July 23, 2021

Fauci: Americans need to do what they are told

Democrats’ favorite health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed his frustration with the American people on Thursday while attending a summit across the pond.

Fauci, a lifelong government employee, thinks that Americans are too independent. He thinks that states should be more homogenous in their actions. He blames the American spirit of independence and the federalist system for the failure to meet his “thresholds” in the battle against COVID-19 in the US.

Fauci, frustrated that Americans are balking against new economically devastating lockdowns, said that Americans need to do what they are told. While speaking to British officials at the National Cathedral’s 2020 Ignatius Forum, Fauci said, “Each of our countries have that independent spirit, where we don’t want to be told what to do. Well, I understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told.”

Americans view Fauci as a partisan hack, mouthing whatever the Democrats want him to say as they have used the pandemic as an excuse to curtail American’s right to work, their religious liberty, their freedom to assemble and protest, while at the same time allowing rioters to gather in major cities to “protest.”

It is no surprise that Americans are suspicious of the motives of petty dictators like Fauci. The Democrats have politicized everything about COVID-19, from the number of cases to the number of deaths to the therapeutics promoted by President Trump. They are even politicizing the life-saving vaccine that should become available next month, saying they won’t trust it because it was developed during President Trump’s administration.

High-ranking Democrats Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, and Fauci himself have been caught on video flouting the rules they want to be enforced for everyone else. Their actions lead Americans to believe that COVID-19 is just a tool to force Americans to comply.

Fauci couldn’t have said anything more triggering if he had planned it. Tell Americans that they are too independent, tell them it is time to do what they are told, and you will get the exact opposite result.

Americans know that COVID-19 lockdowns have already taken massive economic and societal tolls, and another round of them will destroy many businesses and lives permanently. Even the WHO urged nations to avoid lockdowns, but Democrats and Fauci want to use them anyway.

Independent-thinking people are exactly what America and the world need right now.

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38 Responses

  1. Last thing America needs is another lock down. Let this virus run its course like the others and it would be gone in no time

  2. Dr. Faucci has changed his mind so many times about this thing it is pathetic. I have no faith in this man just like i have no faith in the Democratic party to say or do the right thing

    1. Yes! He said,”face masks are not necessary” for the first couple weeks until his Democrat sponsors twisted his arm or sweetened his pot! Fauci created Covid-19 by giving Wuhan Labs $3.8 Million 3 years ago to port it from animals to humans!

  3. Typical Fauci bashes America in other Countries. This guy hates that he is exposed and this was all planned for mail in ballots. Many doctors which Fauci is not one have said the flu and many other things are worse. Did we ever have a lockdown for that? Did they have a lockdown when the plaque and war were going on? Did they pull children out schools? The answer is no to all of these questions

    1. Zpack is an antibiotic, you don’t give those for viral infections… too many doctors have done that which has lead to the increasing antibiotic resistance of many bacteria… but I get your point!

  4. You hit the nail on the head. Several European countries have avoided lockdowns without the detriment to their economies, or high death numbers. Buy-den says he will follow the scientists and “experts”. Isn’t it funny that so many “experts” think that all the lockdowns aren’t necessary. I don’t want to see it happen, but I will LMFAO if we reach higher peaks under his “administration” (i.e. dictatorship). And gods forbid if he gets it and Harrass takes over.

  5. Fakey Fauci is a demonrat QUACK! He is not even close to a human being and needs to be removed from humanity since he is far from human.

  6. Wouldn’t trust Dr Fauci to feed my animals!! Let the COVID-19 take its course! If you are afraid of it get the vaccine when it’s released! As for me I accept what happens. If it is my time I am ready!!

    1. Totally agree Flo! He is not a real doctor – he has never seen a patient since he got his degree! He just works for Bill Gates who is telling him what to do! Both are communists!

  7. I have not trusted Fauci from the get-go and he confirmed his sneakiness when he confessed “I just Love hillary” that proved my opinion of him was correct from the start! Get him OUT, Send him back to China!

  8. It’s time to rid our nation of Dr. Saudi and all the other know nothings. Lock them all up and fire them all. News followers included.

  9. Fauci has been in place way too long and he is a staunch Democrat….a Hillary lover. He has passed his prime and needs to be replaced.

  10. Fauci, can kiss my grits, he is a little weasel
    Telling us we need to do what we are told, what about him with no mask at the ball field and when you do see him he is not wearing one, he go back from wherever he came from.

