June 22, 2021

Fauci admits CDC is not following the science with guidelines for vaccinated individuals

Dr. Anthony Fauci just brazenly admitted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are making a judgment call on the latest travel guidance regarding vaccinations because there is no data to support their decision.

“When you don’t have the data, and you don’t have the actual evidence, then you’ve got to make a judgment call,” Fauci said in a CNN interview Wednesday.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated, “We are really trying to restrain travel at this current period of time, and we’re hopeful that our next set of guidance will have more science around what vaccinated people can do, perhaps travel being among them”

The latest guidelines frustrated the nation’s airline industry. The U.S. Travel Association urged the CDC to relax guidance on travel.“We feel it is critical for U.S. public health officials to set goals for relaxing the official guidance around travel.”

Not everyone agrees. Fox News host Dave Rubin commented, “The Infallible Fauci is a fraud and should be ignored at this point.”

Rubin added, “Go live your lives instead of praying at the alter of overpaid government stooges who are drunk on power they never intend to give away.”

Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire host and commentator, tweeted, “Fire Fauci.” A second tweet added, “All he has done for weeks is undermine the incentive structure for getting vaccinated — the measure that spells the end of the pandemic.”

Fauci’s reference to the CDC’s judgment call could be applied to all Americans. Citizens have the right to make a judgment call whether to continue listening to the doctor’s ever-changing advice or to move on with their lives.

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59 Responses

    1. He’s lying since day 1. They all are. This is the UN, CHINA AND THE WHO trying to take the world under their control. I’d rather die of a virus.

      1. I have believed, from the beginning, that this is all about control. To see how far they can push us before we rebel and then, heaven knows what they intend. Maybe all of those National Guard in DC are there to put us down.
        If other scientists (and there have been many) have a different view or different evidence they are immediately shut down and not allowed to offer a contradictory fact. The MSM, FB, Twitter and YouTube all shut them down.
        I cannot believe what has happened to my country.
        Thank you, John Roberts, you worthless coward!

        1. Well stated. I have not his out at home this past year or now. I live each moment without being fearful. Front let the government steal your freedom.at 81 I still steer my shipm

    2. Its WHAT we figured out LONG AGO, “USE “YOUR” BEST JUDGEMENT, “NOT” that of ALL THE EXPERTS”, because in the END they are just “GUESSING’ what to do, and most of the time THEY HAVE BEEN “WRONG”, just ask FLORIDA and TEXAS!

      1. What is an expert. an “ex” is a has been. A “spurt” is a small stream of water, commonly called a “drip”, since it is “ex” that means that it is all dried up.

      2. Only the six should be quarantine not the well and they’ve been lying the whole time it’s a fake plan dammit, I know it’s real but it’s a 99.8% coverage know they got to go all of them people live your life


        1. You bet! and Fauci has worked with these deadly viruses and had been funded by our own govt. Fauci wants to use our country’s sick to further his studies. He throws out to us different scenarios to actually see if there are changes and if there are none he will mix it up a bit for the next trial run. Do you think for one second that our govt. would allow more sick and illegal immigrants if they actually are concerned for our safety? Why are nursing facilities across the country being given $$ for every dead covid victim? They are looking into NY and just how much they have taken in so far.

  1. We’ve got to end this NOW. This is ridiculous. Let people make up their own minds what they would do. These guys are too overpaid. Get rid of them all.

  2. They want to ruin our country this is what it’s about to make us all go bankrupt so we our depended on them for money instead of working! I say open it all up and let the american people decide what’s best for them!!! God we need trump!!!!!

  3. Highest paid govt. employee in the US and a pathetic so-called scientist who changes his statements every other day.

  4. Get rid of Friar Fauci and you get rid of the lefts strangle hold on power, Big Tech and MSM would not like that.

  5. Highest paid quack in the US spouting different story every day!!! Go joking Lyin Biden @
    Camp David playing video games u BOTH WONT BE MISSED WITH U MUMBLING JARGON!!!

  6. Hey, he makes over $400,000 per year (plus benefits) so he must know what he’s doing. Right??? Well, maybe not!

  7. “When you don’t have the evidence, you have to make a judgement call”? That’s what Fauci said. Baloney When you don’t have the evidence, you keep your mouth shut. That’s what’s wrong now, too many judgement calls and no evidence. WE need to open everything back up, go back to work, kids go back to school. If people don’t want to do it, let them stay home. These politicians that don’t want this to happen are loving the control they now have over the people. They can act like dictators, have the power of a dictator, but not be called one.
    Fauci was an unknown before the virus, nobody had ever heard of him. Now he has his mug on TV almost everyday acting like he knows what he is talking about, but has no evidence, just a judgement call. His “judgement calls” are killing this country. He has a different “Judgement call” every time you see him. His judgement calls” only last a day or two and then he changes them. He has a salary of over $400,000 a year plus benefits. For what? A “judgement call”?

