September 26, 2022

Durham investigation could require Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign team to testify on bombshell findings

It seemed for decades that the Clintons were the Teflon couple — no accusations leveled at them ever stuck. That may be coming to an end if Special Counsel John Durham has his way.

A document filed Friday Durham could compel testimony from some of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign team as part of his investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion hoax, reported to the Daily Caller. However, a possible conflict of interest exists as a single law firm represents both the Clinton campaign members and the main source of the Steele Dossier.

Russian analyst Igor Danchenko was the key informant that led to the now-debunked claims in the Steele Dossier. It was the impetus for launching the ill-fated investigation, and Danchenko was indicted last month on five counts of “making false statements to investigators.”

Two of Danchenko’s attorneys work at the same firm that represented John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign former manager, when he went before the House Intelligence Committee. Though that was a past relationship, it could have ramifications in current proceedings.

“In the event that one or more former representatives of the Clinton Campaign (who are represented by defense counsel’s firm) are called to testify at any trial or other court proceeding, the defendant and any such witness would be represented by the same law firm, resulting in a potential conflict,” according to prosecutors. In addition, the nature of the claims against both Danchenko and the Clinton campaign “potentially diverge,” the legal filing claims.

There’s also the chance that either party could try “to shift blame and/or responsibility to the other party for any allegedly false information that was contained within the Company Reports and/or provided to the FBI,” the filing further claimed. However, Danchenko has the option to file a waiver.

Eager to discredit the newly-elected president and explain Clinton’s spectacular loss, the media ran with the story of Russian agents tinkering with the 2016 election. Though there was scant evidence within the intelligence community of Russia’s attempts to sway voters, the story was too good to pass up even as it became clear the dossier was based on false opposition research, according to the Washington Post.

The media has always circled the wagons for the Clintons, but this scandal is coming dangerously close to the campaign’s inner circle. Perhaps this will draw new scrutiny to the relationship Hillary Clinton herself has with foreign adversaries, including Russia.




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