July 23, 2021

Exit polls confirm shocking enthusiasm gap between Biden and Trump

Democratic candidate Joe Biden mainly campaigned from his basement when he wasn’t “calling a lid” to simply hide for days at a time in the 2020 presidential election. So why in the world did anyone vote for him?

As it turns out, exit polling showed his voters were twice as likely to consider pulling the lever for Biden as a vote against Republican President Donald Trump rather than voting for Biden nearly half of the time. By contrast, Trump’s voters were casting 3 out of 4 ballots in favor of their candidate with only 22% saying it was in opposition to Biden.

Biden’s voters thought “judgement, trustworthiness, honesty, and stability” were paramount, while Trump’s backers saw “judgment, mental fitness, effectiveness and strong leadership” as important qualities in their candidate. Clearly, the media’s false narrative about Biden prevailed over decades of proven dishonestly and Biden’s recently revealed prevarications.

The poll was taken between Oct. 30 and Nov. 3, as a snapshot of voter attitudes as they cast their ballots. Now, with vote totals changing daily in key states as Trump is forced to file lawsuits against voter fraud, it’s hard to know where the final tally will land despite those voter attitudes.

Other exit polling data has turned conventional wisdom on its head. Trump did better with Black and Latino men and women in the 2020 presidential election despite the media and pop culture insisting that Trump was a racist.

As it turned out, Biden’s entire candidacy seemed to hinge on simply not being Trump. There were days at a time where he would simply check out and not make appearances on the campaign trail or in front of the media. It seemed as if his handlers decided it was better if nobody remembered who Biden actually was and focused instead on their opposition vote.

Even his official platform was flimsier than the “Hope and Change” nonsense of former President Barack Obama whom he served with as vice president. Biden stuck to things like nebulously promising to “shut down” the coronavirus and not the country without providing any actual alternative strategy.

If ever there were an empty suit candidate, it was Biden. The man who has been in politics nearly half of a century is close to being elected as president only because of who he wasn’t. If only his voters did a little digging to find out who Biden truly is, it wouldn’t even be close.

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62 Responses

  1. What the heck about this is really bad for Biden? NO POLITICIAN cares why people vote for them, only that they do. Really stupid subject line.

    1. Biden and Harris are nothing more than lying, cheating, thieves and traitors! You’re exactly right, when you say, “NO POLITICIAN” cares why people vote for them, only that they do”. You just defined the Democrat mindset to a “T”. You can go and vote for Biden but, you will be voting for a liar, thief and traitor! Is that what you really want to do? I think that I’m just a normal American Citizen but, I’m totally opposed to letting liars, cheaters, thieves and traitors take over the control of my country!

      1. You nailed it. I don’t understand why people would vote for Biden/Harris when they have told you what they plan to do. We sure don’t want to end up like Venezuela. I’ve heard that it really isn’t a vote for Biden, but against Trump. If this is true, there is many many ignorant voters. I’m still praying that President Trump

    2. All owners of the msm should be arrested lined up against the wall and shot for treason along with all the top echelon of the democratic party as well as the top echelon of the FBI and CIA. IF YOU DON’T CUT THE HEADS OFF OF THESE CORRUPT ORGINIZATIONS AND MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF THEM, THEY WILL NEVER STOP!!!!

      1. Common Americans have blind patriotism to the anti-American democrats and RINOS corruption which they are cowards to it! Patriotic Americans are just as the blame as the others for NOT having the guts and fortitude to go against the anti-Americanism of the democrats!

  2. As bad as it sounds, I think we are better off with Biden than his Vice Presidential pick and the current Speaker of the House. President Trump is a go-getter, not Biden. If given the choice of enacting legislation or taking a siesta Biden would be snoozing all the time. Unfortunately for the nation, the media painted President Trump as evil when everything that he has done is for the good of the country. Apparently, most people don’t give a damn about the country, until they lose their freedoms. Then they’ll be crying and saying, “How did this happen?” I can answer that, you believed in the media that is corrupt and just plain disgusting.

  3. the greatest President ever is trump promises made promises kept! No war!! if biden is voted in as President ih will be voted out on not mantally stable and Kamala Harris wi;ll become the President!! just think about what you have done to Our nation!!

  4. President Trump WON the election! Demonrats knew they had to cheat to win and that is what they are doing. If we the people allow them to get away with it, America will cease to exist.

