May 17, 2022

Fauci says coronavirus crisis isn’t over yet, warns that protests could have devastating consequences

Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci issued a shocking statement warning that the US is far from done with the coronavirus pandemic, citing concerns about widespread protests that have taken over the national conversation. 

Fauci called the crisis his “worst nightmare” and said that the crisis situation “isn’t over yet” during a virtual appearance at a conference held by Biotechnology Innovation Organization.

On Wednesday, he made an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” expressing concerns that the ongoing protests sweeping the nation will spark further outbreaks.

“The issue of physical separation is important. Masks can help, but it’s masks plus physical separation, and when you get congregations like we saw with the demonstrations like we have said — myself and other health officials — that’s taking a risk,” Fauci said. “Unfortunately, what we’re seeing now is just an example of the kinds of things we were concerned about.”

He continued to warn that rumblings of dissent about the safety of the protests are likely true, saying that “it’s the kind of things we were concerned about and unfortunately we’re seeing it come true right now.”

Indeed, as the US begins to reopen and look towards recovery, cases are beginning to spike in some areas of the nation. According to a Politico report, “officials in at least 19 states have recorded two-week trends of increasing coronavirus cases.”

Further jeopardizing the nation’s tenuous progress towards reopening is the fact that the George Floyd protests and riots have resulted in the destruction of 70 coronavirus testing sites, erasing much of the progress made over the last several months in improving the nation’s testing capacity.

Do you think the US will experience a second wave due to the George Floyd protests? Scroll down to the comments to let us know!

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Peggy Kliem (@guest_1006423)
1 year ago

We will have 2nd wave. It was and is inevitably. But, protest will make it worst.

Linda Cardin (@guest_1009371)
Reply to  Peggy Kliem
1 year ago

I agree,

Sgt York (@guest_1006428)
1 year ago

Crap we have thought this all along and didn’t need a WHO backer to try tell us what we know

John Holmes (@guest_1006431)
1 year ago

The vast majority of America already believes black lives matter and all lives matter. These protests are nothing but preaching to the choir and spreading covid 19. For decades we’ve been trying to except that stereotyping all blacks because of the actions of a few is completely wrong And yet they’re doing the very same thing by stereotyping Police officers because of the horrible behavior of a few. Extreme irony.

Lynda Gerlach (@guest_1006581)
Reply to  John Holmes
1 year ago


Ann D. (@guest_1006432)
1 year ago

No, this is a global scam. The virus is like having the flu. When you get the virus, 98% of the people recover! It’s not a death sentence. This is called misinformation. Closing down the country because people in nursing homes died, was a mistake. People in long term nursing homes have a foot in the grave and the other on a banana peal. They go out in a body bag. No one goes home. This is about control, people.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1006475)
Reply to  Ann D.
1 year ago

nailed it!

Sammy (@guest_1006490)
Reply to  Ann D.
1 year ago

Yes Ann, your exactly right the COVID-19 is just another strand of the flue. They want us to fear and keep us locked up at home like a dog.

Lucian Dorus (@guest_1006772)
Reply to  Ann D.
1 year ago

Yes Ann D. it’s a “leftist-controlling”-scam but also an anti-Trump election strategy because the Dems/dims have “no” creative ideas! But, because most probably the majority of the protesters don’t have medical insurances, or carry insignificant ones, those who get infected by the coronavirus will crowd-and-clog the ERs of a lot of hospitals at taxpayers’ expense!

Laura (@guest_1006436)
1 year ago

Of course the crooked Fauci is saying that. The minute the economy takes off it will be lockdown again. These people are the instigators. This is planned. Well if the virus is gonna hit some people it will be the protesters who get it. See what I’m saying.

Frank T (@guest_1006469)
1 year ago

Fauci seems out of step with everything. Shouldn’t we have already seen a spike in Corona Virus cases because of the riots. He is a WHO hack trying to help Pelosi sell us out to China.
No Spike by now means this is all BS just to get Trump out of office.

