July 4, 2022

Eric Trump exposes Clinton ties to Alfa Bank scandal

Eric Trump said it took five years for Hillary Clinton’s connection with the Alfa Bank scandal to become known.

The Alfa Bank connected with the alleged Russiagate scandal that was allegedly manufactured against former President Donald Trump is not being reported as connected with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“They wanted a headline in The New York Times or Washington Post saying, Donald Trump or the Trump organization under investigation by the FBI for ties with Russia which is exactly what they got,” Eric Trump said on “Sunday Morning Features.”

“For the two years that went past that, Pulitzer Prizes were won by writers all over the country about their great reporting on the collusion between Trump and Russia. And we all know now it was funded by Hillary Clinton,” he added.

Special Counsel John Durham is now focusing on lawyer Michael Sussman for lying about Trump over the incident.

“Durham, the federal prosecutor tasked with investigating the origins of the investigation, is targeting lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying about his client when he met with an agent to share dubious suspicions of a link between the Trump Organization and Kremlin-connected Alfa Bank,” the New York Post reported.

“The FBI later disproved the claim during the endless Russiagate investigation, as special counsel Robert Mueller’s team found itself unable to verify anything from the much-hyped allegations after two years of work,” the report added.

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