  5. I cannot believe our President is having to deal with these corrupt, evil, Democrats, Yet again. Again, President Trump was right.,As AMERICANS ,having voted, for the BEST PRESIDENT I/WE will ever know in our lifetime.
    Deserve to see him, in office where he belongs. And those who created this fraud and deception, MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!

    1. Angela, do you really believe they will be held accountable?? I think it would be great but there is as much chance of that happening as all dems being honest!!

      1. We the people have got to hold them accountable by any and all means necessary. It is time to END the demonrats before they end the country!

  6. Clearly on mail in ballots says not to use sharpies. The Dems says it is okay to count them. This is wrong. My girlfriend went to vote and they used a sharpie only to find the vote was rejected. Now that is messed up. I can’t believe Arizona!

    1. The ballots tell us to use only a black ballpoint pen. I’m 100% for Trump, but everyone needs to read the instructions!

    2. I hope she files a report! They are asking for anyone that had problems to let Trump’s campaign team know! They need specific issues to go to court

  7. Never ever underestimate the Democrats ability to MANUFACTURE votes overnight when no one is watching! This may be second ONLY to Obama being “elected” in terms of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

  8. Democrats had it planned to cheat all along and if they succeed Kamala Harris will be your next president .She won’t be mine but she will be yours you know who u are.

  9. It appears that a multitude of stupid voters in this country just cut off their nose to spite their face. They just cannot stand prosperity because for one reason or another they don’t like the president. He has done more for this country than any other president has done in my life time and I am very old. I would strongly suggest that all of you liberal lovers learn to speak Chinese as Biden is sure to sell us out to China and as we change over to solar & wind get ready for the coming blackouts. It will be easy to obey the lockdowns as you will have no power to charge your’e eco friendly electric car and the poor folks won’t be able to find or afford gasoline. There will be no incentive for the folks from oppressed communist countries to try to migrate to the U.S. because they will just find more of the same here. God help us as I am sure the radical liberals won’t.

      1. OMG, I hate to even imagine what will happen to us if the democrats get in office. They’ve already messed up when the previous Dems were in control.

    1. God only helps those that help themselves! It’s time for all the frightened Americans to put their fears aside and do what’s necessary to protect and save our country. If you don’t, don’t you dare complain about what’s happening to you or your loved ones!

      cry when you realize that you just sacrificed the lives and futures of you children and grandchildren

      1. Lone wolf, you sure said it all !! Just too many frightened or stupid people to stop what’s happening to this once great country. They just might see it AFTER ITS TOO LATE!!

    2. You’re so right about so many stupid people. They listen to the lame stream media which is owned & controlled by liberals. I have already made up my”mind”. Don’t confuse me with the facts!!! I might have to actually think!!

  10. I know exactly where Trump went wrong!! He didn’t hold any Rallies at Cemeteries, or at Grandmas appealing to her Dogs and Cats!!

  11. Why don’t anyone look at how many register voters are in each state and see how many votes were cast that tell everyone so much voter fraud and that state should be eliminated immediately of any votes

  12. Well, we had a pretty good run, almost 250 years without a civil war, but that is about to end, LOCK AND LOAD, THE WAR IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER !!!

    1. America is finished when o biden gets in office
      Hope all of you that voted Harris in as president and she will be sooner than you think are happy with what you have done to America
      And piglosi will be vice
      America vb is done
      3rd world USA

  13. I guess what I say, is too close to the truth! All of these sites say send in how you feel, I do! Doesn’t ever get published. Are you guys sincere in your belief that the truth you believe, is the truth that should be told? Or are you like every other site too doggone chicken sh–t!!! To tell people what I believe is happening in the government. Because if you are you play into the hands of the Democratic party! With censorship!!


  15. America is finished when o biden gets in office
    Hope all of you that voted Harris in as president and she will be sooner than you think are happy with what you have done to America
    And piglosi will be vice
    America vb is done
    3rd world USA

  16. I have voted for the last time. There is no reason to vote the politician are going to to who they want in. The fake news and big tech pushed a narrative against president Trump and the dumb people voted just like a puppet on a string. Biden will be dope smoking Harris’ little puppet. Just goes to show when you have money it doesn’t matter if you got it illegal or if you got it working hard it doesn’t matter you are above the law if your a democrats. Now we will see the prosecutor will get fired for investigating the Biden’s if a investigation even gets started . One question for Nancy Nancy when sniffy Joe blocks Hunter from facing justice is Joe going to still be under the law. You kept saying no one is above the law in the sham impeachment against president Trump.

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