May 13, 2021

Fauci throws cold water on COVID-19 vaccine optimism

After touting a coronavirus vaccine as the only way for the US to return to normal early on, Dr. Anthony Fauci has ended hopes that the immunization will be the silver bullet that some hoped it would be. 

During a Q&A with the Brown University School of Public Health on Friday, Fauci revealed that he believes the chances of a vaccine being highly effective is “not great.”

“The chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach,” Fauci said, indicating that even if a vaccine is released by 2021, public health experts are unlikely to recommend lifting other cautionary measures.

“You’ve got to think of the vaccine as a tool to be able to get the pandemic to no longer be a pandemic, but to be something that’s well-controlled,” Fauci continued.

Many health officials cautioned in April and May that there would be no return to normal until a vaccine is developed. Now, they’re cautioning that even widespread vaccinations may not be enough to lift restrictions.

However, it’s not all bad news, as Fauci said later in the session that he is still “cautiously optimistic” that an effective vaccine will be developed, though it may not be on the timeline originally projected.

Do you think that a vaccine is the key to controlling COVID-19? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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90 Responses

    1. It didn’t work with the flu, why the hell do you think it will work with CoVid!! It’s like trying to cure the common cold! Stop creating this crap in the lab and it won’t get out!! Too smart of a concept I bet!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

      1. Tell the to the effing chinks, apparently they now are working on a new version of the Corona virus.

        Stop buying any Made in China items, that, and only that, will make them pay attention

        1. China has mailed seeds to people that did not order them. If they mail anything to you, do not open it and wash your hands! Do not throw it away, call poison control. They will try and spread another virus, they should stop anything mailed from China at the port of entry.

          1. They are selling hand sanitizer in our local super markets which thanks to Democratic Governor’s you can exchange. Just have to throw away if you buy by mistake. Watch out your band aids are made in China. And this is what we have to look forward to if you vote for Biden.

        2. Right you are, Herrmann Glockler!
          I have been doing that for quite some time. It is not always easy to do and I have to go out of my way to accomplish it.
          It sometimes seems that “everything” is made/produced in China – including food!
          Not good!!

        3. Be careful calling me a chink. I am an ABC. Do you know what that is? An American born Chinese. I have never knowingly met an ABC who did NOT know what an ABC is. Calling me a chink is like calling you a honkie, VERY offensive, and
          V E R Y racist. I like PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRiUMPh, Sr. VERY much and canNOT stand what the Chinese do in China. I LIVED there in 2010 to teach English. So I can tell you from experience. I also cannot stand Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, and the worst George Soros, who even his own country, Hungary, kicked out !!! EVERYbody…get the REAL news from
 and search Mikovits and Dr. Battar.

      2. You said it perfectly. Will never be a vaccine. Why do they create these horrible flushes in labs to start with.

    2. I don’t believe a vaccine is necessary. It’s time to just say NO to dems foolishness and get on with living.

      1. I agree with Linda. We need to get on with life. Stop trying to kill our immune systems. Stop pushing us around like SHEEP

      2. I completely agree with you Linda, they have played us “fools” long enough. Let us get on with life whatever it may be.

        1. I believe Pelosi and Water shall be the first to get the shot! Then every Democrat house member a week later!

      3. I agree Linda and its time to tell these fool Governors that unless we see people dying in the streets. We are going to stop wearing Masks the 1st of Oct. This has gone far enough. Until these Governors decide to stop being a fool with Fauci, then we do what we have always done. Stop wearing the fool mask and breath and wash our hands and stop allowing foolish Governors to dictate what we are doing.

        1. Amen ! But how are you going to stop governors like Gavin Newsome from forcing people to wear dangerous masks and to stop his heavy fines for refusal to comply ?

    3. Fauci lies. Vaccine is not the answer.
      Proven therapeutics are the answer now and in future such as hydroxychloroquine, zinc and ____.

      Common sense measures are to be followed.
      Stay home if sick.
      Isolate from family members in home.

      Cover mouth and nose if sneezing or coughing.

      Wash hands often.

      Avoid large crowds and crowded events.

      Socially distance so droplets don’t get on your face.

      Wear cloth mask or face shield so you can breathe when in public.

