August 12, 2022

Fauci caught calling Republican a ‘moron’ on hot mic

Dr. Anthony Fauci has received harsh backlash after he angrily called Republican senator a moron on what was likely believed to be a cold microphone. 

According to The Washington Times Fauci and Paul, who is also a doctor and practiced before going into public service, were engaged in a heated exchange on Tuesday when the White House medical advisor accused the senator of making false accusations.

Fauci also accused Paul of making the accusations that led to threats against him and that it was in pursuit of Paul’s own political value.

Paul accused Fauci of lying about the pandemic and said that he was attempting to “take down” the scientists who disagreed with him, something that conservatives have widely criticized the National Institutes of Health director for.

Fauci says that conservatives and their accusations are the reason that he has needed increased security because of threats to himself and his family, something that Fauci said frustrates him.

The NIH director said that despite backlash, the senator still “accuses me of things that are completely untrue” and “kindles the crazies out there.”

The White House medical advisor was also displeased with Paul’s “Fire Dr. Fauci” website, which is a page that calls on supporters to contribute to the cause, saying that Paul is using the pandemic “for your political gain.”

Later in Tuesday’s hearing, the fired-up medical professional lost his temper when Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) took Fauci to task on money issues, accusing him of hiding financial disclosure forms required of public officials.

“You’re so misinformed that it’s extraordinary,” Fauci responded, saying those documents are publicly available upon request. As the exchange ended, Fauci could be heard muttering off-camera, “What a moron.”

Despite the accusations against their mental capacity, at the end of the hearing, several lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle stayed behind to thank Fauci for his work fighting the pandemic.

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