September 26, 2022

Eric Swalwell suggests Democrats may send a “criminal referral” to DOJ against former President Trump

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has strong sentiments about former President Donald Trump’s involvement in the Jan. 6 incursion at the U.S. Capitol. Unfortunately, Swalwell had shredded his own credibility long ago.

Swalwell said that the House Select Committee may send a “criminal referral” to the Justice Department for Trump’s involvement in the events that day, Breitbart reported. The California Democrat made this prediction Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“We want to know what is Donald Trump thinking, what is he doing, not doing,” Swalwell told the hosts. “We now know that concerned Fox News hosts, concerned family members, concerned legislators who were with me in the chamber are all aiming their concerns at the White House, and Trump is doing nothing,” he complained.

“And this is just one witness who is only giving us a very little amount of information, all the more reason to probe further,” he added. “Donald Trump may be on the hook for criminal liability,” Swalwell said.

“It wasn’t an accident that [Republican Rep.] Liz Cheney laid out the elements of the offense of essentially not acting to save the Congress while we’re performing the electoral college count,” Swalwell charged. “There may be a criminal referral that could take place there. They have a lot more to learn in that regard,” the Congressman said.

“It also matters for history, to hold the president accountable, if he did indeed incite and aim the mob at the Capitol and did nothing,” he claimed. Swalwell noted that the potential crime would be “obstruction of Congress,” though the electoral vote certification was held that day anyway.

Swalwell is trying to advance the Democrats’ narrative that Trump was somehow responsible for the incursion at the Capitol that day, likely in the hopes of cashing in politically. However, Swalwell has a credibility problem that became apparent when news broke that he had an affair with a Chinese spy while serving on the House Intelligence Committee, Fox News reported.

While he was sleeping with the enemy, Swalwell was in charge of keeping America’s deepest national security secrets. This is an elected official who can’t be trusted and lives in the proverbial glass house — and he has no right to throw stones at Trump.




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