    4. I lived through the Polio pandemic, and my best friend became ill and was in an iron lung for the rest of her life. During that time she learned to “frog breathe” so she could get out of the iron lung. She actually graduated from high school and some college. To get to the point, you know there is a vaccine for this and there is no longer any cases of polio. So, there will be a vaccine that will do the same for the Coronavirus pandemic.

      1. Some studies done under the auspices of Dr Fauci have demonstrated a very strong antibody response. This information has been put out by his research team. It appears the skepticism in releasing the vaccine to the general public is cautionary. Exceptions have already been made to hasten the release of the vaccine. It is evident that the researchers, quite justifiably, are reluctant to take any further avoidable risks in their projections. With all the information publicly available it does appear that the vaccine is likely to be effective. I can well understand Dr Fauci’s reluctance to raise hopes which may not eventually pan out, but for him to come out much too frequently and snuff out any hope at all is not justified.

      2. This is NOT TRUE!
        Polio vaccine caused many polio deaths! Just ask India. Here, too.
        Masks and distance do not stop transmission of a virus. It’s too small.

        No need for vaccine nor masks as healthy healing meds available. … Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD. … on Gov. Perry’s Health Committee 7 years
        medical protocol pdf to download and take to MD. …heals all ages/allstages; safe for 2 lb. baby …25 yrs. FDA approved.
        Also, hydroxychloroquine and zinc with ___? On Demand … “MInistry Now” and “Joni Tabletalk” programs mid-May to mid-June, July and Aug.3/20 …. Dr. Rashid Buttar, Robert Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, Frontline MDs, and Dr. Richard Bartlett

    5. they could not get one past human testing for SARS…went right to the lungs…. I don’t believe they will end up with a vaccine at all.

  1. No, a vaccine is not necessary to reopen America’s businesses and schools. Continue practicing social distancing and mask where best. As long as we report the medical truth and not politicize the reports we will find we are in good shape for handling this pandemic.
    No reason to panic and allow exaggerated fears to influence wise and discerning decisions!

    1. Democraps like to scare the people to try and control them. So far that’s all they have done this election year. I know this is a novel concept for them,but try onesty that mite work for a change. Instead of scare tactics, and threats.

    2. Agree with Robert, we need to be judicious and diligent about doing the proper things. History shows people overcoming enormous odds and moving on — I am about working, keeping social distance, wearing a mask, not too much to ask — make the necessary investments of doing the right things now for big changes tomorrow.

    3. The mask are a idea, but not really. A virus need moister to live and move. Since homo sapiens are mostly liquid what about the moister that we give off in sweat?? But not unlike the many diseases that were brought from Europe that killed untold numbers of American Indian tribes that had never been subject European culture they built up immunizes in their systems over time. The same will happen here. Yes it will take time unfortunately, and many will die, or become ill, but that is the true nature of life and survival of the strongest . Politicians cannot lie themselves out of this, they can only instill fear in the public as a whole. As too 6ft apart another joke. Think about it, if I stay (my personal space) 6ft from you and you do the same, then we need to stay actually mathematically 12ft apart. Another stupid politician BS line.

  2. They can’t get the flu vaccine right in many years. How could they get this right? Even if they do there will just be another virus.

  3. Just the incompetence of the CDC and Fauci is alarming. Thousands of doctors say this is no worse than the flu. Fauci been wrong on everything. Time to get things open and get on with our lives. I for one am not going to be one of they’re puppets anymore. This whole thing is control like China is walking around with masks everyday. I don’t trust Fauci as much as I do all the doctors who deal with this everyday in there lives. There’s to many that are contradicting Fauci. Let’s open up and the chips fall where they fall. Sick of all of them

    1. There’s meds out there but the demorcates don’t want the people to have it, there’s some at a warehouse waiting for the go ahead but they have out lawed it. If Trump is taking it and he is fine and not getting sick it should be fine for everyone not to get sick,so we’ve got to push the Lefty’s to sign it into law. It could clear it up fast. but the Dems don’t want that to happen.

