May 17, 2022

Election shocker: Only 19 percent of Michigan voters support re-election of Democrat Sen. Gary Peters

The polls are showing a landslide victory for Democrat nominee Joe Biden in November, but a Biden victory is no use to Dems if they don’t have control of Congress.

According to a recent Michigan poll, Democrat Senator Gary Peters (D-MI), is at risk of being removed by his constituents. Democrats are desperate to take back the Senate, and they can’t afford to lose a single seat in November.

The survey, conducted by Marketing Resource Group (MRG) found that only 19 percent of Michigan voters believe that Peters deserves to be re-elected.

Breitbart reported that “thirty percent of the likely voters said it is time for someone new, while a majority — 51 percent — weren’t sure.”

“After a six-year term, and with less than five months to go before the general election, Gary Peters has yet to convince voters why he deserves a second term,” MRG owner Jenell Leonard said at the time of the poll’s release.

This is horrifying news for Democrats, who have held the Michigan seat unchallenged for decades.

Leonard remarked that Peters’ Republican challenger, John James “has a serious shot picking up a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan for Republicans for the first time in over 25 years.”

Do you think there will be a red wave in November? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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John F Grychak (@guest_1009796)
1 year ago

If the smarter Americans would only vote out all the DimocRATS, and vote Republican, there’s still a chance that we can still save the USA from ruination, by the Leftists.

Every state that is having problems, are being run by the DimocRAT Governors/Mayors/Police Chiefs/City Council. Vote them out, and a big load of problems in the USA will be gone.

Dawn Doran (@guest_1010437)
Reply to  John F Grychak
1 year ago


Gary (@guest_1009813)
1 year ago

Victory for the “RED WAVE” in November ! !

Xuyen (@guest_1009955)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago


Joanna (@guest_1010273)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago


Douglas Peterson (@guest_1009822)
1 year ago

There will be a red wave. Republicans will take the house, and Senate @

melvin dean burns (@guest_1009986)
Reply to  Douglas Peterson
1 year ago


Janet (@guest_1010081)
Reply to  Douglas Peterson
1 year ago

I certainly hope you are right and I pray that we can change the direction of this country before a Civil War becomes necessary under the Second Amendment which calls for a militia and the reason for it.

Paul Flint (@guest_1010082)
Reply to  Douglas Peterson
1 year ago

Hell yea!

Bill dunn (@guest_1009833)
1 year ago

Don’t vote for biden. He is very corrupt. If you don’t believe me check out his record before you cast your vote. He will turn this country into socialism. If you don’t know what that is look it up or don’t vote

Esther (@guest_1009940)
Reply to  Bill dunn
1 year ago

He has, for years, pushed for cutting Social Security.

Joanna (@guest_1010275)
Reply to  Bill dunn
1 year ago

With all the sh*t hitting the fan about the unAmerican things the left are doing to hurt this great country & the People…Vote RED spread the word it’s up to us American’s to keep our country safe from evil!!!!!

Reggie (@guest_1009834)
1 year ago

People all over are waking up and seeing that these democrats are no more than a bunch of communists trying to take over our country.

PT (@guest_1009851)
1 year ago

People are hopefully waking up to see that Democrats and the far left are treacherous for this country. Republicans are the only ones who can move this country favorably for everyone of us. Examine all the damage Dems have done to take down America. Right now PEOPKE are living in fear of rioters Antifa and BLM. Republicans can give all of us a way to get together and resolve our differences. Democrats way is to slander and blame everyone but themslves

Wanda Carter (@guest_1009866)
1 year ago

He needs to be voted out. Not serving his people like he should. Go red.

Thomas (@guest_1009875)
1 year ago

Vote a Straight Republican Ticket
… President Trump needs a Senate and House that will work for the USA !

Bob E. (@guest_1009889)
1 year ago

Red tsunami is on its way. It can’t be stopped.

Joanna (@guest_1010276)
Reply to  Bob E.
1 year ago


Eva (@guest_1009895)
1 year ago

Democrats are like, the Emperor Who Wore No Close! The party has been hijacked, by Marxist Forces, the Party is running on the communist dogma. We are a Constitutional Republic, the Land of Law and Order!! These latest, riots, looting, stealing, and the like, has never been known, to win elections. Mr. Biden, is barking up the wrong tree, lies and hating President Trump, will also not do it for him! Nothing, the man says, makes sense, not mentioning, that without a teleprompter, he is incapable of construction, a sentence, that make any sense?? No one seems to be talking, about the man’s mental cognizance??? Is this the guy, you want, to run our country and in fact the world??? I don’t think so, neither will the “Electorate”, in November. The Democrats, have nothing, on the table, but misery, chaos, and a Marxist Agenda, that the country is not, and will not buy!! They need, a very hard, bad loss, to wake, this Party, that has gone so far left, that only a hard fall, to reality, will start them, on a better path, not the one they are on now. The country is not buying it! Mr. Trump, has a record, Promises He Made, were Kept. The Virus, is NOT his making, the losses, due to the virus, is NOT his Fault!!!
But, he is the only one, at this moment in time, who can bring us back, to where we were, and will be going.
Vote For President Trump.

