May 6, 2021

Top epidemiologist blasts Dr. Fauci for dismissing hydroxychloroquine as valid COVID-19 treatment

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House’s top epidemiologist has been accused of running a “misinformation campaign” against the controversial anti-malarial-turned-COVID-19 treatment, hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale epidemiologist, has said in the past that hydroxychloroquine is “the key to defeating COVID-19,” despite the media campaign against the drug. Fauci, on the other hand, has consistently downplayed the drug’s potential as a treatment for the novel coronavirus.

Fauci said during a Thursday interview that “the overwhelming prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in [treating] coronavirus disease.” Risch disagrees with Fauci’s assessment, and told Just The News on Thursday that Fauci “has been maintaining a studious position that only randomized controlled trial evidence has any value and everything else he calls anecdotal.”

No randomized controlled trials — considered the “gold standard” of clinical research — have been performed in regard to using hydroxychloroquine for the specific treatment of COVID-19, though the drug has been used for decades as an anti-malarial, as well as for a variety of other diseases and disorders with a proven safety and effectiveness track record.

Risch has cited a dozen studies from around the world that prove that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment against COVID-19 when used at the right time and on the right patient.

Risch argued that the drug “shows benefits” in a set of strict conditions — “(a) early treatment of (b) high-risk (c) outpatients with (d) HCQ plus zinc, [azithromycin], doxycycline etc. for (e) hospitalization or mortality outcomes,” and explained that when used within these parameters, the drug is highly effective.

He blasted Fauci for ignoring the nuance of the current studies on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, saying that Fauci “smeared all over” those five conditions.

Risch pointed out that opponents of using the drug on COVID-19 patients have used evidence that it doesn’t work on “patients near death in ventilators” as evidence that it won’t work on “healthier patients in outpatient settings.”

“Why would you even entertain invoking a study on severely sick patients to bear on the efficacy of outpatients?” He concluded.

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56 Responses

  1. I can’t believe that the evil Dr. Fauci opposes the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatement for the Covic-19. I agreed with the Doctors who are promoting it usage as a early treatment for the Covic-19. I have said for months that Dr. Fauci needs to be fired for gross incompetent.

    1. The little man has been wrong to many times like he is playing the part for the corupt Democrats. Favors lock down till find a vaccine. The Democrats playbook.stop trumps economy. Use the virus for senile biden can stay in hiding and to cheat in mail in voting.Philadelphia, NJ,California has been caught cheating in person. TRUMP 2020

    2. I can believe it, because there is NO MONEY in it, for him, if people take a drug, that is already on the market! He and Gates have been working on a PLAN to vaccinate, and probably microchip, our children. Of course a few will die, but that is to be expected with a new vaccine.

      1. It’s not just that it’s already on the market, but that it’s so inexpensive to make and they can’t jack up the price for a course of it. Now Remdesivir, which is actually dangerous, costs only $9/pill but they feel free to jack up the price so it’s $3100 for a complete course.

        1. I agree Kayley. It all boils down to them not making tons of $$$$$$. Add to that the election in a few months. Oh but what the he** we’ll just let good old Americans die for no friggin reason! Grrrrrrrr this whole thing smells of BS!!!!

        2. Just another example of Democrats playing with lives and looking for the gold to line their pockets. Trump recommended the use of this Hydrochloroquine with Zinc protocol back in the beginning of virus break out. We are now finding out he was right but the Democrats and their medical experts do not want you to use it when they can come up with an expensive vaccine
          and make a big profit. However, how many will get the virus and die when they could have used this protocol and saved some lives? I have heard from many front line ER doctors working with Covid patients that have taken the protocol and recovered quickly and prevented more serious illness and use of ventilators and probable death.
          So sad that politicians may have weaponized a virus for political gain?
          Proud Veteran & Patriot

    3. Because their agenda is not wellness ..not interested in anything but winning the White House and you can die for all they care

    4. It’s more about he is hoping for a vaccine/anti viral med that will reap him a windfall. He is tied to Remdesivir.

    5. Who hired Fauci to his position? Whoever did, did not research any reviews on Fauci’s qualifications or they would not have hired him.
      P.T. needs to ignore anything that slips out Fauci’s mouth because it is lies or hyperbole — dangerous for the American people!

    6. Your qualifications?
      Or just establishing “truth” by repetition? Reading only right wing publications like American Digest?