    2. I don’t trust anything Fauchi says. He is in with the WHO who asked China to delay telling us about it in the first place. WHO also gave Wuhan lab millions. Doubt this was an accident, just my opinion


      1. No, we don’t need a govt controlled, Chinese manufactured (MS still manufactures in China), chip that tracks our every move, our every work and social contact, our every transaction, so that govt can control our every movement, our every social contact and our every transaction in the future.
        We have too many govt controls on us already – you can’t fly without a govt approved ID, or a TSA search and pre-flight scan. You can’t go outside without a govt mandated mask, can’t send your kids to school, can’t go to work, or church, without govt approval. You can’t get a haircut, your Doctor won’t see you, and banks are closing their branches to walk-in traffic. But you can protest, riot, loot and burn, buy liquor and pot without opposition.
        That our whole way of life should now be reduced to a govt controlled computer gateway transaction is unthinkable. We are not cattle! No! to Mr Gates and his computer chip. Save the American way of life! Freedom! Free to make our own decisions, take our own actions, stand for our own consequences. Free to control our own way of life.

        1. Geo Wilson,
          You hit the nail on the head !!!
          Download KZNU St. George News Radio which I am listening to now on my stupidphone .

      2. Not so fast! Why don’t you explain what did Dr. Fauci do in 2009 during the SWINE FLU? We did not hear about him til Trump put him on TV! No I don’t believe anything he talk about! Because if he is telling the truth. What about ALL THESE YEARS HE BEEN IN THE MEDICAL FIELD? HE IN IT FOR THE MONEY AND POWER NOW!

    4. People are doing their best but this is an unknown, thanks to China. Being so negative and accusatory of CDC or Fauci is not even a little bit right. If someone asked you to solve a unknown problem that has never before presented itself, could you solve it?

      1. The problem with the CDC and Fauci is that they think that they are the only ones who can come up with a treatment or anything to fight this virus. They are not the smartest people in the world. They all deny that hydroxychloroquine works, when there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. There are other simpler treatments as well that are being used to cure people of this virus in third world countries. Between the democrat/communist elected officials in our government, the terrorists who are being allowed to take over cities, our great nation will soon be a third world country.

    5. You and me as well, and I don’t trust Fauci at all, like you said he changes his mind too often and I think all the others doctors that say they have used this med and have had good luck with it I say let’s go with it and get on with our lives.

    6. Laura, you and some of you are on the right track. This is just another strain of the flu or also being called SARs 2. I’ve worked with OSHA reg’s for the last 28 years and a lot of those years had to do with different types of masks. In short, the mask DO NOT WORK!!!!! They are only good for a 3 hour use at best and that is using the M95 mask or higher. wearing mask will reduce your oxygen in-take which will reduce your immune system. It also creates several different types of bacteria that will lead to lung infections and worse, it will also cause psychological problems. There has been studies done on mask since 1995 per OSHA and CDC regulations. In short they are just plain LYING TO US!!!!!! Please do your research the true is out there. Good luck, be safe and God bless.

  4. My concern is that if “Big Pharma” gets an “Anti-virus” you can bet they will overcharge for it!

  5. I am reading that Every company that is making the vaccines have aborted baby dna in them.
    Not intested in the vaccine at all !!!!!

  6. Don’t trust Fauci or any of the vaccine stuff. Don’t want it, won’t take it. We get “tracked” as it is with phones. You’re not putting stuff in my body.

    1. I do not trust Fauci….All of a sudden he doesn’t believe the vaccine will work…I think it was put together too fast and fauci wants the virus to continue until after the election…Sorry but I have lost all confidence in him….

  7. I won’t take the vaccine. Viruses just keep changing to servive just like the flu viruses. No thanks I’ll take my chances. Darwins theory “Survival of the fittest”. What other natural predators do human beings have. Disease, bacteria and viruses. (Besides war).

    1. I have a question. Sounds like you buy into the Darwin theory that humans evolved from Monkeys. So, tell me, where did the Monkeys come from????

  8. Vaccines don’t work against viruses! The flu continues to happen every year! Don’t trust anything Fauci says! He’s going to make millions on a vaccine! Many many doctors have used & declared that Hydroxychloroquine works! This whole thing has been about control, not safety! Open up the country! Those that are sick or frightened can choose to stay home.

