September 30, 2022

Election shocker: Only 19 percent of Michigan voters support re-election of Democrat Sen. Gary Peters

The polls are showing a landslide victory for Democrat nominee Joe Biden in November, but a Biden victory is no use to Dems if they don’t have control of Congress.

According to a recent Michigan poll, Democrat Senator Gary Peters (D-MI), is at risk of being removed by his constituents. Democrats are desperate to take back the Senate, and they can’t afford to lose a single seat in November.

The survey, conducted by Marketing Resource Group (MRG) found that only 19 percent of Michigan voters believe that Peters deserves to be re-elected.

Breitbart reported that “thirty percent of the likely voters said it is time for someone new, while a majority — 51 percent — weren’t sure.”

“After a six-year term, and with less than five months to go before the general election, Gary Peters has yet to convince voters why he deserves a second term,” MRG owner Jenell Leonard said at the time of the poll’s release.

This is horrifying news for Democrats, who have held the Michigan seat unchallenged for decades.

Leonard remarked that Peters’ Republican challenger, John James “has a serious shot picking up a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan for Republicans for the first time in over 25 years.”

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