July 23, 2021

Fauci finally admits it: Extended lockdowns could cause ‘irreparable damage’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the biggest influences on the Trump administration’s coronavirus response, just made an announcement that sent shockwaves through the nation.

Fauci told CNBC’s Scott Wapner on Friday that extended lockdowns could cause “irreparable damage and have unintended consequences,” a stunning reversal from his previous insistence that the US is moving too quickly on plans to reopen. 

Fauci has been remarkably quiet in the last several weeks but roared back onto the scene with the shocking admission that it’s time for a change in national policy.

In his first media appearance in weeks, Fauci was asked by Wapner to respond to a tweet from  former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who asked whether the “the public health benefit from broad lockdowns at this point worth such extreme damage to livelihoods?”

Fauci responded that “We have no disagreement … depending upon the dynamics of the infection in the particular state, city, region, county that you’re in we certainly want to in a cautious way, reopening.”

“We can’t stay locked down for such a considerable period of time that you might to irreparable damage and have unintended consequences, including consequences for health,” Fauci continued. “And it’s for that reason that guidelines are being put forth, so that the states and the cities can start to reenter and to report.

Fauci had previously warned on May 12 that “the consequences could be really serious,” if the economy reopens too quickly.

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63 Responses

      1. He’s quite underwhelming. Suicide rates are skyrocketing. I’m a UCLA trained, boarded Psychiatrist. This man has overlooked SEVERE mental illness issues from the start. His idiocy has also resulted in SURGEONS BEING LAID OFF. Cancer biopsies and chemotherapy delayed, cardiac surgeries delayed.

        I’m going to not comment on his skills as a virologist. Poor epidemiologist, imbecile on mental health issues, Epsilon Semi Moron on economic issues.

    1. I believed that from DAY ONE, had NO trust in him & believe he has been working for The Left all along!!!

      1. who is left its truth fuchi or a deceiver trump who stole your realit and you now believe trumps deceit its in you deceit is the devils work

        1. Just exactly what are you trying to say? Trump ha been right on, most of the time, and our medical advisers keep changing their minds with the wind. What is taboo today will be beneficial next week. Seems they are like our weather people guessing most of the time.

      2. I agree! Never trusted him he was thick with Obama, WHO, Gates. And has money invested in a sister company to Wuhan lab! No trust in him, this seems like it was all a plot to ruin economy because they could find no other way to go up against Trump! Also a tryout on controlling the citizens completely! I definitely think it was man made and done in purpose not caring who died ! A quiet war on us all, and I feel very bad for those who died because of it! They’ve gone too far this time!

        1. You are absolutely correct! The left has been fighting for control since Trump was elected. I too, believe this was a test run, and was a purposeful attack from the beginning. We need to oust all of them and turn this evil around!

        2. All labs should be shut down and all experiments be banned and destroyed. Natural medicines should be used and produced in clinical trials, not labs. Scientists are only doing research on high profit grants from the government.

          1. I agree 100 percent. This is a test run for world order. They wanted to see how dumb the American people are to see if they’d obey. Well we know which people fell for it the Democrats. This is all for vaccines so they can track people just like China

      3. You are so right. Fauci has actually been working with China since the 80’s in developing this Corona virus and many forms of it!!

    2. This is the biggest scam in our history. This is a nan who is loyal to Bill Gates and they own almost all patents on virus. This was a setup to make Trump look bad. This is the lengths that Biden, Soros and Obama pushed. It’s a farce and this country was set up. The whole intent was put the virus out there scare people to death for the purpose of vaccinating everyone in America to be surveillance . This is a crime and probably the most disgusting thing in our country. WAKE UP AMERICA THESE FUCKING CROOKS WANT CONTROL IF OUR EVERY MOVE. STAY NO

    3. Everybody in this whole crap “investigation” is fake. A lot of unworthy people got a lot of press. Good for them. That “press” has now turned against them. The truth will out. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP !! WE ARE OUT HERE AND WE LOVE YOU !!

      1. Amen those of us that love our beloved 🇺🇸 country will be voting him back in come November, and NOT BY MAIL!!!

  1. Time to Re Open time to ReO pen you will not want to look back and say we should have. To not ReOpen is not option there is not a come back from it.

  2. Fauci and Trump have done an incredible job despite the Fake News mucking up the works at every turn. These news agencies should be shut down indefinitely as the ownership is crooked and stacked against Trump and the truth.
    The US deserves a credible press and we don’t have one. The corrupt owners are backed up by Super Pig Soros who wants America socialized.

    1. Agree that their are issues we haven’t seen from Dr Fauci and I don’t believe what’s that old saying half of what you hear and only some of what you read or is it none?

    2. YOU ARE SO RIGHT !!! The so-called PRESS is crooked. People are finally beginning to notice. Lying to people who are very aware of the truth is a dangerous game. I challenge all of you. (Although only the smart ones will reply.) Listen to Rush Limbaugh for one month. One lousy month. For most of you, it will only take a couple of weeks. You will finally hear the truth. I don’t care what you think about Rush Limbaugh – he has his finger on the pulse of this nation. Listen – just give him one hour the first day. And a little more each day – I guarantee you’ll be hooked! He makes more sense than anything else you’ll hear on your radio. And if you can’t take the big leap, try listening to Hannity for a few days. Then Rush will come easy!

    1. I am torn at what Fauci is. Is he a fraud? a Con man? a Liar moved by ideology? an outdated MD? ALL OF THE ABOVE? Hard to trust a man when so many different facets of his persona have come to light. no?