  9. Trial run for the end times mark of the devil. We just need JESUS believe by faith, this is all fake to get people in fear. When you get people in fear you can lead them to gas chambers-jump off buildings-anything to kill them and they will go like sheep. Wake up we have a vaccine for the flu and more people get the flu from the vaccine than the people that do not take the vaccine. I got vaccinated by the blood of JESUS when I got born again 30 years ago and have not had a cold-flu-are any disease-germ-virus-are infection attach to my body. Thank you JESUS

  10. Deal with it like every other virus. Each year we get a flu shot but it’s never the right one for the flu of that year. Lets get back to living .

  11. No I don’t believe the vaccine will help anyone. It’s a damn cold! Stop the lock down control of people, that’s all this is about. He’s saying this to keeps more control and lockdown of, we the people. Too may stupid in this world. Let them get the poison vaccine, if they so choose. We need a cleansing anyway.

  12. No, the vaccine is a placebo, a pipe dream, not a panacea. It’s a way to keep the country, the people, and the economy on lockdown, looking forward to a “cure” that not only wont come, but isn’t even necessary.

  13. Back in the 90s wound up with the worst cough..and was in bed for almost a month. I had not experienced even a sniffle during the previous 20 years. It came about because I started drinking coffee daily…adding dairy. Within 30 days, my cough started. So, I stopped using the dairy…and it took another 30 days, before my coughing stopped. I did not go back to the dairy…and no more coughs. Dairy creates mucus. Food allergies cause many problems. I avoid many other food groups, too. The wrong foods over work the immune system. If people ate right, their immune system would do a better job of protecting them. Vaccines are not the answer…eating right is!

    1. True! I had the same problem! Got the whoops coughing for a month. Stop using the dairy that it started with. Switch to drinking black coffee! Took awhile to get used to it. But the coughing stop! Then start talking vitamin everyday and sit out in the sun for twenty minutes. Because sun give you vitamin D which fight off the virus in your body! That why people need to get out in the sun for a few minutes a day! P.S. why are the Democrat governor telling people to stay off the beach???? It because the sun will kill the coronavirus!

  14. Any vaccine Gates is developing is going to have insertions in it to change your dna. He has his dirty fingers in everything, so no one would know what would be in the vaccine. Fauci is in with Gates, so watch out folks! They now have nano chips that can be in vaccines, who knows what they could do to those? They can’t even perfect the flu vaccine to prevent the flu, this would be no different. Why take a chance on something in proven?

  15. No vaccine is going to do anything. The countries and the states that didn’t lockdown, are not having by any problems. They have all achieved what they are calling as herd immunity, without ruining their economies. Also they didn’t enact any stupid “laws” to control every aspect of our lives. Let’s get rid of the stupidity that are the communists, disguised as democrats, this election. We need to remove the traitors from our government offices.

  16. I agree…. I don’t trust Fauci…. and he’s not to be trusted….! I grew up during the Polio
    Academic…. I do remember we had certain restrictions…. but, I never remember the country shutting down. Yes, there were some that did get Polio unfortunately, but we stood tall as a country and worked through it. This is so politically motivated that it’s completely out of control….. can it be dangerous if you do get it …… yes, but so is pneumonia, the flu or any other virus that comes along. Unfortunately, it’s all control….
    And it’s only going to get worse if we allow the Democrats to win…… that will be the beginning of the end for all of us !!!!!

  17. No vaccine is going to do anything, this strain of CO-19 has been with us a heck of alot longer, now we just learn to live with this. Who ever said life was fair, you take your chances and go with it.

  18. I do not think that an effective vaccine is the key to a return to normal. In my opinion, we currently have everything we need to return to normal, in fact we have one too many things that we need. The thing that would allow us to return to normal today is the acceptance of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a valid and efficient treatment for the virus-the extra thing we don’t need is Dr. Fraudi. I have graphs on my desk, which I copied from an article entitled, “These Two Charts Should Send Dr. Fauci to Prison”-in reading the article, the crime he should go to jail for is genocide. The first chart shows a comparison between death rate in countries where HCQ was used as a treatment and the countries that did not use HCQ as a treatment. Sixteen countries, ten of which used HCQ as a treatment and six discouraged it’s use (one in this category was the US). The death rates in countries which did not use HCQ was 7.5 times greater than for those who did use it. A lot of people died needlessly because of Fauci’s guidance.