Norman Isanisland (@guest_1009913)
Reply to  Eva
1 year ago

The Emporer’s CLOTHES!!!
Learn to spell!

Joanna (@guest_1010277)
Reply to  Norman Isanisland
1 year ago

Is school in session ??????

Sgt York (@guest_1009899)
1 year ago

Michiganders are a sad lot and a swell for a loon with Dementia to lead this country and be considered a world Leader is a complete tell all that they are not the Americans they pretend to be just party backers even If the one they back is a mental case hanging out in the basement so people won’t see the real loonie he has become.

Norman Isanisland (@guest_1009909)
1 year ago

WHAT polls are “showing a landslide victory for Biden”?
What pollsters are taking LSD now? (they MUST be tripping!)
Sleezy (oops) Sleepy Joe will not win!

Esther (@guest_1009943)
Reply to  Norman Isanisland
1 year ago

Well pot has been legalized. I think Biden stays in the basement toking up

Joanna (@guest_1010280)
Reply to  Esther
1 year ago

My thoughts exactly!!!

Tamara Walther (@guest_1009946)
1 year ago

Michigan needs to turn “RED” because they have pulled the state apart. I was born and raised in Michigan and I have seen the way the state go back on what they are supposed to be doing. They would allocate money for one project and then they would tell the people that there was not enough money to get things going. Money that was supposed to be used for public libraries they would only fix the library’s in the rich areas.

Barry w vann (@guest_1009965)
1 year ago

Look what the democratic( communist) mayors and government’s are letting happen to their cities! Why would anyone want to elect or re elect a communist for any position? All they want to do is destroy America. Make no mistake about it. It’s time to rise up America before our country is gone. Vote for Donald Trump 2020!

Sue Rich (@guest_1009983)
1 year ago

Good for Michigan. Wise choice.

melvin dean burns (@guest_1009985)
1 year ago

we need a red wave across America a landside for Trump Trump 2020

Joanna (@guest_1010281)
Reply to  melvin dean burns
1 year ago

Let’s hope America is listening ….. Red all the way!!!!! Trump 2020!!!

horntex (@guest_1010242)
1 year ago

I seriously doubt that Michigan would support Biden over Trump when they saw their auto industry leaving our shores under Obama/Biden. Trump brought the auto industry back. Voting for Biden would be like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. It’s almost hilarious when Biden stands in front of union members soliciting their vote while embracing AOC’s job killing Green New Deal insanity.

Sherri Pruett (@guest_1010274)
1 year ago

Written by a very wise man…..

This is why I pray for America everyday!
Lesson’s from my life in the Military (Army 1960-1968) & Air Force (1982-2000)

From my time as a Combat Engineer and Artillery Officer I came to realize that Rank (Income), Race, Religion, Gender, Education or Politics did not matter when the bullets, shells, and bombs started flying. We are brothers in arms, our lives depend on putting those things on the back burner. We are American soldiers, PERIOD! If you didn’t want to do that, your odds of coming back home were at risk! I cried when a soldier was wounded or killed, all I saw was the blood was red and they died fighting for each other! I cry when I see a soldier come home with an American flag draped coffin and feel the pain of the family that has sacrificed a loved one for this Country. It hurts to watch people kneel or burn the very flag they died for. I remember the pride I felted during a parade formation and hearing the National Anthem. I loved my country and still do, with all its faults and was willing to risk everything for it! I remember the treatment we got during the Vietnam Era when coming home, regardless which coast. I remember the spitting and name calling that greeted us. It hurt then, hurts now and is a scar that will go away when I die! It didn’t matter if you serve in Vietnam, it was the uniform they attacked!

We lost in Vietnam because the politicians ran the war from Washington. We lost because we are a nation of different values and can’t understand those who would wrap their own children in explosives and send them into a group of GIs’ to blow them up, just like I’m seeing our voters do today. What would you do? tell them to halt (stop) when you see them coming and hear their parents tell them to go ahead! Do you shoot them or let them come over and watch your fellow soldiers blown to hell! Makes me think about America today, you’re willing to allow people with this mentality come to your country, infiltrate your government and destroy the country from within.