  8. Fauci is overpaid and has too many monitory ties to China and the vaccine. He is trying to ruin our economy to help China. Give him the boot and put in a doctor that doesn’t have ties to China

  9. That is all he has been doing all along making judgement calls none of them know what they are doing. You will never know for sure how many deaths are actually from this virus when the C.D.C. said most were not the libs made them change their minds

  10. I’m just wondering… if we disregard fau and others and use our God-given (oh, woops — they don’t like God, either) brains and judgment isn’tTHAT what quashes the power?

  11. Maybe if you don’t have enough evidence to make a decision, YOU SHOULD JUST KEEP YOUR DAM MOUTH SHUT !!! Haven’t these idiots caused enough damage yet ??? Fauci and his CDC have just about as much creadability as BLM, nothing but liars and fools !!!

  12. Fauci is fake just like the liberal left Democratic Party. He is paid big bucks to lie, cheat and steal. He wouldn’t give President Trump the truth because the money was to good from the left. Pathetic old man who should choke on his money.

  13. So thank you Dave Ruben for actually making comments on TV that so many American people make on a daily basis about the CDC and fouci the fraud. We don’t wear any masks, never have since day 1! We actually get out often and live life.

  14. Mr. Fauci (did not call you a doctor),
    It is best if you keep your mouth shut. Nobody is asking for your opinion anymore as you have intentionally led the people astray. Americans are NOT stupid as you make them believe to be. SHAME ON YOU for taking advantage of us.

  15. Fauci lies people die same for Cuomo
    Is Biden next?
    Wishy washy day 1 on Task Force then to now\
    & they think were stupid.
    DONT trust CDC, WHO, NIAD NIH numbers
    Know 1 knows or Hiding truth.
    Or Cover up for more control
    Notice No 1 said when lockdowns END .
    Since last year IE guesstimate.
    Now Biden says July (really) for sure?

  16. Fauci has been playing seesaw since the virus broke out! The CDC and the WHO both are a bunch of lunatics and have been pushing their scientific bullcrap the whole time. The WHO has been covering for the Chinese and the CDC doesn’t really know what they are doing except confusing the heck out of everyone!

  17. Fauci has known for year’s that the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are harmful and poisonous to humans and he’s pushing them anyway in order for the Gates Foundation to continue it’s eugenics plan.

  18. Fauci and his cohorts at the CDC can stick their opinions up their butts where the sun don’;t shine

  19. What virus ?? How many people do You all know personally Who caught this
    ” virus” ?? . Learn to think about that . This is a power grab from all of You and Me . Research numbers of dead from the “Virus’ locally and just the “Virus”

  20. But there are NO TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA OR THE REST OF THE WORLD from the southern US border…no testing, social distancing, masks, etc. etc.

  21. Well with Democrats in control of everything in the federal government, you can’t.
    The only thing that I can think of which I am not sure of, would be an emergency meeting of the COS ( Convention Of States ). I know that it is not in the constitution, but this is not a normal situation, with the Democrats in charge of all three branches of government. So! as the Democrats would do, as they did when they impeached Trump, change the rules. And as they did in the 2020 election, change the rules. Use the COS as a way to put pressure on the Democrats, to force Biden to under go a physical and mental exam. Just a thought, worth a try, maybe?
    No conformity and a Forth of July. So Joe!
    If you can’t handle it go back to your basement.

  22. What Biden has done is irresponsible, and a detriment to the country, and the people. He has opened the border to, not just to illegals he has exposed the people to a reemergence of the corona virus, as well as illegal drugs, human trafficking, and all kinds of criminal activity. He is irresponsible and has no business in the position he is in. He is putting the country and the people in grave danger, and needs to be removed from office, we know that he is mentally challenged. Anybody that can not see this is either not looking or does not care.

  23. Fauci needs to be fired and kicked completely out of our government. He always is lying about everything.

  24. First, no masks
    Then 2 weeks masks
    then 3 weeks
    Then 3 months
    Then 100 days
    Then 18 months.
    Then late 2021 or mid 2022.

  25. COVID survival/never infected rate in US is 99.84%. Worldwide it’s 99.9%. Masks proved to be ineffective. TOSS YOUR MASKS, I only use mine in medical settings. And get the vaccine. This is NOT A PANDEMIC. SYMPATHIES TO FAMILIES AND FRIENDS. AVERAGE Death: over 82, 2 serious and diseases.

  26. At least Farci is on the same wave length as China Joe. Spinning in circles appears to shorten the graph’s downward spiral.

  27. All I can say is if Biden does not like the way a Neanderthal thinks, then he should quit hiring them. Case in point Jen Psaki, if she circles back any more I will be getting dizzy.

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  29. I have been meaning to post about something like this on my site and this gave me an idea. Cheers.

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