  19. We need to get rid of this Congress, either by vote or by force! Time to take our country back and deal with these liberal traitors!

  20. In 40 years of well-compensated government work, Fauci and his empire have not produced a single effective vaccine. Now and then they release a flu vaccine that usually has worse side effects than the disease, most notably the swine flu vaccines developed during the regime of The Mongrel and The Dement, which caused many deaths from Guillian-Barre Syndrome. We were bamboozled into the lockdowns to wait for a vaccine, and now they are preparing us for a permanent sanatarian police state. In the film “12 Monkeys”, people lived in sewers under the tyrannical rule of geeky scientists 50 years after what was also an intentional plandemic. Moviegoers may recall that Bruce Willis was doing 25 years to life in a cage for “repeated violation of the Permanent Emergency Code” at the start of the film. That is what Fauci and Newsom and Pritzker and Witchmer and Murphy and New York’s Eichmann of the Elderly now have in store for us. It is time to rise up and overthrow the lab coat wearers, the Kens and Karens and the Obammunist gauleiters.

  21. Fauci is in with WHO and the democrats. Bill Gates is on with it and Soros. They’re all in to China. That’s who would have one world control. I don’t take vaccines and the only 2yrs I did I was so sick later. No flu when I didn’t take one. That said I’m either allergic or somethings not right. We need to open up and open our schools. These kids need this education. This is all part of democratic control and we are not sheep to be heeded. Let’s get our freedom and religion back.

  22. we don’t need a vaccine. it’s a compete SHAM to Scare us into submission!
    There are already KNOWN cures but MSM/Gates/Falsi/Deep State/Big Pharm won’t let it be publicized!
    Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have both had Great success in treating KungFlu!

  23. Coronafauci is America’s most dangerous disease. This disease kills hundreds of times more people than the coronavirus. Coronafauci’s vaccine is urgently needed to prevent murders for not wearing a mask, for not keeping distances, for leaving the house, for releasing murderers and pedophiles from prisons so as not to infect them with coronavirus. Coronafauci – vaccine – where are you?

  24. It’s Time to step outside and yell, “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!”
    The vaccine they are proposing kills if not sustain lifetime/severe injuries to more Americans than if you actually allow the virus to take a natural course! Congress has allowed these PHARMACEUTICAL companies TO DISTRIBUTE the VACCINE WITH NO LIABILITY or RESPONSIBILITY!!

    #🇺🇸“WAKE UP AMERICA !!” You’ve been sold to be test rats!

  25. 1. There is Covid 19 2. There is NO pandemia 3. I don’t trust Fauci 4. All ” stay home” thing is politics . 5. There is a petition ” No mandatory vaccine ” that I signed. For how long this maddness will last ? Trump 2020!

