June 30, 2022

Election delayed 4 weeks over covid concerns in New Zealand

When President Trump suggested it, he was a wannabe tyrant, if you listened to the media. When liberal New Zealand actually did it, all we heard from the media was crickets.

The New York Times Australia reports:

New Zealand on Monday said it would postpone its national election by four weeks as a cluster of new coronavirus cases continued to spread through the city of Auckland despite a lockdown.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who has the sole authority to determine when people cast ballots, said she had consulted with all the major parties before delaying the vote, originally scheduled for Sept. 19, to Oct. 17.

It should come as no surprise that Ardern, a leftist, hasn’t come in for the same criticism that President Trump did when he suggested a similar course.

As the Times also noted:

New Zealand’s election is far from the first to be postponed because of the pandemic. Hong Kong cited the virus in delaying by a year a Legislative Council vote; more than a dozen U.S. states moved the date of their primaries, as did New York City. And though President Trump floated the idea of delaying the general election, he was promptly shut down by members of Congress and his own party.

Trump, as he often does, was considering an idea openly without endorsing it, but that’s not allowed in the media’s world – unless you’re on the left.

Read the full story here.

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Charles Jacobson (@guest_1037358)
1 year ago

If only the democraps suggested it.

Harvey Schneider aka ConservativeOne (@guest_1037449)
1 year ago

Cancelling the Federal Election from the Tuesday in November after the first Monday in November originated in 1845. It was mandated by Federal Legislation and has been faithfully followed since then.

It would be senseless to change that legislated tradition for a day, a week, a month, for any reason. The United States of America has many great traditions. Standing at attention for the National Anthem is one. Placing your hand over your heart when you recite the Pledge of Allegiance is another. Saluting the flag or placing you hand over your heart when the U S flag is going up a flag pole is another.

A so called “pandemic” no worse then some of the viruses this nation has gone through in the past is no reason to move the vote from its designated date as legislated. Let’s not break the election day tradition that was started in 1845.

Dora Abel (@guest_1037541)

Well said, there is no reason to postpone the election, but there is great concern that when Our President Trump gets his second term, the Dem’s are going to do something drastic. They have caused so much devastation already, but that is really going to make them explode with hate. Can’t even imagine what’s about to take place.

john hall (@guest_1037570)
Reply to  Dora Abel
1 year ago

That’s why guns and ammunition are very hard to find right now. Look what the MARXIST LIBTURDS are doing in the cities already? people are scared and they don’t feel safe. They know they cannot depend on the police. Be ready to defend yourself and family if and when the angry mobs decide to come to where you live. They certainly won’t come to where i live in rural TN because they would be heavily outnumbered and they would litter the streets with their dead bodies. The elections should not postponed and mail in ballots are not legal. Absentee Ballots are legal if you have a valid reason like being handicapped, working out of State, in the Military stationed elsewhere, ETC! But not for some FAKE Scamademic.

Paula K Thomas (@guest_1037524)
1 year ago

I’m for whatever makes the election have a fair result…

Charles Jacobson (@guest_1037535)
Reply to  Paula K Thomas
1 year ago

another reason to back to the 1 vote 1 count rule

Alan Gooch (@guest_1037553)
Reply to  Charles Jacobson
1 year ago

Another reason only citizens get to vote!

Steven Winner (@guest_1037525)
1 year ago

I feel personally that the U.S.A. Election should be postponed for at least two months. The Democrats are pushing the mail in voting so they can cheat in the election!

Tom (@guest_1037527)
Reply to  Steven Winner
1 year ago

Real lack of brainpower!

Charles Jacobson (@guest_1037533)
Reply to  Steven Winner
1 year ago

that is exactly what they want.

Jimbob6785 (@guest_1037534)
Reply to  Steven Winner
1 year ago

Then DO NOT change the date
You are only them more time to screw it up with more fictitious ballots cast with their mail on voting. Absentee ballots are fine, as they are only sent to individuals who have been verified as voters and have requested one. Not by mailing out one to every voter, whether alive or dead, moved or any other reason.

Mary (@guest_1037536)
Reply to  Steven Winner
1 year ago

LEAVE THE DATE FOR ELECTION ALONE. NO NEED To Change.Viruses Have Been With Us All Our Lives.And Will RemaIn..We Shop and Do Many Other things which puts us in contact with Others.We Can Take Our Butts To The Polls..

jjjjj (@guest_1037581)
Reply to  Steven Winner
1 year ago

I think postpone for 6 months and watch the libbie heads explode. Wanna bet the “pandemic” would be over just like that. It’s to the dims to keep the scam going hoping it would assure them the election. What a nasty, uncaring bunch of anti-americans.

Tom (@guest_1037526)
1 year ago

Stupid headline – they knew we would think it was us. Time to unsubscribe.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1037540)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

I agree far to many sites are starting to sound like cnn, msnbc and all the other faker news. BOMBSHELL THIS JUST IN WE HAVE ON GOOD AUTHORITY SOURCES TELL US GUESS the DELETE button will get a work out!

