May 17, 2022

Facebook whistleblower goes public ahead of sworn testimony

Ahead of planned testimony before Congress, a whistleblower has stepped forward to accuse Facebook – her former employer – of stoking the flames of division in this country by prioritizing what she characterized as dangerous content in order to maximize profitability, something sure to upset the company’s allies on the left who have long benefitted from its bias.

During an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Haugen explained that Facebook works to amplify “hate, misinformation, and political unrest” and claims that her own research of internal documents supports that contention.

Haugen told the network’s Scott Pelley, “The thing I saw at Facebook over and over again was there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook. And Facebook, over and over again, chose to optimize for its own interests, like making more money.”

Hired by Facebook to work within its Civic Integrity unit and address issues with misinformation regarding elections, Haugen’s frustration came to a head when it was announced that the group would be dissolved following the 2020 presidential race.

“They told us,” Haugen said, “’We’re dissolving Civic Integrity.’ Like, they basically said, ‘Oh good, we made it through the election. There wasn’t riots. We can get rid of Civic Integrity now’ Fast forward a couple months, we got the insurrection.”

The former Facebook employee’s primary complaint appears to be that the platform’s algorithm is aggressively manipulated to push forward content that is “hateful, that is divisive, that is polarizing” because its “easier to inspire people to anger than it is to other emotions.”

Haugen contends that while Facebook implemented “safety systems” to reduce so-called misinformation during the run-up to the election in 2020, “as soon as the election was over, they turned them back off or they changed the settings back to what they were before, to prioritize growth over safety,” adding, “and that really feels like a betrayal of democracy.”

While Haugen’s revelations have been hailed by some as striking an important blow against social media manipulation of the masses, as the National Pulse reports, this so-called whistleblower is also a longtime donor to Democrat political candidates, including radical progressives such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), causing some to question precisely what she wishes to achieve with her revelations.

In the wake of the unconscionable censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story last October and the long-term suspension of former President Donald Trump from the platform, there is no doubt that the truth about Facebook’s nefarious ways needs to be publicly revealed, but unfortunately, Ms. Haugen’s background suggests that she doesn’t actually mind such blatant stifling of free speech, provided it is directed at the proper parties.

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