      1. Hopefully we will all find out who is responsible, those involved and will be held accountable. If not by our own justice system, you can bet that God will surely punish those evil, immoral and corrupt. Unfortunately that will be too late for those that have suffered and died. President Trump was making America great again for over three years until this suspicious virus was released on our country and many other countries. The Democrats have attacked him since his election and continue to create chaos, hate and division in our country. Even with all that crap going on Trump has proved to be a good President and leader. Most of my family voted for him in 2016 and we will support him again and also vote to remove corrupt Democrats and Rhinos.

    7. He is a liar besides being incompetent !! He and his partners Bill Gates and the WHO organization are going to make more big money when tha vaccine is released!!! Make no mistake , Fake Fauci needs to be firef!! Will someone do it please?? In 2015 his study indicated that the drug works. Check him out…and his wife🙈🙉🙊God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

    8. Fauci is a fraud. He and gates do not want hydroxychloroquine to be used in any form that would hinder the development of a vaccine that would make gates even richer and fauci rich. Neither gives a damn if the vaccine kills thousands of people in the development. fauci has back tracked to many times and stated the wrong things
      too many times.

    9. I just read an article that Dr. Fauci over 15 years ago stayed in an article that Cholorquine would help in the cure of Corona viruses. Do you think he forgot tgat he made that statement or thought no one would find the article???
      If this article is true and he knew this for over 15 years surely there is some type of punishment for a doctor withholding this type of info and saying something completely different. Many people have probably died because this was not given to them at the onset of the virus!!!! I WOULD LIJE TO KNOW!!!!!

    10. I have read where he has $$$$ on a drug rev…… something I cannot spell. And that is why he is pulling his BS! ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY< AND TO HELL WITH US! Far TOO MANY have tried it and it works! Has to be administered at the beginning, not wait till its at its worst! Also he has to make OUR President look bad, he REALLY LIKES KILLERY!

  2. It cant hurt. Let it bee sold over the counter and whoever wants to use it with the advise of their medical physician do it. Why does the government have to interfere? We live in a free country and the drug has been used for 60+ years! Its none of the govenments business.!

  3. President must revamp the corona team. There are enough evidence that Fauci and current team are not capable and truthful! Fire them and replace from the frontline clinical doctors and Dr Risch.
    Then we will win this deadly pandemic. God bless America!

  4. Way too much evidence that hydroxychloroquine does work. What’s the holdup!!! It would solve SO many problems, doesn’t have to be complicated!!!! Everyone is beginning to realize the truth, fire them, they’re crooked!

    1. BECAUSE its cheap and BIG PHARMA is holding it back! Keep restricting it so many cannot get it! IF people want it and sign the OK! NO ONE should be able to keep it off the market!

  5. I agree 💯 fire them. They are seeking the crocked media, to build up there self seeking ego, to be famous. Media is so far up the butts of democratic crooked people like pelosi, AOC, The squad, they all need to get out of White House
    I’m hoping and praying Republicans win both House and Senate. Thank you

    1. Yes, with all the lies of the Democrats, I’m voting Republican all the way from top to bottom. To hell with Pelosi , Fauci, Biden and the CNN Cuomo, NBC ,etc and all those pro-Biden media. They don’t do but attack Trump left and right when they themselves don’t do any thing good for America. They want to defund the Police, instead fund the illegals and registered them to vote for them so they can control the country. What a sick thinking these Democrats are having. They want what is good for them but not for the Americans.

  6. Fauci needs to be placed on the list of morons: AKA,Pelosi,Schumer,Nadler, Comey ,Biden, Obama…….etc.

  7. I won’t take the vaccine but will try hydroxy I Don t trust fucci I believe there in bed with the Democrats to destroy trump and in with big drug company to get rich

  8. Phuck Fauci! Do this is now do that, Protest Ok, Church Not? I could go on but I’m tired of thinking about him.

  9. Well somebody has to be wrong and probably someone is right but which one is which that is the million dollar question.

  10. Once again Dr. Faucci is burned for false information. He’s becoming a “political Demorat Hack”!!


  12. Agreed…I heard and saw a very brave woman Judy Mikvits being interviewed. She was the author of Plague of Corruption. It was a very informative read. The woman was discredited, because she told the truth. She was thrown in jail for 5 years. If people could see her; and hear her; they would know she was honest and wanted to do the right thing.
    Many today worship money and power above all else. They will lie, steal, cheat and murder to maintain the status quo. Corruption is rampant in every industry.
    I trust in the Infinite…and know all these criminals will pay dearly for what they are doing. I pray that next lifetime, they will enter into the body of the swine that they are….and that their progeny will follow them.