Kevin (@guest_1037528)
1 year ago

Why can’t we put them in jail for what they do to the people put nanny in jail please please please

willie caplan (@guest_1037529)
1 year ago

my question is if we do not decide who won the election November 3,2020, and still have not come up with a winner, does that mean that as of jan 20,2021 nancy perosi will become president

Charles Jacobson (@guest_1037532)
Reply to  willie caplan
1 year ago


john hall (@guest_1037571)
Reply to  willie caplan
1 year ago

NOPE! President Trump would remain in office until it is decided. There is no need to delay the elections and mail in voting is ILLEGAL! Only preapproved Absentee Voting is allowed by mail.

Joseph (@guest_1037530)
1 year ago

I worked in the virology department in the military and I know doctor fauci is lying because he goes against all Center for disease control’s protocols to handle virus’s

Elaine (@guest_1037537)
1 year ago

The dems want Trump out ASAP.I say screw them and hold the election off for a few weeks/months.I am all for giving them the finger.TRUMP has done a great job and deserves a second term.I am against mail vote cause you know as well as I everyone who has died or is

Alan Gooch (@guest_1037557)
Reply to  Elaine
1 year ago

Hell Trump was elected but never was allowed to transition to the Presidency. He was in an internal war the whole time! It is start over time!

Charles Jacobson (@guest_1037538)
1 year ago

Maybe we can get the kommie Harris to say it 1 more time “it was a debate”, in other words she can say whatever she likes, even if its a lie.

Elaine (@guest_1037539)
1 year ago

illigal will be voting.NO MAIL IN VOTING>

Vince (@guest_1037544)
1 year ago

Tell ‘the Dem VOTERS’ it has been Moved to the following Tues. because of ‘the Chinese Virus’.
Actually, I believe QUITE A FEW of THEM would BELIEVE IT!!! 😉

Ross Campbell (@guest_1037545)
1 year ago

So much for New Zealand,
In 2024,Trump will run as a democrat and win again.

Breaker 19 (@guest_1037552)
1 year ago

Changing the election date will not help make it more legal. just give the Democrats more time to count all of the fraudulent votes. They’ll probably still be counting votes on January 8th. Depends on how much President Trump wins by. If it’s fairly close, and I don’t see how it could be, they will find some more boxes of ballots in a car trunk, or stuck in a closet somewhere. And guess what, most of the votes will be for Biden. Surprise!!!

Tina Thomas (@guest_1037565)
1 year ago

This is not just a fight for President, but one for the soul of America. I am 65 disabled and poor as dirt,but I know I will be at the polling station to vote. The time is here for everyone to wake up see what is really going on and pray. We as a country have abolished slavery, mandated equality for all people in America. We have freedom of speach,which I can’t believe so many are willing to give up, for a lie. Those who hate our freedoms are destroying it from within. Pitting friend against friend,black against white, hatred for a country which has grown and changed from our beginnings. The Kingdom of God will be taken by force, which side will you be on?

Ross Campbell (@guest_1037568)
Reply to  Tina Thomas
1 year ago

Fly the appeal to heaven flag,Washington did,and won.put on your armor,full armor,and be at St Michaels side.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1037567)
1 year ago

All democrat voters need to be aware of what they are voting for. America will cease to exist. No freedom… it will become a socialist, communist nation.

Roberta McManimon Violette (@guest_1037574)
1 year ago

Make sure the election is fair!! All the Fake news is saying is Dems are ahead, and it’s only to influence the middle of the road people! I pray for this country and know people should STOP being afraid- that’s what the Nazi’s did to people- play on their fear and LIE. Grow up people or they will take away ALL our FREEDOM! 🙏🏼❤️🇺🇸

Nancy Arrington (@guest_1037655)
1 year ago

Steve Winner, that would mean wearing that stinking mask another two months. Do you really want that? Once the elections are done, we won’t hear anymore about a virus, (until they come up with another one to blame on our President!!

Ole AL (@guest_1037797)
1 year ago

November everyone just go vote, in person or ABSENTEE either way. It’s our right, not theirs.

Ask for a BALLOT, get your Ballot and vote.

A good indicator of an election delay is no “PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE” FIRST.

GW (@guest_1037812)
1 year ago

The Democrats know the mail in votes will be crooked that is why they want it so bad, if it was not crooked they would not be saying any thing about it, they all are so crooked most of congress should be put behind bars

Esther Cooper (@guest_1037858)
1 year ago

I smell a rat…. a demorat! They want to make sure the stuffed ballots swing towards Biden. And in a statement Biden said as I read it, he might not actually be able to be President …IF THAT IS THE CASE BECAUSE of his mental state he should not have stayed in the race this long but we all know why he did. Someone told me that his pick for VP real given name is Michael??????hummmmmmm
The Dems are already trying to take over government, they already said Medicare would be taken and guns so we will go back to 3rd world country living in mud shacks and eating rats? I personally am not a racist but I got news for all of you Dems that riot over saying they dont have equal rights as the whites do… Hang in there and you will see to Vote Democrat you will go back to slave days and you wont have any rights, nor will the whites that are not big shot politicians and millionares . They will take your guns and put us all on slave food and they will because Americas Hitlers. Take the vote SERIOUS..Read what the Dems have planned behind the scenes not just the headlines… WE ARE ALL IN A FREE WORLD NOW AND IF YOU WANT TO STAY FREE VOTE TRUMP/PENCE



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