Very Conservative American (@guest_1006479)
1 year ago

Yes I do… It will be America;s worst nightmare!!
I blame the College Professors and school teachers for brain washing our young peoples minds. We that see this must stand together and hopefully keep Donald J. Trump in office and pray that more Conservatives will be voted in this voting season. These Socialist minded ungodly elected leaders must be voted out. Satan is doing his best to destroy America because he knows when we go, the whole world will be under his rule of evil. We already have many of his followers in Government offices and we need to vote them out and save America and our Godly rights.. Does anyone agree with me?.
God help us that love each other and America to pray in earnest that these people on the streets that are risking their lives as well as ours by spreading this horrible virus will stop and go home.. MAMA’S AND DADDIES THAT HAVE KIDS ON THE STREETS GET THEM HOME!!.. Where are these young peoples parents? God help us!!

Very Conservative American (@guest_1006481)
1 year ago


A.I. Marvin (@guest_1006583)
Reply to  Very Conservative American
1 year ago

2% with CV over 80 die. 1% with CV of any age die. Take care of yourself and get on with your life. Open up the busineses before they go out of business. Stop supressing your immune system by wearing a mask and you catch everything.

Lin B (@guest_1006536)
1 year ago

I’m sure Dr. Fauci is a very good doctor but he seems to be in the pocket of WHO and maybe should think about retiring. He’s been in his government position for many years.

Roy Olsen (@guest_1006544)
1 year ago

So far Fauci has been wrong on just about everything, however I hope this time he is correct.

phxgeo (@guest_1006549)
1 year ago

You just watch how the media will change it’s tune back to lock down as soon as they have milked the BLM for all they can get from it. They along with Fauci are the main reason behind all this hype, crap and lies. It is all intended to raise doubt in the electorate about PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ability. This, because he has stood up for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS, not just those of the ruling political and wealth class.

Elizabeth N McFarland (@guest_1006553)
1 year ago

IF it does, I hope and pray the ONLY ones it puts out of commission are the criminals that were looting and burning businesses and “officials” that ALLOWED them to run rampant!!

mark (@guest_1006560)
1 year ago

lies, lies, and more lies !

Mary Louise bossert (@guest_1006561)
1 year ago

I’m sure the virus will vastly increase with all the protests and rioting that’s been going on.
Thousands of people on top of each other. And yes. It Is like the flue. No more shut downs of our country!!!
The dems love it and want to keep it going till November. President TRUMP IS THE Best president ever. If anybody else were in his shoes they would have given up by now with all the crap he has had to endure.
WHAT MORONS would vote for somebody that can’t make sense or even know his wife from his sister. They sound like idiots when they back Biden.

Lucilda (@guest_1006580)
1 year ago

Dr. Fauci is working with bill gates and soros to destroy America and make it into a one world order communist country it’s all lies killery and obumer are also involved killery in a announcement when she was running for President that all the seniors were going to be kept in a resort like living so they that the government wouldn’t have to pay social security well instead they sent people with the virus to nursing homes thus murdering thousands of seniors and gates and Fauci want to put a chip in their vaccine to track people like dogs

Terri Mikula (@guest_1006582)
1 year ago

Ugh sigh

Suzanne Kelly (@guest_1006743)
1 year ago

Hydroxychloroquine,Zithromax, and Zinc are, indeed, the solutions to the virus, when given to patients who are newly identified with the virus–fever of 100.4°, cough, difficulty catching your breath, achiness, chills, loss of smell, etc.
So, the virus can be handled fairly easily, if physicians cooperate and prescribe the hydroxychloroquine, which got a bad rap early on, but is now viewed favorably.
So, let’s move on and open up our country, and get it on the upswing as soon as possible! Fauci and the other members of the committee did the best they could with the information they had, but it’s time to stop fearing the virus and move on.

Carol Brown (@guest_1007108)
1 year ago

If another outbreak occurs it will be due having to wear a mask and physically distancing ourselves from each other. You know Fauci etal will make this thing continue forever no way am I stopping my life.



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