August 9, 2022

Ex-Antifa member: Antifa is anti-Trump not pro-Biden or the Democrat party

A former member of Antifa is calling out Joe Biden to condemn the violent anarchist organization. Gabriel Nadales, a former member of Antifa in 2011 and author of “Behind the Black Mask: My Time as an Antifa Activist,” criticized Biden for his hypocritical call for unity while refusing to denounce Antifa by name. Nadales told Fox News:

For the last couple of weeks, Joe Biden has been calling for unity among Americans but you know where he could really start? He could start by condemning the violence perpetrated against President Trump’s supporters.

 “If Joe Biden really wants unity among Republicans and Democrats, he needs to stand strong with the American people and call Antifa out by name.

Biden might be reticent to condemn an organization, Nadales explained, that he and other Democrats said was just a myth or idea.

But he’s probably not going to do that because he’s been on record already saying that it’s just an idea and he doesn’t want to admit that he lied.

Nadales explained how the Democrats don’t really understand what is motivating Antifa, and they don’t understand that Biden is not the guy Antifa wants in the White House.

Joe Biden is actually not the preferred candidate of Antifa. This was a myth that was perpetrated by a lot of people in the mainstream left because they saw Antifa as their ally because they made it seem like it was primarily against President Trump.

Antifa is not an arm of the Democrat party, Nadales explained, but an organization bent on destroying all American institutions.

But Antifa is a much older movement and hates American values and the Democratic Party because they’re against all American institutions.”

As Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and others refuse to call out Antifa and BLM by name for their violent acts against Americans, the organizations grow in power.

Nadales expressed concern that they would become too powerful as mainstream media and politicians that stand to gain from their violence cover for them. He urged Democrats to denounce Antifa for the threat they are.

And the first step to stopping Antifa is to acknowledge that it is a threat. But unfortunately, people like Joe Biden, they don’t even want to admit that Antifa exists.

Throughout the long months of 2020, Antifa and BLM have had their way with many Democrat-controlled cities, terrorizing the business people and ordinary citizens largely without repercussions. They have been given carte blanche in cities like Washington D.C., New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland, turning the once beautiful cities into warzones.

Joe Biden’s calls for unity ring hollow as long as he and his party refuse to acknowledge and condemn Antifa and BLM by name.

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Charles E Schimpf (@guest_1076157)
1 year ago

Biden is scum and belongs in prison.

Jp (@guest_1076197)
Reply to  Charles E Schimpf
1 year ago

This is a guy that’s going to maybe become President running our Country because people did not open their eyes or check on the policies that he is going to provide. People just did not like Trump so they voted for whomever was running against him, which happened to be Biden. Not to mention Socialist, Kamala Harris running for Vice President. What a sad situation. Hopefully, they will come to the bottom of these illegal ballots for the next election. Who can trust elections from now on.

allen osborne (@guest_1076362)
Reply to  Jp
1 year ago

Programmed voting machines should be illegal from now on–paper and ink and poll watchers are sorely needed.

MARY (@guest_1076217)
Reply to  Charles E Schimpf
1 year ago

agree 100 %the whole demoract party are scums they all need to be removed.there a disgrace to our country.

David Paquette (@guest_1076231)
Reply to  Charles E Schimpf
1 year ago

They all need to be doing life in gitmo with no priviledges , or hot in a fireing squad for treason.

Norma (@guest_1076412)
Reply to  Charles E Schimpf
1 year ago

I agree, Charles. He is a very corrupt, racist, hypocritical man who has no business in the WH.

Gerard M. Harkins (@guest_1076462)
Reply to  Charles E Schimpf
1 year ago

” Come on man” , time to be kind… Scum is to good, How about POS…lol

Robert Ulmer (@guest_1076176)
1 year ago

Antifa will take and take if there are not stopped look a the northwest seatle they have hard drugs legal there in Europe and now it’s spread to the state’s. If it’s not stopped soon it will be to big to stop I’m warning you now. Just watch and see. I have been in the street fighting them they don’t care who they hurt and Soros in feeding them money and many of them come from households with money. There mostly white young men and women there a lot smarter than people are giving them credit because they train there people. Stop them now before it’s to late!!!!!!!

vickie (@guest_1076204)
1 year ago

Well if the Biden satan grew gets in it’s going to be hell for 4 years.but after this election the Democrats will never win another their secret is out. I think this election will turn most off the next election no more voting.

Betty Acosta (@guest_1076210)
Reply to  vickie
1 year ago

I’m afraid that if they win this election they will do things even if they have to write new laws(they will do whatever they have to do) to stay in power and never risk losing power again.we already saw they were sooo desperate to win they cheated and defrauded the voters and this election and America.they were scared.we saw how scared they I dont think they will ever leave it up to chance against like I said I dont think we will ever have a free n fair election again after this.I seriously would not be surprised if they brought Obummer into the White House n made him a dictator and kept the White House until he dies n they find a new obummer.a mrs obummer would not surprise me.they are that desperate…and I dont think they will ever risk losing power again.thats why I’m sooo scared of them winning.America will have a dictator if Trum ppl loses.i mean if lyin.hiden.biden.wins cuz Trump never lost if Biden wins it’s by cheatin.only way.and I’m serious.God Bless America and if he does the trump will win.amen

Jenn (@guest_1076215)
Reply to  vickie
1 year ago

Vickie, What I don’t understand is just ‘why’ would anyone vote for Biden in the first place? He’s totally incapable of being the president of this country. I realize that many voted for him b/c they didn’t like Trump & they felt this was a good way to get back at him. What they did was cut off their noses despite their faces.
It’s a given that Kamala will take over when Biden can no longer do the job. Actually, I’m surprised that he has gotten this far. And if a person is halfway intelligent, they realize that Kamala is not what our country needs right now. Obviously CA didn’t need her or they wouldn’t have voted her out like as they did.
This will eventually come back & affect the Democrat party. Like you stated, this election will turn most off the next election no more voting. How sad…here our voting was so important to the American citizens & it would appear as though some ‘sore losers or sour grapes’ have done this to our country.

Betty Acosta (@guest_1076205)
1 year ago

Dim-ohhh-craps are destroying America.they dont care about America or Americans.only thing they love are money n power.—power power n more power…they would let America burn to the ground (they almost did) to make Trump look bad if they thought it would give them more votes to get their power back.their power to destroy America and put more money in their pockets.

Bob (@guest_1076228)
1 year ago

bidens definitions of unifying and united certainly do not agree with my definitions. God help our country!

Bonnie (@guest_1076237)
1 year ago

Totally agree, Jenn!

verona verona (@guest_1076356)
1 year ago

Look in the dictionary the meaning of the word——–dEe-fA_Lt ?!

Joe (@guest_1076359)
1 year ago

Put God back in schools, and in one generation we would have a Christian nation.

Felix (@guest_1076405)
1 year ago

What is missing here in the comments, is that most true patriot American people will not tolerate a dictator. Regardless who it is, westher is Obama, Biden or anyone else. There will be a civil war and then really SHTF. Millions armed Americans will hit the streets and wipe out every Demonrats, Antifas or BLM. Soros will fie soon and even if his son yakrs over, he will not dtand s chance. America always will be America and there is no one who will take that away from us. Wr are warriors and will rather die than live in our knees under a dictator or opressors of our sweet liberty. God bless America!!! Always and forever. Amen!

FbsfBrome (@guest_1221588)
1 year ago

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