May 23, 2022

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm escapes reporter demanding answers about energy crisis

There was a time when high-profile officials in a presidential administration would never get away with turning away journalists. Now with president Joe Biden, it happens routinely.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm refused to answer a question from Fox News Senior Political Editor Andrew Murray, Fox News reported. The reporter was blocked by her aides while Granholm was whisked away without comment.

“Hi, Secretary Granholm,” Murray said to her, startling the secretary. She was walking down a hallway surrounded by her entourage of aides having just given remarks in Houston at CERAWeek presented by S&P Global.

Oil prices continue to rage out of control, and the reporter asked about a possible solution involving Iran increasing its export to make up the shortfall left by a Russian oil ban, CBS News reported. “Is there any talk about bringing Iran back to the table because of gas prices?” Murray asked and was again rebuffed.

Granholm’s aides shielded her as she continued to walk briskly down the hall with her head down. Her press secretary Charisma Troiano advised the reporter to direct his questions to her while shielding Granholm. However, another question about opening pipelines also went completely unanswered and later an aide held a folder up in front of Murray’s cell phone camera.

Among the many poor policy decisions Biden has made, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline is proving to be one of the worst. At a time when America needs energy independence, that option has been eliminated — and White House press secretary Jen Psaki scoffed at any mention of reinstating it.

“If we’re trying to bring about more supply that does not address any problem,” Psaki said Wednesday. “The pipeline is just a delivery mechanism – it’s not an oil field, so it does not provide more supply into the system.”

Granholm has much to answer for right now, with energy prices climbing by the day. However, Biden and his administration feel they owe the press nothing.

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