May 20, 2022

Ex-Cuomo aide pulls back the curtain on governor’s ‘cool dude in a loose mood’ persona

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been soaking up the adulation of partisans for months as he positioned himself as the calm and collected master of COVID-19 amid the pandemic chaos.

Ex-aide Alexis Grenell came forward to burst Cuomo’s bubble in a scathing op-ed published on Thursday, charging the governor with being a “snarling attack dog who gaslights fellow Democrats and deploys staff to call his female critics ‘f—–g idiots’.”

As the nation grappled with a rising COVID-19 outbreak in March and April, Cuomo’s state took the hardest hit, and the governor’s initial response earned him heaps of praise as he calmly ushered his constituents through the devastation.

It was a wise move to immediately position himself as a sympathetic but decisive leader from the outset so that after he ordered thousands of COVID-positive patients into the state’s nursing homes, his decision would not be questioned by the media. It didn’t hurt to be part of a New York Democrat dynasty.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo asked his brother in an April interview, “I’ve seen you referred to a little bit recently as the ‘love gov’ and I’m wondering if that’s bleeding into your demeanor at all and making you a little soft on the president?”

Andrew Cuomo responded, “I’ve always been a soft guy. I am the love gov. I’m a cool dude in a loose mood, you know that. I just say, ‘Let it go, just go with the flow, baby.’ You know. You can’t control anything, so don’t even try.”

Grenell’s characterization of Cuomo stands in stark contrast to the Cuomo brothers’ affable public image. In one particular instance, Grenell accused Cuomo of launching into a “Trump-style tantrum” at a press conference after a reporter asked whether schools in New York City would be open the next day due to concerns about increased COVID-19 cases in the city.

“First of all, let’s try not to be obnoxious and offensive in your tone because you’re 100 percent wrong, these laws have all been in effect for months,” Cuomo snapped back at the feckless reporter. “I don’t know if you were here, or you were paying attention.”

From there, Grenell wrote, “it devolved quickly into a hot screeching mess: ‘We did it already! That’s the law! An orange zone and a red zone! Follow the facts!’ … The whole show ended with Cuomo standing behind the dais shouting at the entire room, “New Yorkers are doing a great job, and don’t demean them. It’s disrespectful to New Yorkers!”

What happened to “just go with the flow” there?

Grenell ripped Cuomo’s “self-congratulatory book” — entitled American Crisis — that was released “at what he calls ‘half-time’ in the crisis” as an “undignified victory lap by the facts-first persona that won him legitimate praise to begin with, underscoring the point that for Cuomo it was always more about presentation than substance.”

The former aide concluded:

The whole thing was already very Through the Looking Glass before the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced on Friday that they were awarding the governor an Emmy for his “television shows with characters, plot lines, and stories of success and failure.” Next he’ll be playing himself in an Aaron Sorkin movie, taking three points off the back end. Aside from having just barely survived the delusion that elevated a reality TV character to the presidency, we’re now giving a real-life governor an entertainment award for doing his actual job.

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David Miksad (@guest_1080540)
1 year ago

An entertainment award for NEVER doing his actual job!!!

Neen (@guest_1080542)
1 year ago

Cuomo and baby brother are f—ing pigs and corrupt as hell.

tib (@guest_1080854)
Reply to  Neen
1 year ago

I couldn’t say it beter myself

steveo (@guest_1081009)
Reply to  Neen
1 year ago

and to top it off they gave him a 25k raise!who says crime doesn’t pay?

Mark Smith (@guest_1080543)
1 year ago

Cuomo should be sent to Prison for MURDER of thousands of Elderly that he forced into Nursing homes with the VIRUS, and His reasoning was to make him look good and Trump look Bad. he is a big part of the DemonRat take down of America, he needs to be, Hung for Treason and MURDER

Donna Hahn (@guest_1080624)
Reply to  Mark Smith
1 year ago

I agree Cuomo and his brother need to be tried for Treason and given death penalty .I also think the Dimacrats all ready have a vaccine you don’t see any of them sick with vivid.They new it was coming because their part of it.Republicans we put in office need to grow some guts and stop the Dems from braking the laws and Constitution arrest them now.

RowZ (@guest_1080696)
Reply to  Mark Smith
1 year ago

That’s what I am thinking too!

Ron Naumcheff (@guest_1080544)
1 year ago

Cuomo needs to wakeup, and do his job before he becomes nothing more than a mouthpiece for a political party.

