginning to spike in some areas of the nation. According to a Politico report, “officials in at least 19 states have recorded two-week trends of increasing coronavirus cases.”

Further jeopardizing the nation’s tenuous progress towards reopening is the fact that the George Floyd protests and riots have resulted in the destruction of 70 coronavirus testing sites, erasing much of the progress made over the last several months in improving the nation’s testing capacity.

Do you think the US will experience a second wave due to the George Floyd protests? Scroll down to the comments to let us know!


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