May 19, 2022

Fast Track COVID-19 Vaccine to Teachers So Schools Reopen

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are becoming available, governors nationwide must prioritize getting it to teachers so America’s schools reopen without delay. We simply cannot allow millions of children to continue to be isolated at home staring at computer screens all day. Remote learning is harming their physical and mental health while denying them a quality education.

This attempt to protect our nation’s children during the pandemic is doing more harm than good.

Let’s start with the obvious: Children staring at computer screens while being sedentary 6-8 hours a day is increasing their risk of getting diabetes and a host of other deadly diseases. “Study results have demonstrated associations of prolonged sitting time with premature mortality (1-3); chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer (4-7); metabolic syndrome (5,6); and obesity (5,7),” in adults reports the CDC.

Similar negative health consequences could be affecting children as well. A 2015 study published in the National Institute of Health found: “The consequences of excessive sedentary behavior are not well understood in the child, but there is growing evidence that with increasing sedentary time, cardiovascular risk in childhood also increases… Our findings show that a 3 (hour) period of uninterrupted sitting causes a profound (33%) reduction in vascular function in young girls.”

That’s just the physical toll school closures and lockdowns are having on America’s kids. What about the mental health effects on our youth If the spike in Emergency Department hospital visits over the past six months is any indication, then our nation’s children are in serious trouble.

“Beginning in April 2020, the proportion of children’s mental health-related ED (Emergency Department) visits among all pediatric ED visits increased and remained elevated through October,” a recent CDC study found. “Compared with 2019, the proportion of mental health-related visits for children aged 5-11 and 12-17 years increased approximately 24% and 31%, respectively.”

You read that right. School closures and lockdowns have resulted in a 24% to 31% surge in mental illness in once-healthy children. Hence, President Trump was correct when he warned, repeatedly, that we must not let the cure be worse than the disease with respect to mitigating the novel coronavirus.

His sensible calls to reopen schools should not go ignored to assuage the self-serving interests of teachers unions.

With respect to academics and how remote learning is failing students, the receipts are in; too many students, coast to coast, are failing school or dropping out altogether. Massachusetts, a place once lauded for its institutions of higher learning, is getting a failing grade — or shall we say “no grade” — because more than 37,000 students have dropped out of public school thanks to school closures.

Among 400 school districts in Massachusetts, there’s been a decrease in 37,396 students for the 2020-21 school year as of Oct. 1. That’s a 3.9% decrease in enrollment compared to last year officials announced during a Board of Elementary and Secondary Education meeting this week.

This type of alarming dropout rate is happening all over the country, putting our nation’s youth at risk.

Failing grades are another distressing trend we’re seeing nationwide. “Report cards from the first weeks of the school year show more students than last year failing at least one class,” reports the Texas Tribune. “Students are turning in assignments late, if at all; skipping days to weeks of virtual school; and falling behind on reading, educators and parents report.”

In California, students — especially minority students — aren’t fairing any better. “Grades of D and F have increased in the Los Angeles Unified School District among middle and high school students in a troubling sign of the toll that distance learning — and the coronavirus crisis — is taking on children, especially those who are members of low-income families,” reports The Los Angeles Times. And make no mistake; minors aren’t just falling behind academically. It’s also causing an increase in drug abuse. Unsupervised teenagers are also more prone to get in trouble with the law and engage in other high-risk behaviors such as unwanted pregnancies with schools closed.

So, when teachers unions say it’s not “safe” to reopen the schools, they’re only looking out for themselves — not America’s children whose lives are being irreparably harmed.

Bottom line: Parents must contact their local school committees and state representatives and demand that schools reopen. The cure has unequivocally become worse than the disease.

Adriana Cohen is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at


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Canam884 (@guest_1081188)
1 year ago

Didn’t like the truth of my comment?? Too bad.

Bonnie (@guest_1081205)
1 year ago

I’m always intrigued when people stand up for teachers since the pandemic started. Teachers were at home like all of us were in the beginning and rightfully so. But when things began to open up and solutions could be found to begin teaching again, they rejected the idea saying they were afraid! That’s a bunch of BS! They don’t want to go back to work – meanwhile, American children have lost almost one year in their learning from which they will not recover. Distance learning is a sham – easy for teachers but terrible for students. Less able children have regressed; average children have not progressed; and more capable children have not been challenged. Parents are not able to teach their kids because of lack of material and background. Teachers’ unions and uncaring politicians have sold out America’s children and teachers have bought right in. They all deserve to be whipped! Unfortunately, I believe the BIG LOSERS are the kids. I pray for our country and our children.

rick (@guest_1081209)
1 year ago

I have a question. Is this a real pandemic, or just an overblown Dem panic? Just asking!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1081464)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

It is a Spamdemic…

Deanna Benton (@guest_1081989)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

Come on, put the dots together! All of the shenanigans are tied into a neat little package called PROTECTING POWER (and money). [Research ‘the [email protected] Re$et’ which aims at a 1 world view of redi$tribution and yes “pandemics” are in there, so is vaccination and population control]. Don’t believe that these politikin life-longers (and union leaders) are altruists. They play “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” to get and hoard their piece of the pie, then can’t help themselves to more and more pieces. [email protected] of acquisition doesn’t matter. They’ve become embolden over the years. This is why the [email protected] struggled so hard over the past 4 years, using every trick in the book, in attempts to disgrace and dislodge the current true altruist that was voted in (to dry up the [email protected]). The ‘incoming’ head swamper is bringing the leaches along with him. The swamp MUST remain the swamp even under the transmogrified excuse of “getting back to normal”; which the [email protected] are now pronouncing as TRUST. And the teachers unions are all-aboard with the swampees. They ain’t dumb – don’t bite the hand that feeds ya. Forward is backward and backward is forward – welcome to [email protected] @lice!!! For Enquiring Minds: New report just out says 89% of those that now RIP in one [email protected] had Do-Not-Revive orders as they were terminal anyway. Now how many of those were reported as Co-vid? What would the [email protected] numbers be if each [email protected] cleaned up their [email protected]? Do the math people! 98% recovery rate. For those under 65-70 yrs recovery is way better, if one even gets it at all.

Sheila (@guest_1081424)
1 year ago

This whole thing is so totally ludicrous! Australia has been doing remote learning for years a d years and years VWRY successfully! Apparently our “teachers” are absolute wusses!!!



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