June 30, 2022

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are joining forces against Trump

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are joining forces to raise money to attack President Trump – and the partnership could be more than just a fundraising operation.

Warren is angling for a VP slot and is rumored to be on Biden’s shortlist for the position.

Fox reports:

Joe Biden is teaming up with former primary rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday evening.

Their mission: raise a lot of campaign cash.

Tickets for the virtual fundraiser – the first time the former vice president and the progressive champion from Massachusetts are joining forces to formally raise money – range from a low of $250 up to $100,000.

Warren’s presence at a fundraiser is puzzling, considering that she spent a good deal of time on the campaign trail and in debates railing against swanky fundraisers.

Fox again:

During her bid for the White House, Warren was critical of rivals who held top dollar fundraising events.

After Biden brought in $6.3 million on the day he announced his candidacy in April of last year — with part of the haul coming from a fundraiser at the home of a Comcast executive — Warren slammed him for attending a “swanky private fundraiser.”

Of course, like all Democratic populism, Warren’s wealth-bashing wasn’t sincere – it was just a talking point to gain support for her campaign. Now that that’s over, she’s doing the exact opposite in another desperate attempt at gaining power.

It’s a truly despicable example of what a politician should not be.

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Peter Guild (@guest_1009330)
2 years ago

Glad that Joe Biden made the worst choice possible.

Russ Remmert (@guest_1009336)
Reply to  Peter Guild
2 years ago

criminal to heap big liar when to we send smoke signals

The Redhawk (@guest_1009337)
Reply to  Peter Guild
2 years ago

What happened to Kamala Harriss…… Not Incompetent enough or =has Pocohunta said that she is BLACK???

Michael Davidson (@guest_1009567)
Reply to  Peter Guild
2 years ago

Exactly I know Some Democrats that don’t even support Warren, where in (Massachusetts)

Michael Davidson (@guest_1009568)
Reply to  Peter Guild
2 years ago

Exactly I know Some Democrats that don’t even support Warren, where in (Massachusetts)

sc (@guest_1009577)
Reply to  Peter Guild
2 years ago

When did Fakeahontis become a black person?

Jesuscoming (@guest_1009583)
Reply to  Peter Guild
2 years ago

They have a replacement for him whoever he gets for Vice President.epoch news and now the end begins true news

Jesuscoming (@guest_1009587)
Reply to  Jesuscoming
2 years ago

His Vice President would take his place or the one world leader that is to rise as one world government

Paul Jarrett (@guest_1009736)
Reply to  Peter Guild
2 years ago

Good move being a native Indian with her high cheek bone, close enough for her being woman of color she can do her war dance

Rodger Shull (@guest_1009331)
2 years ago

This is not a SURPRISE, she is as big of a TRAITOR as biden, now I wonder his he going to smell her hair ??

Don (@guest_1009332)
2 years ago

ROFLMAO…….so lying Joe is being joined by Liawatha/Wackohantas…….take your pick. That do make a pair. SMH.

The Redhawk (@guest_1009333)
2 years ago

AH YES another GEM by the (D) efunct Democrat party…..” WEEK END AT BERNIE” jOE BIDEN and the Cherokee PHONY SOCIALIST …. sounds like a lOSING COMBO again … besides Pocohunta will be the POTUS ( IF they ever won… nahhh) and Joe gets a State Funeral in 9 months …. THERE IS A CHOICE AMERICA….VOTE RED !!!!

Paula (@guest_1009335)
2 years ago

Not surprised she is another candidate I dont care for Trump is my choice for our President Trump 2020

Russ Remmert (@guest_1009338)
2 years ago

this setting polls on fire not

Mary (@guest_1009339)
2 years ago

I guess if she can be Indian, she can be black, too. Joe said he’s angling for a black female. Warren’s a real piece of work! She’ll do just about anything! Scary!

Bill Dunnif Biden picks warren (@guest_1009340)
2 years ago

If Biden picks is Warren that should be a victory for president trump. Warren is a liar and a disGrace to this country. She should go back to Cambridge and finally shut her mouth

Redcap (@guest_1009341)
2 years ago

She was confused. She thought she was Indian but she was actually Black. Go figure.

Mary Theresa Henninggs (@guest_1009344)
2 years ago


Jesuscoming (@guest_1009589)
Reply to  Mary Theresa Henninggs
2 years ago

We need to pray for America this is all in revelation end times they will be going through horrible times as god judges and sends judgement final judgement great white throne judgement they have till their last breath to repent ask for forgiveness receive jesus as messiah not they will go through a lot search four horsemen of apocalypse,demon locusts,famines world wide,earthquakes getting worse world wide,volcanic activity growing everywhere,and more than Armageddon countdown starts with a 7 year peace treaty broken with in 3 in a half years armeggedon at end one third of man one third of animals dead blood as high as a horses bridle this th middle of the beginning of the end then earth burned up made new heaven new earth new jerusalem no more bad no more tears all people lost sight lost legs all healed made perfect. Animals angels for the lost hellbound

Horst (@guest_1009347)
2 years ago

I guess the best thing we can do is sending both to Venezuela one Way with no return. Both are a disgrace to America.Thank you….Horst

John Myers (@guest_1009649)
Reply to  Horst
2 years ago

Some of us checked on that a while back. We can send Democrats at ,$10 cents a dozen as long as they can keep them with no back charging.