      1. He’s all of the above. Plus Fauci is good buddies with Bill
        Gates & the world Health Organization. All bad news!!😡👎

        1. Exactly, you hit the nail right on the head there Sandy. I also read he was/is on the Clinton Foundation’s Board.
          I have absolutely ZERO TRUST for Faucci!

          1. Agreed the more I learn about him the more disappointed I am.He continues to be revealed as someone I cannot trust.

  3. My personal opinion is that he is in with the Socialist and they are trying to take this country into Socialism and I pray to the Dear Lord that this does not happen if it does that will be the end of our freedom and our Constitution and we will be ruler by a one party.

  4. Places of worship should be listed as ESSENTIAL! In these trying times people need their place of worship to assist them in standing true to their belief instead of turning to alcohol and drugs for comfort. Heads of worship are every bit as important as the doctor placing the ventilator on a hard pressed breathing person.

    Too many Governor’s are trying to play “god” for personal and political gain

    In order for America to remain the America it was founded on the socialist “americans” need to leave our country and never return. Go live where socialism already rules

  5. I don’t care what changed the Dr’s mind I am just glad he has changed his tune. There are people ready to just break loose and get their civil rights back. We have had enough of people enjoying their short term dictatorship it’s time to get back to work and if you want to wear a mask that’s great but if you don’t want , don’t. Let’s get this country going again. The Dems can sit on their hands for all I care.

  6. Fauci is not a scientist. He is a typical politician, double-faced deceiver. From the time this whole ordeal with the virus statred Fauci was giving contradicting advice time after time. He told everybody through January and February that the virus is not dangerous to us, he said that WHO can be trusted, he said that we don’t need to wear masks, etc.. And what about the numbers, charts, graphs – all of it was wrong. At every turn he continued to pretend that he knows what he is talking about. His 15 minutes of fame are up.

  7. Im smelling a rat!! I wonder if hes saying this to coax everyone out so they get infected??? He is Gates co-conspirator, and a friend of the Clintons! Kinda hard to tell at this point, Maybe that’s why he hasn’t said much in the past couple weeks, hes been brainstorming with his crew??!!

  8. I think it’s a good thing the States are reopening.Bottom line nobody really knows what’s gonna happen but we have to try people need to be able to support there families. I personally think all stores should make customers wear masks for a month it won’t kill us I don’t like them either can’t breathe good with them on but if it could help our Country battle the disease and be more apt to help us knock this disease down quicker I’m willing to do what it takes . I’m a senior citizen and can stay home longer so people who need to support a family can get out and do so. I think the United States learned a valuabrle lesson with this Pandemic.Cant close a country down to long. President Trump and his team did a good job. But it’s time to respond to the people. and pray that God will guide the President and the people in the right way to proceed. My heart ❤️ breaks for all the people who lost loved ones . Had China been honest and forthcoming we would not be in the position we are not just the United States but the whole world. China should be held accountable for there actions!!!!!!!

    1. Those silly masks DO NOT STOP VIRUSES. They are a complete waste of time. They are just a control method frightened sheeple, so the powers that be can see how easy it is to control the ignorant masses

      1. Absolutely true! I refuse to wear them, I have medical issues that preclude me from wearing them. Fauci is a dick, I got a paper at my Dr’s office saying the CDC recommends nit wearing masks unless infected or think you may be. If you are or think you may be, you should stay the hell home!

    2. Wake up people. Dr Fauci is not what you think he is. He’s involved with China, Bill Gates, and yours truly Barrack. This is the biggest sham on this country and anyone with a brain knows it. This is about control people. It’s a plan to surveillance everyone of us. Good God take out your bible it is clear. Obama is the ring leader. WAKE UP AMERICA


  10. Exactly, you hit the nail right on the head there Sandy. I also read he was/is on the Clinton Foundation’s Board.
    I have absolutely ZERO TRUST for Faucci!

  11. Dr. Fauci has actually been indicted! I found out the other day when running across a video clip on U-Tube by David Zublic whose channel is named “The Truth Unsealed”. I saw it on May 19th, I think. To me, that alone explains his big change of mind. Check it out for yourselves. Blessings!

  12. the first day i saw him i felt he was evil. he is too chummy with clinton, gates ,soros and obama. all demos who want pres trump to lose election. also pelosi and schumer . not one of them is worth anything.

  13. SOMETHING ABOUT HIS FACE ………….gave him away as being nothing but a two timing dishonest lying SOB.

  14. President Trump is the people’s President, totally for the people! The Dem’s seem to love Illegals more wanting them to get stimulus money, social security benefits paid healthcare or anything else they can take away from real Americans. Pelosi and her crooked lying cronies its horrible they hate America and real Americans that built this country.

  15. Fauci is worthless !!! He goes back and forth more than a ping pong ball . If he’s on one news channel , he says one thing , if he’s on FAKE NEWS cnn , he says something else .

  16. Over 500 Doctors wrote a letter to President Trump stating that their was no need for the lockdown anymore.
    So who would you believe? 500 doctors or one demonrat socialist? Plus, all of the “specialists” that made videos saying this was all wrong got deleted. Why? Because they did not want the truth to get out. Why do you think they counted ALL deaths as being from the virus, even if you died of a heart attack or in a car wreck? Fear is what they wanted instilled. This has been nothing but a ruse to control as many people as they could.

  17. This should be Fauci’s swan song never to be heard from again. He is a total fraud in the pocket of Bill Gates and Soros no doubt. He has done irreparable harm to this Country and millions of small business owners and lower income workers. He has acted like a dictator. PRESIDENT TRUMP had no choice but to listen to him however, he started to separate himself from Fauci’s crap about 1 month ago after he gave Fauci enough rope to hang himself. Fauci needs to be replaced at the NIAID on Tuesday 5.26.2020.

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