September 29, 2022

Fauci claims Omicron coronavirus variant could overwhelm hospitals despite evidence to the contrary

Dr. Anthony Fauci handed out a dire warning on Thursday saying that the coronavirus omicron variant will likely be the dominant strain of coronavirus in the upcoming winter months. 

According to Breitbart News the White House medical adviser also said he believes it’s possible hospitals will be overwhelmed in their ability to treat the newest coronavirus outbreak:

“It [Omicron] is the most transmissible virus of Covid that we had to deal with thus far,” Fauci told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

He went on to claim that his statements were a representation of science, warning that the winter could bring a rise in deaths and hospitalizations due to the flu as well as delta and omicron variants.

“Besides the toll of suffering and death which will inevitably go up if in fact we have that convergence in the winter months of flu and omicron and delta, we could get our hospital systems overwhelmed,” Fauci warned.

“When you look at the pace of the infections now, things will get worse as we go into the depth of the winter,” he said, per CNBC. “And with omicron breathing down our back, things could get really bad, particularly for the unvaccinated.”

However, other experts have weighed in on the newest variation on the coronavirus theme, pointing to its lack of severity as a possible massive boost in reaching the end of the pandemic. 

According to Fox News, Dr. Houman Hemmati, a Ph.D. research scientist, explained on “Fox & Friends First,” how based on the reports from the origin of the variant, South Africa, this version is highly infectious, but causes very little disease. 

That translates to a whole lot of people getting kind of sick, versus a normal amount of people getting really sick. However, catching the “watered down” version of coronavirus will likely still cause individuals to create antibodies needed to provide protection from future variants. 

DR. HEMMATI: “There is a lot of data that remains to be seen. There’s always a chance that this is much more infectious, much more deadly than what we have heard about so far. So far, we have just a trickle of reports coming out of South Africa. But hypothetically, if this doesn’t cause significant disease or any real major disease whatsoever and happens to, on the flip side, to be highly infectious such that everybody gets it – imagine lots and lots of people, including currently vaccinated people get it and it’s impossible to avoid. 

“All of a sudden, you can have a scenario where you have a large subset of the population, if not the entire population, who has gotten a mild version or even no version of the disease, but has developed antibodies and has resistance such that if there ever, later on, comes a more deadly variant, you’re protected.” 





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