Horst (@guest_1009348)
2 years ago

Thank you

Bob Huerta (@guest_1009350)
2 years ago

Confusion, confusion, confusion Joe drop out and give the teins to Elizabeth. Joe you are lost!!!!! 👏

Cg (@guest_1009351)
2 years ago

Doesn’t matter who wants to join creepy joe.They’ll get to watch the Trump train rolling into Pennsylvania Ave again.
MAGA Trump 2020 re-elected!

Mary Lee Thompson (@guest_1009356)
2 years ago

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren belong
With each other, they both lie and are
Dishonest. Most democrats are just
Like them, lie and are dishonest.

Breaker 19 (@guest_1009358)
2 years ago

I guess Warren can wear a Blackface and pretend to be Black the way she pretended to be Indian.

FRANK LA VACCA (@guest_1009362)
2 years ago


Jim (@guest_1009367)
2 years ago

Warren will do whatever she can to become President including having Biden declared incompetent within 6 months IF they were somehow elected. Anyone voting for them needs to understand that this nation will cease to exsist within a year after the election and the USA will be a very dangerous place to live.

Patricia G Howell (@guest_1009372)
Reply to  Jim
2 years ago

Sad, but true. Demonrat Radicals are hell bent on destroying America. Vote TRUMP & RED in all races.

John Myers (@guest_1009652)
Reply to  Jim
2 years ago

I heard she has already packed a case of dynamite into her trunk.

Norman Isanisland (@guest_1009369)
2 years ago

Good! She would be a great choice for him.
She would ensure his loss!

Jim (@guest_1009370)
2 years ago

Yeah, Pocahontis is having a DNA test run now to see if she can claim that her real name is Jermima and she is a Black womn. What disgrace she is.

Alan (@guest_1009452)
2 years ago

That’s all the demrat can do.talk out the side of their mouth.they have no plan.just beat trump.they used the virus to crash economy. ,fake msm to push racism,got blacks burning cities down, tell cop to stand down.these evil dems dont care and biden is just a puppet.if they steal the election with mail in voting with illegals .I guess he’ll get his order from the dnc..corporate america and china .we can say good bye to our freedom..Trump 2020

nana (@guest_1009533)
2 years ago

Who Cares, If he wins he will be dumped and the VP will be president, the liberal socialist demorats just need him cause of his VP statics.

Delaine Hilzendeger (@guest_1009560)
2 years ago

Senile Old Man, himself will start another Race War simply by choosing a White woman for his running-crook. You think what’s her face in Georgia is going to stand by and let this slide? Here we go. Let’s see how she paraphrases this around Black Voter Suppression? GONNA BE A RIOT!

John Myers (@guest_1009647)
2 years ago

They still gottom injuns in Cambridge? AH, MANY SQUAW THIEVES RUNNING ON LAND. HUMPFF.

Jo (@guest_1009712)
2 years ago

The dems are doing a bait and switch. If Biden wins, he will be walked out (or carried out) the door ASAP and whoever the VP is will be president. The real contest is Trump versus the democrap VP.

When not a single candidate in the primaries can gain enough traction to beat out a sad old dementia ridden has been like Biden, the Dems resort to the criminal practice called bait and switch. How can any self respecting democrat go along with such a transparent disregard and disrespect for each party member? I would demand that they provide a real vetted candidate that I could consider, not a party selected VP to be shoed into the oval office as soon as possible. Are there no self respecting democrats out there? Are you so eager to elect a fascist/socialist that anyone will do? Join the Walk Away Movement and vote for anyone but Biden’s VP.

Don Borden (@guest_1009713)
2 years ago

Please God ,bless this country the dems have got a mess going to get rid of Trump.ever one vote RED!

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1029215)
1 year ago

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Rois Brewer Canute (@guest_1030325)
1 year ago

Você tem um fabuloso blog de graças. Rois Brewer Canute

Adrea Niel Lovmilla (@guest_1034424)
1 year ago

Olá e obrigado por este blog é uma verdadeira inspiração .. Adrea Niel Lovmilla

Polish News (@guest_1182917)
1 year ago

However, being a US production, modern puritanical attitudes prevail, meaning the violence is dialed way up, and the cleavage is dialed way down.



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