I have respect for Lt. Audie Murphy because he was the most decorated man in WWII who didn’t have a PhD and very little education, but had common sense. I met highly educated Officers who couldn’t figure out how to turn on a military radio without reading the manual! I watched Officers play ball with the corruption in government to retire to a civil service job! Common sense makes a difference. Example, going through Officer Candidate School we had a college grad who, during a compass course came to a pond and lead the men through it. Which does damage to our equipment and the soldier as well based on the weather and time before you can change your cloths and clean your equipment? Once we got to the other side, the instructor asked why he didn’t shoot a reading to a point on the other side and a reference point on the point of entry side of the pond and just walk around the pond! Education doesn’t necessarily make you a good combat leader, but it can make them great planners and tacticians!

After going into the Air Force, I was assigned as a liaison to a government operated database operation. Here, I learned just how corrupt our government (politicians & employees) can be. I realized how deep state corruption worked. I found that they use statistics to their advantage to sway voters. Look at it this way, if I told you your favorite NBA team was racist for playing all white players, you would hear Racism. If players were all black, you won’t hear that. But, from a fan’s perspective, I want to see the best players on the court, the color of their skin doesn’t matter, the talent does. The government (politicians) would give you those same stats and leave out the number of players on the team who are of those same races. It’s a mind game with politicians and it works! They use this bait and switch at re-election time. Did you ever notice how much these career politicians claim they have been fighting for you their entire career, yet nothing has changed other than getting worse for the people and them getting rich? I met ladies who told me they used sex to get promotions and some who didn’t, experienced sexual harassment but were afraid to report it! I watched members of the military come in and play ball with what was going on to get a civil service job after retirement. They have rules that require a six-month break after retirement before you could be hired as a civil servant at the same agency where you were a liaison, however, if you were a good old boy, they got you a waiver as mission essential! They get around regulations by simply getting a waiver to allow them to do whatever they want. I realized you had to be part of the system if you were going to advance or keep your mouth shut and get by. If you wanted to report the truth, even if it’s you job. Then, you became the target. They would go after the whistle blowers to destroy their characters and make sure if you were on active duty, you would not be reenlisted at the end of your tour and if you had a promotion coming, that was gone too! I’m seeing the same thing going on with President Trump and I know the reason is that the corruption must go on at all costs! Ever wonder how they can come up with all the money for a special council but can’t find enough to increase your social security! I heard programmers telling the top (SES) government official that what they were doing violated the agreement with the reporting agency, only to be told go ahead, I’ll take care of it! Privacy really doesn’t matter because we were told that if you had a social security number, the government is entitled to your information.

I had to be there when President Clinton was visiting to give a speech about how wonderful the closing of Fort Ord, California was for the people. As he spoke about the savings to the people, I wanted to know why the truth wasn’t being told! Fort Ord hasn’t saved a dime from what I could tell. First, the University of California, Monterey Bay is funded by taxpayers. The Army Reserve unit on Fort Ord is taxpayer funded. Defense Manpower Data Center, which has DEERS, DFS and DMDC are taxpayer funded. It still has a Commissary and Exchange which is taxpayer funded. It has military housing which is taxpayer funded. In 1987, taxpayers where still funding five million a year for base clean up. Politicians brag about things but don’t give you the facts about things. They don’t make decisions on anything unless it’s a you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Bottom line for me was that I came to realize that politicians only work for Parties, Special Interests and Donors, not the people! The real problems come from voters who either don’t pay attention, don’t care, hate the country or can’t see the truth! They continue to send the same bunch of politician’s back year after year and then wonder why the government is so screwed up! They have no accountability in the government simply because voters never hold their politicians accountable!

I wish we still had the draft to require military service. It could be the answer for some of the problems we have today! It helps to realize that your life depends on one another regardless of race, income or politics!

If I learned anything at all it shows this country needs TERM LIMITS to get rid of corrupt politicians. We desperately need accountability in government which includes government employees. Corruption in our government is deep! Those states that hold their politicians accountable by voting them out are at the mercy of the liberal states who continue to send their liberal people back to Washington. It’s sad to watch the greatest country I’ve ever seen or visited being destroyed from within and if you’re paying attention, you know it’s happening!

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1010616)
1 year ago

Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

Hoolihan (@guest_1011256)
1 year ago

Who took a poll that shows a landslider for Biden? Gonna look like fools again this time as in 2016!



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