June 30, 2022

Fake news can’t convince most Americans that protests are peaceful

Scott Rasmussen of Just the News published polling results this week revealing what registered voters think about the BLM protests/riots in many major American cities since the death of George Floyd on May 25.

The polling included 1,200 people, more women than men, more Democrats than Republicans, and more people under 55 than over 56 and older.

The poll posed this question: A number of large cities, such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Kenosha have experienced protests and riots. Have these protests been generally peaceful with only minor violence or have they been primarily violent riots? 

48% of voters responded that the protests had been primarily violent riots with only 40% saying that the protests were mostly peaceful. Rasmussen clarified the findings:

There is also a potentially important gap based upon where people live. Suburban voters, a much sought after demographic, believe by a 48% to 40% margin that the protests have been primarily violent. Most urban voters (53%) believe they have been generally peaceful.

The surprise here is that city dwellers are more likely to believe the protests are mainly peaceful, while suburban residents see them as mostly violent. The disparity is even greater for rural voters, 62% of whom view the protests as violent:

In rural America, 62% believe they have been primarily violent.

Rasmussen pointed out that President Trump is hoping that rural voters will go to the polls en masse to vote for him.

This is a segment of the population that [President Trump] is hoping will turn out in large numbers to vote.

The results of this poll are guaranteed to drive the mainstream media nuts as they have worked overtime to convince Americans that the protests are peaceful. But their media spin can’t erase the images of screaming BLM supporters, Americans being dragged out of their cars and beaten, and little children shot to death by BLM “protesters.”

In spite of their efforts, Americans see for themselves cities that resemble war zones like Kabul, Baghdad, or Gaza, with graffiti, trash, and buildings boarded up or burnt to the ground. Americans of every stripe can see the violence acted out nightly, the Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and other projectiles thrown at police and innocent bystanders.

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SilverRascal (@guest_1046330)
1 year ago

Ya know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the protest are violent. Anyone who can see a television for 3 seconds knows that’s not the case. Anyone who believes the protest are peaceful, as you watch buildings go up in smoke or auto dealerships burning so hot hell couldn’t hold it, then you are terribly deficient in brain cells and blind as a stick of wood.

Emmett Anderson (@guest_1046386)
1 year ago

violent these blm are terrorist the police should shoot them, and it will stop really quick

George "BUFFALO" Kehl (@guest_1046450)
Reply to  Emmett Anderson
1 year ago

Yes Emmett Anderson, I totall agree with you. Look at tha one leader of the ANTIFA, when he was arrested he cried just like a baby. These losers need to be pit down as the rats that they ar. give them at least10 years iin prison and I’m pretty sur the inmates in Prison will take good care of these rioters. A lot o the convicts in prison need some new boy-girlfriends and these convicts sure do need some new meatto take care of, after all these convicts in prison need some thing new once inawhile, if you get my drift, hahahahah…..

Mark J. (@guest_1046402)
1 year ago

You’d have to be on a Joe Biden level of an incoherent rambling mental patient to think any of these riots with looting, burning, assualts and murder are peaceful protests…
Only a looney toon DemocRAT would try to sell these riots as peaceful protests!



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