July 4, 2022

Evidence against Cuomo is “overwhelming” in misdemeanor case involving aide

New York law enforcement has “an overwhelming amount of evidence” against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo concerning the alleged sex crime an aide is accusing the former governor.

According to a report by CNBC the Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple made that statement the day after the accusation against Cuomo caught the attention of the media. 

Apple said that he and others involved in the case were markedly surprised by the abruptness of the docketing of the complaint and how quickly it was leaked to the media following its filing with the Albany City Court on Thursday.

When questioned the sheriff said that the complaint will be reviewed to determine next steps, however, Cuomo, 63, stands accused of “forcible touching of a female executive assistant in December in the governor’s mansion,” according to CNBC and he is due in court on Nov. 17 over that case. 

Apple was asked if the decision to file a criminal complaint against Cuomo could have been politically motivated, as someone from Cuomo’s office alleged. The officer said that he was treating this like any other investigation involving a misdemeanor. 

Rita Glavin, an attorney for Cuomo, offered a written statement Friday saying, “The Governor did not assault [the accuser] November 16, November 25, some day in November when she was tasked with taking a photograph, December 7, or any other date. What Sheriff Apple did not say today is that the allegation is totally uncorroborated, and has been evolving since March,” Glavin said. “What Sheriff Apple did say about doing a ‘separate’ investigation from the DA, with ‘our victim,’ speaks volumes about his professed objectivity.”

“The timing of this charge, on the eve of Tish James announcing her run for Governor, is highly suspect and should give all of us pause that the heavy hand of politics is behind this decision,” Glavin said. We expect clear-headed people will make better decisions going forward, but should this case move forward we are prepared to vigorously defend the Governor and challenge every aspect of the specious, inconsistent and uncorroborated allegations made against him.”

In the complaint, Cuomo is accused of intentionally “and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly [placed] his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim …. and onto her intimate body part. Specifically, the victim’s left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires.”

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