  11. Fauci is a political hack for the democrats and needs to over his citizenship revoked and send him away…..far away. Send him iran for life. He is useless.

  12. As I have mentioned before, the freedoms and independence of the citizens of the United States, are now well and truly under siege. Dr. Fauci’s comments while in Britain, should act as a warning of what is to come should the Democrats regain government. His comment, that just like the British people, US citizens are too independent, is not true. The British people haven’t had real true independence, ever, and certainly not since the last world war.
    The British civil service and the British Broadcasting Corporation has been riddled with far-left socialist ideology for generations, and it would appear that just like the Covid pandemic, it has jumped the pond and has infected the greatest democracy on earth.
    One thing that the British people have been forced to learn, is to keep their mouths shut, and do as they are told.
    That is born out by the fact that 60 million Brits have been effectively gagged, to protect 5 million immigrants and refugees. Existing laws have been modified, and new laws introduced to protect a far-left socialist program introduced just after world war two. A program that had no support, and which no government since has ever had a mandate from the people of Britain to carry out. That is because they were never asked, and no party would have ever dared put it forward pre-election, because they know that they would have never stood a chance of being elected, so much for democracy in Britain. And this is how the minds of socialists work!
    In essence, I have no problem with immigration, if the people have been asked, and they agree to it, and it is carried out under the prescribed laws and conditions laid down by law. But to force it onto an entire nation, with the attitude of Dr. Fauci’s, that the people just need to learn to do as they are told, should be an anathema to the free and independent people of the United States.
    Some readers may be asking themselves what’s going on in Britain to do with us? Well, you did fight a war of independence against Britain over the very issues that are now confronting you. As highlighted by Dr. Fauci, and which the Democrats are now threatening. Make no mistake, just like the Labour party in Britain, Australia, and elsewhere, their base beliefs are hardcore socialist, no matter how they try to dress them up. If you don’t fight back, be prepared for big intrusive government, a massive program of social engineering, to teach you all how to be politically correct, Oh, and how to do as you are told. It has been going on in Britain now, for generations.
    I guess that you need to ask yourselves do you want to remain free and independant or do you want to end up like Britain, and Australia, living in a NANNY state, where your leaders know what’s best for you. All they will ask of you is that you give up your independence, and do as you are told.

  13. This is just a tool they are trying to use on us. Well no more. There will be no more lockdowns or staying apart from family and friends. There was never a pandemic, just Democrats trying to control us. Trump 2020

  14. This guy is, as others have spoken, is nothing but a demo hack. To bad President Trump took his advice and passed in to the American people. But he is not my dad or anything related to me, so Fauci can go to and stay put. I don’t believe a thing he says nor would I follow any of his advice. Get your family together this Thanksgiving, may be our last if we don’t get our President back for another 4 years.

  15. Get rid of Fauci, biggest liar in America. He has been on the Democraps side since day one of the COVID he is evil, he must be Pigloci brother, he would love a lockdown so they would have the control of the people, their minds and their souls. President Trump will be elected, they cheated their way in the WH, God knows that Trump is the right leader for this country. Bless President Trump and his family. We love you and will pray for you.

  16. I will abide by the WHO. Who say, “Lock downs are no good.” I am one Republican who will give the FINGER to Grabem and Guesome and the rest of the Demonscats. I am also banning the mainstream media! Anyone care to join me? Let’s all ban them, put the hurts on their ratings and blame Covid for it. Anyone with me???

  17. How dare Fauci, the evil old grandpa. He should already retire. Hasn’t he made enough in his 50 years living off the taxpayer? These people are totally worthless. And now on top of everything they cheated to make Biden president. The old fool has dementia and is a criminal and traitor working against US with China. This situation is disgusting.

  18. Why are no Dems contracting Covid? Maybe Fauci helped China engineer it and knows how to combat it. Follow the money, or the hydroxychloroquin? Who else has any money invested in the Wuhan project? Who is invested in the Major drug companies…going to make a big profit..immunization. Why so demanding for all to receive it and be “permanently” certified? Chipped?

  19. Its really sad that i have to go through crap every time i go to a doctor’s appointment or just to the damn store. I live in Florida and i have people moving to my state from Canada, new york and new Jerseys and im wondering how this is possible when these are infected with the covid 19 what up with that

  20. Would like to see him make me I am not a comrade yet. The whimp could not fight his way out of a paper bag. As a wesele maybe.

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