July 27, 2021

Embattled Dem Rep. hit with ethics complaints over questionable stock trades

Corruption in New Jersey politics is not new. Still, one Congressman allegedly got rich off of the coronavirus pandemic and may have violated the law.

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) has been charted with ethics complaints by two watchdog groups for allegedly failing to publicly disclose stock trades worth upwards of $671,000, Breitbart reported. Both Campaign Legal Center and the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust reached out to the Office of Congressional Ethics Monday.

According to the federal STOCK Act, lawmakers are compelled to disclose any personal stock transactions within 30 to 45 days or face penalties. However, the Campaign Legal Center’s letter to the ethics committee outlined how the Democratic representative flouted that requirement.. “Rep. Malinowski repeatedly failed to comply with this requirement for over two years,” the letter said. “He describes this omission as an oversight even though he is an experienced investor and former political appointee who has been subject to the STOCK Act for over five years.”

Kendra Arnold, executive director at FACT, directly tied his enrichment to the pandemic. “It appears Malinowski was secretly trading stocks related to a national crisis, which prevented the public from evaluating whether his transactions were based upon information he obtained from his official position,” she added. On March 19, 2020, Malinowski sold around $15,000 worth of stock in Chembio Diagnostics, a company that makes testing supplies for infectious diseases, including coronavirus testing supplies.

Around the same time, Malinowski invested in General Mills, J.M. Smucker Company, and Peleton. There were more than 90 transactions that earned him over half a million dollars or more that have gone unreported, according to Fox News.

“It’s bad enough Malinowski broke federal law by failing to report these transactions, but even worse is the fact that he may have done it to hide trades that allowed him to profit off a pandemic while his constituents suffered,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Samantha Bullock said in a statement to the news outlet. Both the timing and the type of investments don’t bode well for him.

Malinowski’s defense was that he “has a financial advisor that makes trading decisions on his behalf without his regular input,” according to a spokeswoman. The congressman has offered to pay a fine should the House Ethics Committee demand it.

If this is true, it is the worst kind of corruption. Using the pandemic for political gain seems to be a common theme among many politicians, but this is low — even for a New Jersey Democrat.

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34 Responses

      1. When are we the people going to do something about all this BS.The time needs to be now what are we waiting for all we do is talk it’s time for ACTION!!!!!!

  1. Wow, in the last 2 years, so were 3 republicans, They were never tols rgat thet weregoing dowb

  2. Hallelujah, I just love hear about a corrupt neverTRUMP politician being seriously indicted,

    imprisoned, prosecuted and sentenced hopefully to death

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrumpMcEnany and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  3. It hard to stick a hand into a sack of flour, and when it is withdrawn, not have some of the flour on your hand.


  4. Nothing will happen to him because all of the dems are on the take and they are afraid of being caught. How about going after Pelosi and Schumer and Biden and son? Yeah that’s not going to happen.

  5. Bigger inside trader Feinstein, Biden and most likely the Clintons. It’s a felony to fo it. It would be a great idea to check the trading of every politician on the Hill.

  6. We all know there are 543 server criminals in the USA that should have been locked up years ago. 100 are in the senate and the rest are in the house. Top of the pack without a doubt in the house is Piglosi. In the senate McConnell. Now there’s even one in the White House with his little puppy dog right along with him. (Kamala not Jill) But Feinstein is jealous and is right on Piglosi’s tail.

  7. Great, just keep up the good work. Regardless who they are,, Democrat or Republican, If guilty they don’t need to be in Congress.

  8. If we the major tax payer knew the real truth about our worthless government rep’s and senators there would not be enough tax payer funded secret service to protect them and maybe that will happen because more transparency is coming to light everyday. WAKE UP PEAPLE!!!!


  10. Guys if they do go to jail it will be in a Hilton. We get motel 6 they get the luxury, what a punishment. Welcome to America. A new land where telling lies is perfectly exceptable in government.

  11. The Democrats want to look through ten years of Pres Trump’s federal tax returns prior to his taking office , well LET US SEE ALL THE SENATE AND HOUSE FEDERAL TAX RETURNS FOR EVERY ONE WHO SERVED THERE FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS .
    Do you think the democrats can stand the scrutiny ?

  12. he should be fined big time to discourage others from this action. the money profits should be given to the red cross [all of it]

    That’s the game played in Washington DC! The alphabet departments and our courts are so compromised we’ll not see justice in our lifetime, if one is over sixty years old.
    Justice WILL come to these crooks, though. God said: “Vengeance is Mine!”

  14. Hey big tech, my guess is every American real American is armed. So much for Pelosi’s big talk about background checks. She didn’t have one, but you better know every American is now armed. To late Pelosi, in fact YOU ARE THE ONE THAT HAS DONE HARM.

  15. 400 Bad Request

    Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
    nginx/1.17.8………I was faster than you big tech, the vote went through.

  16. Democrats always blame someone else or hire someone to pretend to be racist like the actor did that a judge threw out for no one knows why. They as much as murdered Trump with lies and the media was all in????

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