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 September 17, 2022

Durham investigation set to close as grand jury term expires

Special Counsel John Durham was appointed to look into the Russia collusion hoax against former President Donald Trump. That investigation is about to come to an end.

Durham's three-year investigation into the origins of the so-called "Russiagate" probe is coming to a close as the grand jury's term expires, the Conservative Brief reported. No new indictments nor a new jury term are expected going forward. 

The government had spied on Trump's 2016 campaign based on since-debunked reports financed by the campaign of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. As Trump was leaving office, he appointed Durham to make sure the probe wasn't shelved by the incoming Democratic administration.

So far, the Durham probe uncovered that two FBI informants allegedly lied to the agency. Most recently, Igor Danchenko, who had been considered a "primary source" for the Russiagate investigation and was on the FBI payroll as an informant, was discredited in Durham's filing Tuesday.

It's already been established that Clinton's campaign was tied to the Steel dossier that was used to obtain the warrant to spy on Trump, CNN reported. Michael Sussmann, one of her campaign attorneys, had turned information over to the FBI about an alleged tie between the Trump campaign and the Russian Alfa Bank servers.

However, Sussman did this while claiming to be a disinterested party rather than disclosing the fact that he worked for Clinton.CNN also reported that Clinton "personally approved" the release of information about the unsubstantiated claims about the servers, possibly giving credence to the idea that she had knowledge of the whole affair.

Leftists are taking a victory lap because Durham's probe is quietly coming to a close without more indictments. However, what's already been uncovered substantiates Trump's worries about a deep-state conspiracy.

The government spied on Trump's campaign based on information provided by his political opponent. That alone should be enough to discredit the FBI regardless of what Durham does next.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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