  26. When are we going to see the truth about what COVID “the pandemic” is really all about? We have fallen for the narrative just like they want us too. The many people behind these events study human behavior and know what to do and say to get people to respond even to the point of giving up their country, freedom, rights, liberty, and constitutional laws all in the name of peace and safety (the great utopia lie). Those in power know that they need to create extreme fear to change things and they understand that for America to be broken (please understand this has to happen for the NWO to work and that is why people suddenly hate nationalism which is love for your country because everything must now be global, equality, sustainable development) the people (USA) need to be divided so we the people can be conquered. The only way to get the world under your control and in check and on the same sheet of music is to have an event that involves the whole world at the same time. I ask you, can you think of anything else that we experience collectively as a world that would fit that criterion? War? Maybe, and that will come sometime in the future but that is not what they want now. War can bring a country together and unify and that is not what they need right now. No, a virus pandemic is the perfect choice and really the only choice because pandemics have happened in the past so it is easy to hide behind because how would the average person know if it is or is not true. Do most people have the training to test this or a lab in their home? No, of course not. And that is the point. War is obviously easy to see and prove but a microscopic virus not so much. I work in emergency management I know what they are doing. I have personally participated in many scenarios where we talk about pandemics and the how’s when’s, and why these pandemics happen. We then talk about what needs to be done to solve and stop these pandemics when they happen via practice through played out scenarios (watch event 201 which was not a coincidence by the way). The beauty of the lie is viruses do exist and we have a flu season every year. However, most people have no idea about the truth and the numbers and how the world is affected by the flu season on the average year. Which means these leaders (the media army) can tell people whatever they want, and most people won’t know the difference. So people will believe it and follow the narrative. Why is this year’s event so different? Great question, and you should look into this so that you can answer that question for yourself. Well, for many reasons that I don’t have time to cover here, but to find out the truth you need nothing more than to follow who is involved, the money, who stands to gain in power, what is the end game, what is the agenda/desire of a particular political party, what do they believe in (eugenics, depopulation, environmentalism, NWO) understand the timing of year (election year) and you will figure these things out. Take the time to look up past flu seasons and the number of people worldwide that get sick and die from the normal flu season every year. Look up the CDC, WHO, and WEF and they will show you based on their own statistics. example: 2009 we had the Swine Flu (H1N1) with 60 million people infected just in the United States alone. Compare that to this years 19 million people worldwide not just in the USA yet 2009 was not a pandemic that shut down the whole world and demanded a vaccine immediately to save us. Never guess what? A vaccine does exist for H1N1. Never guess what? We still get sick from the H1N1 flu every year which includes this year but for some mysterious reason the H1N1 virus just seems to have miraculously disappeared because every sickness and death are magically only COVID, in fact deaths on any level have seemed to be caused by COVID. Why the difference? Well, who was in power at that time in 2009? The death rate has been similar in past years (Est at 650,000 deaths annually from normal flu) as this year has in total numbers but for some reason, as it is being portrayed this flu seems to kill more people when they get it especially people over 60-65 years old. Or does it? Are the death rate numbers real? Are we cooking the books as they say to cause the people to be in fear and justify the actions? That is what you need to ask yourself. Many facts suggest we are being manipulated. Do the math and take a look at the facts because the facts are available if you are willing to take the time and look. Last few thoughts. Why is social media shutting down everyone the contests what is going on? Why has China removed and even put in prison maybe even eliminated people to hide what has happened or is happening? Why Are doctors with different views on the situation not allowed to share their ideas, thoughts, cures, remedies, and beliefs? In this situation should we not look at all possibilities subjectively? If this was man-made why are we not pursuing the cause and holding people accountable or why are we not even trying to find where and how COVID started so we can learn from our mistakes and hopefully not allow it to happen again? Why are other countries that took little to no evasive actions experiencing lower numbers of infections and deaths? Why does this virus seem so smart that it only attacks certain countries more than others? Especially when you study and realize that these other countries don’t have the means that we do (the USA and other more developed nations nor have they taken the extreme measures that we have taken) which makes them actually more susceptible to getting sick and having higher death rates? Yet they are not getting high infection rates and loss of life. Why does this virus seem to like only certain ethnic groups as they say? Listen, I know what they would say to these questions because I have already heard their answers, but I can tell you that they are playing a game. They will simply say “I am a doctor and you are not, so you don’t know”. Ok, agreed, but others that are speaking are in fact Doctors and they do not agree. The facts don’t agree, the numbers don’t agree, the history does not agree. The point is this, what is being said and what we have done with this flu season compared to others does not add up. If you add all these things together you find there is something missing and smells fishy. In the end you will find that many others that have a stake in this COVID pandemic will tell the people many things because they know they can. They have a PHD or their politicians, movie stars and esteemed billionaires and people will listen to them and believe without question. We are raised to think and act this way and they know it. We are supposed to be able to trust authority. Right? I wish that was always true. We should be able to do just that, but I tell you always check for yourself before you believe anything especially now during such important times and events. I could go on with a hundred more questions, concerns, and facts but don’t have the time or space to do it. So, I encourage everyone to please look into this subjectively for yourself. It is life-changing important. I love this country and the people in it. I hope and pray for the best. It is up to us to learn the truth and take a stand. Thanks everyone, please be safe and don’t lose hope.

  27. We have A medication to use but the PHARMACEUTICAL companies WILL NOT fill the scripts…
    Has been PROVEN to SAVE lives!!!!
    DEMOCRATS want death to come so they can try to DEPOPULATE the world!!!!!!!
    Bill Gates you stick to your damn computers and keep your friggin nose out of politics cuz
    I sure aint putting NOTHING in my body from the likes if YOU or your CRONIES!!!!

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