    1. I saw and heard the same vid. She had been working on the virus cuz dogs and cats have the gene. F face had her office broken in and her papers stolen, and she was threatened. He took it to another country and jazzed it up and people died. The book is called Planned Pandemic. Tried to get it and B&N were out! Bet the books were trashed to keep it all hush hush.

  13. Another article on hydroxychloroquine which will be here today-gone tomorrow. I wish that somebody with the expertise of Doctor Risch, would make an educated guess (maybe based upon statistical information) which identifies how many people out of the 150,000 who died in America, could reasonably have been cured if hydroxychloroquine had been used as a treatment in the manner he outlined. The Democrats and the media (both social and mainstream) have worked diligently to maximize the number of deaths with the intention of using it as a cudgel to beat on Trump as a campaign ploy. It would be wonderful if Trump could throw a significant number of those deaths right back at the Democrats and their media.

  14. Fauci is in bed with Gates, Soros, and the demonrats! So is Brix! They all need to be jailed for releasing the virus THEY helped create! Americans need to see what is going on and fight tooth and nail to get ALL the demonrats out! Fauci is pushing Gates’ “ vaccine” to chip everyone and take control! Gates himself said” there is an insertion that will change dna” why would anyone want to take it? If he gets his way, we will all be “ tagged” like cattle, because nano chips will be in the vaccine! Please people, wake up, refuse any vaccines Gates is developing, we have to stop this before it gets started! And—— republicans elect President Trump again, we cannot let any demonrat win any office! If you aren’t sure, follow the money! Fauci, Brix, Gates all stand to make billions on THEIR vaccine, and to “ cull” the population! Who are they to say who should live or die? To them we are all useless eaters to be exterminated!

    1. Remdesivir is made by Gilead and the vaccine for COVID-19. China holds the patten on the drug through an agreement with. Gilead’s drug patent sharing the subsidiary branch called UNITAID, who has an office near Wuhan and main financial investors in UNITAID ARE George Soros, Bill & Melania Gates, and WHO.
      Another coincidence, that Gilead and UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. Also Fauci was the one authorizing millions to be sent to Wuhan Instite of Virology specifically for the study of Coronaviruses.
      Fauci’s wife also works at Gilead. Follow the money. Fauci was told to slap down the hydroxychloroquine. Democrats at work to
      Stop President Trump at the cost of people’s lives

  15. I no longer take Fauci seriously.
    After throwing out the first pitch, he sat in the stands elbow to elbow with two other people, not wearing his mask. He wanders around DC unmasked, because he is an important person, working for the government, thus exempt from the rules the rest of must follow.
    Now he says we all should wear goggles. Really?
    He is a petty bureaucrat trying to relive his glory days of 1980s and the AIDS epidemic.


  17. Who says Fauci has no money involved. He has a financial stake in Moderna who will likely have the vaccine. and the fact that he knew that this was yes not a novel corona virus. In 2005, a study was done using HCQ for SARs and was effective. He was the head of NIH then so he definitely knew of the study so he knew that that a vaccine would be possible for this virus. By negating HCQ, he paves the way for the for the vaccine thus making millions for himself. I’m not convinced that he didn’t know about the “accidental” escape of the virus. He was responsible for distributing grants to the Lab in the US that provided that then grants to the Wuhan lab in China after he must have known the security was poor. He definitely needs to be fired.

  18. Any virologists here? Or are you all Fox News cultists? I studied the work of Fauci and his team wiith HIV. No mention of Democrats or hiding anything, and I know hundreds of Dr. Fauci’s patients who are alive and living normal lives because of his work. Of course, these are actual people, not right wing propaganda.


  19. Don’t trust Dr. Fauci or BILL GATES! ONE BOTH ARE PUSHING TO DESTORY AMERICA FROM WITHIN! Gates already is a known MURDER in Africa. His claim drugs has kill lot of people living in villiage. Fauci PAY CHINA MILLION OF DOLLARS TO INVEST THE CORONAVIRUS! He to is LOOKING out for the DEMONcrat party!

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