September 30, 2022

Early voting data shows Trump voters outpacing Biden voters

According to early voting data collected in three important battleground states, Biden voters aren’t turning out in the numbers required to match the polls claiming Biden is set to win in a landslide. 

In fact, according to early voting trends in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio show that Trump voters are returning ballots at the same pace the Biden voters are, indicating that Biden could be in for a nasty shock when November 3rd rolls around.

Despite a massive push from the left to improve voter registration and turnout for Biden, it appears that the lack of enthusiasm for Biden that strategists have warned about for months is finally catching up with the Biden campaign.

The Washington Examiner reported on Wednesday that in “Michigan, just over 1 million ballots have been returned, 40 percent from registered Democrats, with the same from registered Republicans.”

In Wisconsin, another crucial battleground state, 40 percent of all returned ballots have been from Democrats, with 38 percent coming from Republicans.

The outlook is worse in Ohio, where GOP voters are actually returning ballots at a higher rate than Democrats — 45 percent to 43 percent.

There is little reporting on the so-called “enthusiasm” gap between Trump and Biden voters, but it’s fairly clear that Trump voters are much more excited about actually pulling the handle for their candidate than Democrat voters are.

Additionally, the Examiner observed:

The data contradicts national polls showing Biden supporters overwhelmingly plan to vote by mail or early in person. According to a Pew Research poll released Friday, 55% of voters who plan to cast their ballot in person before Election Day support Biden, compared to 40% who support President Trump.

Even with dozens of Hollywood stars and Democrat establishment royalty lending their star power to voter registration campaigns and engagement strategies, these early voting results are mediocre at best.


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