Joseph Mitchell (@guest_1080765)
Reply to  Ron Naumcheff
1 year ago

I agree arrest all the Democrats in office especially the s_ _ t stirrer. Arrest Hillary, Obama , Biden & the c_ _ c k head son. They all guilty that’s why they tried to impeach President Trump. Trump won that election by a land slide. Don’t forget about the FBI and CIA also.

moon (@guest_1080545)
1 year ago

cuomo needs to be ran out of this country. We dont like DICTATORS

Diane (@guest_1080546)
1 year ago

Coumo is a freaking loser I hope God punishes him for sending old people to their deaths freaking butt nole loser.

rm (@guest_1080560)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Gov. Cuomo and his brother caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Problem solved.

Dolly (@guest_1080547)
1 year ago

you all are flipping idiots!!!
Can’t believe any of you because you have NO idea what is right from wrong.
This includes, anyone that wants to put a great president down and instead rig the poles (computers) or what the heck they are using these days….(people?)
We are experiencing the “Deep State” in all its glory…….
Read the history books………..
American is allowing these morons to totally destroy our love of country and how we got here.
Like the old saying goes: “A bunch of communists”
What goes around comes around……..when do we stop being dictated to?
It’s the government against the American people…..GRRRRR

Papa Bear (@guest_1080551)
Reply to  Dolly
1 year ago

It has been the government against the people for a long time. They’re just coming out from behind the curtain where they have hidden for years, ’cause the think the have brainwashed enough useful idiots in the commie indoctrination centers we laughingly refer to as schools of higher learning!

iamvirgo (@guest_1080561)
Reply to  Dolly
1 year ago

Soon it’ll be We the People against the government! Cuomo is a joke! He thinks he’s relevant! He effed up NY & blames everyone else! People see thru this m0r0n!

Howard (@guest_1080549)
1 year ago

Dolly, I really wonder if people will ever get get enough of being dictated to? Sure doesn’t look like it!!!

Howard (@guest_1080550)
1 year ago

What really gets me is that time after time after time, people keep putting people like Cumo into office. Now I ask you , whose fault is that????

Forever Trumper (@guest_1080564)
Reply to  Howard
1 year ago


Katydid (@guest_1080555)
1 year ago

Obviously President Trump didn’t have enough time to “drain the swamp” because the swamp is too big and Pres. Trump had to do it all alone. No help from the wimpy Republicans (except for a few) and definitely no help from the fake media, and all the other East Coast elitist that are either on the government payroll or getting huge contracts from the government. Of course they don’t want their “gravy train” disrupted.

Follow the money!!!

egg (@guest_1080603)
Reply to  Katydid
1 year ago

Our Prez. Trump isn’t quite finished trolling the leftwits. The real world and the SCOTUS hasn’t finished with the lawlessness the call the Democratic party. Stay tuned for Trump coming through this and then letting those on “his” side exactly how he feels with their loyalty.

MB (@guest_1080556)
1 year ago

The issues are related between the NYC and the Boroughs vs the upper sanction of the rest of NY
And the money trail…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

TOM (@guest_1080559)
1 year ago

cuomo and his idiot brother are scum of the earth and both should have their teeth knocked out or jaw broke what POS THEY ARE

James A. Fleming Jr (@guest_1080563)
1 year ago

Cuomo is a frigging corrupt murderer.. No telling how many older people he is directly responsible for their deaths. We are fast approaching a point of no return where we must have a resurrection against the Evil Democrats,Republicans and our so called Federal Government. How much proof does America need?

Vickie (@guest_1080605)
1 year ago

Lets all Americans that love our country and president Trump pray god steps in and gives us our president, Country back. And send all these evil demos back to their leader Satan that they have put before god .time for KARMA

Jesse (@guest_1080616)
1 year ago

Anyone with half a mind could recognize that Cuomo is a fake, phony and fraud. I don’t know why Democrats don’t see that. It’s like they have blinders on when looking at their own political kind. I truly believe it’s in the genes.

Karen (@guest_1080751)
1 year ago

“Facts” Mini Mussolini Cuomo?! It’s NOT the “law”, (it NEVER went through Legislative process!), it’s EDICTS, DECREES handed down by a FOOL drunk on power, NONE of which are based on science, are inconsistent, often contradictory! WTP of NY must RISE UP!

Linda Stockton (@guest_1080784)
1 year ago

Do you notice that the states with dummycrat governor’s with the strictest lockdowns have the most COVID cases? These evil whore mongering devil worshippers will soon face the wrath of the One True God and then they will know who is really in charge!!

Shay (@guest_1080980)
1 year ago

People get what they pay for. New York voted Democrat. Hard to feel sorry for them when they make the same mistake over and over. Same with California, Oregon and Washington state. Why would anyone vote for higher taxes, anarchy in the streets, elevating crime rates and more. Cuomo has ruined New York and will continue to do so until they rename it ” Apocalypse City”.

raymond lombardi (@guest_1080985)
1 year ago

Andrew Cuomo needs God in his life, no matter what he believes or wants!

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